Nolan followed me out the door.

"Wait, Ems, before you go-"

I whirled around. "God, Nolan what?"

He swallowed. "Can you at least… find out what the baby is?"

"You mean its gender?"

He nodded. "Yeah… kinda want to know what to tell Danny if we ever do."

"We are not telling him at all, he's never to know I was pregnant, okay?"

"Okay… but please, find out the gender?"

After a second of pondering, I nodded. "Alright, fine. I'll let you know when I get back."

"Well, Ms. Thorne, it looks like you have a healthy baby girl. Congratulations," said Carson Zigray, the doctor.

"Thank you," I said, finally glad to have finished the ultrasound.

I pulled my shirt back down when he took the plug off and then did up my jacket.

"Uh, Ms. Thorne," he said, just as I was about to leave.


"Are you alright? I noticed you had some cuts on your face,"

I turned around and gave a sweet smile.

"Yes I'm fine, I just fell when I was out for a run."

"Okay… have a good day."

"You too."

So, for once in the Grayson lineage, a girl was born. I wondered if the family, should I have stayed with Daniel and should he have learned of the child, would let her one day become the CEO of Grayson Global.

That was not to happen of course, because I would never let the Graysons anywhere near her. The only family I would allow her to know would be my own. She would know her grandfather was innocent, and meet her grandmother.

Besides, this baby wasn't going to be surviving the day, not if she was the granddaughter of Victoria.

I took out my phone and dialed Nolan's number.

"Hello, your royal evilness," he purred.

"It's a girl, Nolan," I said.

"Interesting… the Graysons seem to have a history of having sons, wonder what genetics you might have."

"In any case, I'm going to save it from its grandparents."

"Are you sure, Ems? You didn't take out Snow-Cap when you had the chance, which shows you're not capable of murder."

"It's a two-celled organism, Nolan, if I don't get rid of it now it will grow into a baby and then it's murder."

After a brief pause, he said, "Oh, um… alright, you do that. There's a visitor here."

"Is it Daniel?" I asked.

"Mmm… yes, it is."

"Alright, keep mum about it. I don't need him to come stopping me."

"Will do, Ems." He hung up.

I got into my car, and suddenly had the feeling I wasn't alone.

"Who the hell is in here?" I demanded.

A gun clicked behind me. I turned around and saw it was the very "Snow-Cap" Nolan was talking about.

"Would you like a rematch?" I asked.

That was when he grabbed me by the hair and pushed my head back while he stuffed a cloth in my face; no doubt chloroform. My vision grew blurred, before I blacked out.

I awoke to find myself cuffed to the wall, the same way as I was just days ago. The white-haired man smiled when he saw I was awake.

"Pleasant dreams, Miss Clarke?" he asked.

"If you abducted me to get Grayson's evidence, you've wasted your time. Every shred of it burned on that plane, along with Victoria and Ms. Davis," I said.

"I'm here to offer you an ultimatum," he said. "Now that you know of us, it is obvious that you will attempt to take us down in flames, like the Graysons. But you shouldn't, Amanda. Americon Initiative is far larger and far more dangerous than you could ever realize."

"Let me guess, if I fail to meet your demands you'll tell Conrad who I am?"

"That, and something far worse. We will take away everyone you love. Mr. Ross, for one. I know how you pretend not to care for him, but it's quite obvious you do. He thinks you're family, doesn't he?"

I didn't answer.

"In addition to Mr. Ross, you'll find your mother, sweetheart and sister will be the casualties of your stubborn refusal to stay out of our affairs."

"Keep in mind, 'Snow-Cap', I have no intention of being merciful to you if we happen to spar again."

He chuckled. "Snow-Cap? Is that what you've taken to calling me?"

"It's what Nolan's taken." I said.

"I suppose you deserve to know my identity. Gordon Murphy,"

"That's a little odd for a cold-hearted assassin," I remarked.

"I wouldn't doubt it. Also…" he pointed to my stomach. "You may want to keep that around for a while, because your ex-fiancé is going to be informed of your impending bundle of joy."

"How did you know I was pregnant?" I demanded.

"I count Dr. Carson Zigray as a close friend of mine." He gestured to a body in the corner.

"What would you get out of forcing me to start a family with Daniel?"

"Well, not your suffering, because I can't say I hold the same deadly grudge you hold against me. But trust me Amanda, I know how mothers are with their children. They form attachments to them, and attachments can be a very dangerous game."

"Tell me about it," I said.

He took out a gun and fired.

I expected a hole would be in between my eyes or in my heart, but it was in neither. In fact, no part of my body was beginning to bleed out. When I jerked myself to the side to avoid death, I found I must have ripped my chains off the wall.

No, he shot them off the wall.

"Be grateful I let you live," he said, "Because were it not for the offer I needed to make it wouldn't have been the chains I killed."

He tossed a key to me, which obviously would open the cuffs. I freed myself and massaged my wrists.

"Get out before I change my mind," he said.

I did just that, stealing a pen drive off his desk before I left.

Stop trying to take down the conspiracy?

Hell no.

A/N: Decided I might as well continue the story. The doctor is the ER doctor from Intuition that talks to Emily, Charlotte and Jack about Amanda and Carl.