The elements.

Authors note: I do not own any of the characters and I only own ½ of the plot. The characters and plot belong to the amazing Stephanie Doyle, not me.

I ran, panting. No matter how fast or hard I ran, he was faster. The werewolf dashed towards me and snarled, his hot breath against my neck. His long, sharp fangs glittered with saliva, barely inches from my face. I tripped.

I fell flat on my face, clambering up, I glared at Leila. "what? You were daydreaming again" still I glared. then the bell went. The toll was long and slow, meaning the end of recess. "what next?" Jackie asked, "math" I automatically answered. "Steph," Rachel murmured. "we just had math. We got elementals again."

"I knew that!" I joked. Then a massive surge of blue water splashed in my face. I emerged, spluttering. " that's not fair!" I said. I raised my hand, posed to blast jacki.. I concentrated, bur only steam came out. "no fair! You cancelled me out again. you know you're not allowed to do that."

"ah, but I am. I didn't purposely cancel you out," she said mischievously. "I just wanted to shock you! Anyway, no-one saw."

"I saw" I muttered. There was a glint in Rachel's aura. Her emerald green aura flashed red, rach's colour of mischief. Then Jackie's feet melted in the ground. She turned to rach and jack." which one of you did it?" She questioned. Then the bell went again, for the start of class. We all walked off, leaving Jackie. Rach closed her eyes. "I made the earth let her go in 10 minutes." We walked to class smiling, with the sound of Jackie's enraged shrieks in our ears.

Classroom #6662- Fire class.

his breath was again, hot against my neck. His long, sharp fangs glittered with saliva, barely inches from my face. then he started speaking in a concerned, soft voice ."Steph, are you listening?"


I looked up. "what.."

"were you even listening, Stephanie?"

"nope." I replied. He sighed. "Steph, you've got to pay attention. now, the heat mustn't reach…" his voice faded out. I couldn't take my mind off the daydreams. We all have psychiatrist nightmares, where they find out about the aura stuff, but I doubt anyone else has these werewolf-daydreams. I couldn't take the image of the dark-brown fur and sharp, yellow teeth out of my head. then the bell went. The quick, loud dings indicated that I had daydreamed myself through another lesson. I started walking to art.

Classroom #2219-art building #3-art class.

I sat down, puffing. I had to run from one end of elemental high to the other. Leila looked up. 'where have you been? We've been in art for ½ an hour! I thought you were sick or something.' I groaned. 'my feet are rubbed roar from walking. Gimme a break' I collapsed in the chair and grabbed the picture we needed to copy. 'at least I'm not as late as jacki. I mean, how many times can you stuff up your timing rach..' I grinned. 'its been an hour and a half and she's still stuck. Either you cant do timing for s**t or you meant to do that all along.' Her aura flashed, embarrassed. ' hey, I'm not that bad, i'm getting better' she jack piped in. 'yeah, like that time when you buried Leila to her waist and ment to get her out in 5 minutes, but it ended up to be 5 days. How bad can you get?' I grinned. An argument would be just the thing to take my mind off the wolf-mares. Damn! Now I remember them again. His long, sharp fangs, his fast, powerfull legs. I shivered involuntarily. 'are you o.k ? your auras gone uneasy.' Leila. She'd be the only one in the group to notice.