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Leopard the Warrior of Africa

Bunnymund had to admit, Jack Frost actually looked like a behaved school boy compared to what he was going through at this moment. The Pooka darted through the woods, trying to run away from what was chasing him. No, it wasn't any "fun" chasing, it was predator and prey chasing.

Ok, sure he was immortal, but it doesn't help when the main predator is also immortal. Thank the Man in the Moon only one of them was immortal. Thank him more than only one of the species were immortal.

Bunnymund hopped over a log and looked quickly for an escape place, just long enough for him to take a hole back to the Warren. He saw an easily climbable tree and hopped right up it, trying his best to hide in the autumn leaves. Below him, a 5 to 6 ft. vixen stopped and looked around. The Pooka took a moment to finally see her markings against the background.

Almost everything about her screamed autumn. Her fur was a darken red, the markings that was like a necklace but from a bird's eye view looked liked a diamond was a harvest orange, and the markings on her legs looked like yellow leaves, red apples, all within the lines of pumpkin orange waves. Around her waist was a plain bright reddish belt with pouches as one ear had a brown leaf as an earring. Her black ears were tipped with bright orange, and her tail went from the red fur, to white, to black, to pumpkin orange, to harvest orange, to pumpkin orange, then back to black. The only thing that didn't seem quite Autumnish was the blue markings on her shoulder and tails, and her blue eyes. But the blue markings were Japanese symbols for autumn, and really made her eyes show-off more. She had no white belly, but she did have a white muzzle, legs, and arms.

Bunnymund's bright green eyes studied her movements, hoping that she wouldn't think of looking for the Pooka in the tree. Quickly, while the tall vixen wasn't looking, he quickly summoned a hole and jumped in it, holding the ingredients in his paws tightly. He closed the hole opening just as quick before his predator could jump in.

"See ya next time I need ingredients, Little Red!" he said, even though he hoped he would never EVER have to go to any autumn seasons of the world for a long time for dry leaves for more dye.

Jack Frost moved closer to a town in Ireland, the winter weather following him. It was the end of autumn, a.k.a fall, here and Jack smiled. He honestly loved his job as a winter sprite. After coating area with snow, he focused on making patterns on the nearby lake. He skated a bit here, made leaf patterns there, making the lake his drawing board before finally bumping into a snow bank. The teen immortal laughed before noticing something odd. There were some orange leaves, along with a hand poking out of the snow… with yellow skin. Jack Frost froze (no pun intended) at that few several minutes. Had he just frozen some sort of sprite on his way here? Leaning forward, he brushed the snow off of the owner of the hand before seeing a boy with yellow skin, orange leaves for hair, red capris, and a brown t-shirt holding a bright red bouncy ball in the one hand that was clutched to his chest. Judging by the boy's size and face, he couldn't be more than 9 to 10 years old. Jack Frost at first didn't know how to react to this.

Tooth flew into North's workshop as quick as she could, some of her minions following her.

"Ok, ok! I'm here! What's happened?" she said, seeing North, Jack Frost, Sandman, and Bunnymund there as well.

"Frostbite here froze one of the autumn sprites," the Pooka said, crossing his arms before looking at the winter sprite. Jack looked at Bunnymund with narrowed blue eyes.

"I didn't know I froze him, ok! I didn't even know he was there!"

North sighed as Tooth flew in between the two. "Look, there's no time to argue right now. Where's the before boy?" she asked.

"He's right in zhe infirmary. We got blankets around him after frost melt off," North said, leading the way to the door with a red cross on it. Everyone entered in and the tooth fairy gasped.

"Oh dear."

Sandman had a question mark above his head, clearly asking who he was. Bunnymund just crossed his arms, as Jack sat in a chair, his place face looking down. Tooth flew above the sleeping fall sprite and looked at him closely. "I do not zhink zhat autumn leaders are going to be happy," North said, rubbing the back of his next. Jack looked up at him, confusion planted on his face.

"Who are the autumn leaders?"

"Well, there's actually three, each one looks out for each other. Zhey are zhe Halloween Guardians. Zhere is zhe Guardian of Treats, zhe Guardian of Stories, and zhe Guardian of Tricks, who Bunny here does not like," North said, going over and feeling the sleeping sprite's forehead. "Zhis one is zhe Guardian of Treats, Fallo Autumn. His job is to help the leaves fall into zhose piles little kids love to jump in."

Jack's expression wasn't exactly clear.

"Ok, so one, I froze another Guardian, and two… why does Kangaroo here not like the Guardian of tricks?"

Bunnymund growled a bit before everyone heard some of the yetis yell out. Footsteps were heard going down the hall towards the room before they stopped. "North, I think the other two are here, mate," the Pokka said as Sandman looked outside the room.

"Come on in you two! We are still trying to warm Fallo up!"

Jack nearly yelled and fell off his chair as he saw a headless man walk into the doorway. Sandman held out his hand, letting the other Guardian shake it. Tooth placed a hand on Jack's shoulder and tried to calm him down. "Jack Frost, this is Scribblebrickle the Headless, Guardian of Stories. And… Roux, you're not coming in? Oh, wait, that's right," she said, still hovering in the air.

Bunnymund went into the corner, away from the doorway before a 5-6 ft. vixen walked in. She smiled and hand out her paw for Jack to shake. "Name's Roux, Guardian of ye Tricks, mate. Sorry if Scribble here doesn't say anything, headless he is you know. Good thing he can see without eyes thanks to the head boss," she said her accent a mix between Scottish and Australian. Jack shook her hand before going back to just staring at her.

"What are you suppose to be, some kind of hybrid of a Dingo and a kangaroo?" he asked, not helping but test his humor on her. Roux laughed and clapped her hands together.

"Nay! I'm a Lokcore, silly!"

Jack just stared at her.

"I'll explain it to ya later, mate."

Roux looked over at Fallo in and bed and sat on it, next to the younger Guardian. The sprite groaned and opened his eyes to reveal their reddish brown color. Fallo smiled weakly as Scribble stood by the two. Jack noticed Bunnymund walking out of the room and staying in the control room.

"Are ye ok, mate?" Roux said, checking Fallo's temperature. The youngster nodded a bit before seeing Jack Frost. Jack suddenly felt a pain of guilt. The sprite couldn't have been older than him.

"He's got a bit of a cold, sadly, but I'm sure he'll do fine," Tooth said, smiling a tiny bit. Sandy handed Fallo some chocolate, which made Jack confused.

"Wait, if Fallo's sick, how come he gets candy?"

"You forget, he is Guardian of Treats. He eats treats, better he feels. He doesn't get sick of the treats for some reason. Except with cookie dough. I don't know why, but it's always only cookie dough," North said before eating some cookie dough himself.

"Because it isn't Halloween candy," Roux said, sending a small glare to the door way. Fallo ate the chocolate Sandy gave him before his yellow skin became a more golden leaf color. Jack got up and stood by the bed.

"So um… how come I've never heard of you guys? Well, actually I've heard of the Headless Horseman here, but… um… why not you two?" he asked, holding his staff.

"You know that little boy that you always see that's under a sheet in a ghost costume, and always gets the most candy? Fallo said, speaking for the first time. "That's me. Kids tend to laugh at me cause of… my difference."

"Kids think I'm a black cat and really, none really know my name," Roux said, her blue eyes directly at the door now. Tooth shook Roux's shoulder for a moment, obviously knowing what the Lokcore was thinking.

"Bunny didn't do anything to Fallo, Roux. Can't you two get along for once?" she asked. Jack then remembered something. "So what's a Lokcore?"

"Well, ye're looking at one, mate. Males are usually brown of course."

"Oh. So, why doesn't the Easter Kangaroo like you?"

Roux laughed at that and rubbed Jack's white snow hair. "Perfect! You have my humor, Froster! I usually call him Kangamundroo, though. You should try it, he does a little angry dance and his expression is just priceless, mate!" she said, laughing at all of this. Scribblebrickle crossed his arms and Fallo put up a smile. Tooth sighed at this. Jack smiled though. He was really liking the Guardian of Tricks. He even heard North chuckling softly.

"Call it natural instinct though, on why he doesn't like me most of all. He's Hope, I'm Tricks, he is in charge of eggs, I'm in charge of the tricks that excite kids on Halloween, he's bunny, I'm fox, he's remembered by the kids and I'm…" Roux went quiet then, her black and orange ears lowering. Jack saw Fallo's smile fade a bit. "You know, let's just leave it at that, mate. It's natural."

Scribblebrickle turned towards North and did a few hand movements in the air. North nodded and stood up. "He will be staying here until his temperature gets back. Knowing autumn sprites, he will be here for three days. Slow healing rate."

Jack followed after Roux and tapped her on the shoulder. The Lokcore looked at him, one of her ears perked. "What is it?"

"Can I see where you stay during most of the year?"

Roux seemed to think for a moment before nodding. "I have rules myself though, so don't try breaking 'em," she said, even though she had a smirk on her face. Jack laughed before seeing Roux sweep her tail across the air, making a portal. "Children first."

The winter teenager jumped through it before looking in awe around him. The trees were dark brown; some had dead bark already peeling off. All the leaves were still on the branches, but they were golden , orange, bright red, dark red, brownish red, reddish brown, light brown, and any other autumn color and shade you could think of. There were leaves of the same color on the ground, pumpkins growing here and there, some fallen apples, and plenty of corn. In the distance, Jack Frost saw a tree door on the side of a hill.

Roux climbed through the portal and closed it, smiling at Jack's expression. It took awhile before Jack noticed some foxes of different colors and walking leaves.

"Those are leavtels, the walking leaves, and the foxes are also my minions. They're my only insight of Bunnymund's work and summer's their vacation. White foxes are my insight of your work, Jack, when it's too cold for meself," Roux explained, walking by, touching the bark of some trees. Jack followed her, looking in awe.

"You can't see spring?"

"Not allowed to. And my foxes can't even get into the Warren. I can't even summon a portal to Bunnymund's place," she said, disappointment in her voice. "Wish I could. So many pranks I could do on that Pooka, chase him just like every time he goes into the autumn season for new ingredients for dye." Jack turned towards her at that last part.

"Chase him?"

"Aye. Remember when I said he's bunny, I'm fox?"


"Think about it, and you'll understand it better, mate."

Jack stood for a moment before he finally understood it. Foxes hunted rabbits and bunnies. "But isn't he immortal, along with you." Roux stopped for a moment, frowning a bit at the door in the hill. "Yes."

Roux opening the tree door, revealing a cottage-looking burrow inside. "So, you've ever been there? Kangamundroo's Warren?" she asked, touching the icy path Jack was leaving with her foot, changing it to a path of autumn leaves.

"Yeah, it's a complete opposite of this. Everything's green, minions are walking eggs, no mini-bunnies of him, tons of spring flowers, lots of egg statues, and a bunch of dye ponds were his eggs get dyed. He puts the dye in it of course," the immortal teen said, looking at a moving picture of fallings leaves changing colors. Roux sighed and touched the picture frame, changing it from decorated with golden leaves to red leaves.

"So it's basically perfect?"

"Not quite. I think it has too many eggs."

Roux laughed and gave Jack a noogie. Jack smiled and looked around the burrow again. There was snow falling from the ceiling, which looked very much like trees in winter. Jack looked at Roux before the Lokcore gave a reassuring smile.

"It's how I know what season it is when it's not autumn else where, mate. Had help from some of the other Guardians of course."

Jack looked around again, noticing the leaf decorations, the dark brown branches in most of the woods, and the bark rugs. He walked around, finding it a perfect autumn theme.

"Sorry if it's not much and there are too many leaves. It's a bad habit. Fallo's in charge of making the leaves fall, I'm in charge of the leaves changing color," Roux said, standing beside him, smiling at her home.

"What about Scribblebrickle?"

"He just keeps the stories kids hear safe. He helps Pitch in the fear and nightmare business, but he actually takes those dreams, makes them into stories," she said, walking around now. Jack stared at her for a moment before looking around again.

"You have a nice burrow."

"Thank, mate."

He noticed in the corner of the kitchen a small picture that had five Lokcores in it. Two were adults, one orange female the other a brown male. The other five had to be kids, one brown boy, an orange girl, and a red girl with the same markings at Roux. Actually, the reddish furred girl looked exactly like a kid version of Roux, from the ruffled fur on the forehead to the autumn markings.

"See ye found me family portrait."

Jack looked out to see Roux standing behind him, her eyes fixed on the window nearby. Jack looked back it, smiling a bit before noticing something. "You don't quite look…"

"The same? Aye, female Lokcores … we are usually orange. No idea why I was born this red, or even with these markings before I found out I was made into a Guardian, made immortal, outcasted by the kids who always grew older. I think only my father truly thought I wasn't a freak, that I was special, like this for a reason. He was right. I just wished he lived long enough to see," Roux said, decorating the window still with small pinecones. Jack looked at her and smiled.

"I agree with him, Roo."


"That's what I said."

"No, you said Roo. My name it is Roux."

"What's the difference?"

"Roux is pronounced like roo, but it is spelled R-O-U-X. Don't ask me why, it just is, mate."

Bunnymund walked through the Warren before touching a tree. Unlike Roux, he could see her area, the Furan; just not enter it without her permission. This would never happen. Just like he made sure that none of her fox or leaflets entered his warren without permission from himself. The tree showed a small insight of the Furan, showing Jack in Roux's home, looking at a family portrait.

Bunnymund narrowed his eyes. "Now what's he's doing there?" He saw Jack look towards the ceiling and touch a falling leaf, turning it into an icy imprint. The Pooka soon saw Roux walk towards him and smile at Jack's work before seeing her touch the leaf, turning it into leaf dust.

"So, Jack, what else is in that Warren Kangamundroo lives in?" he heard the Lokcore say as she decorated the walls with orange and gold leaves.

"A giant bowl he puts chocolate in, why?"

Bunnymund felt uncomfortable at Roux's smile.

"Hmm…. Wonder what would happen if the chocolate was all gone… you think it would come off of his fur, mate?" she asked as Jack turning a small part of the decorated wall with frosted leaves.

Bunnymund narrowed his eyes, not liking Jack's smile either.

"Guess that since you're not aloud in there…"



"Hopefully at night, when the kangaroo isn't watching."

"I think I know how to get you in as well."

The Pooka growled and closed the insight, planning to make sure they didn't carry out the prank. Right now, Bunnymund wished that his two rivals never meant.

Jack Frost made the portal to the Warren, and then froze it and the boundaries that prevented Roux from entering. The Lokcore smashed through the boundary, and climbed through. Together, the two pranksters went quietly towards the giant bowl of chocolate. Jack made a frozen ladder to the top, and Roux climbed it with a pot on hand. The Lokcore scooped up enough chocolate in the pot and climbed down the ladder carefully, unaware of the Pooka figure watching them from the bushes. She handed it to Jack, smiling as the two walked towards Bunnymund's cottage.

Bunnymund watched the two carefully with his bright green eyes, waiting for the perfect moment to stop them… and have some revenge of the Blizzard of '68. Seeing the perfect moment, he jumped forward, aiming at Jack.

The teen gasped and fell backwards, spilling the pot of chocolate on his blue hoodie, snow white hair, and on Roux's fur. Due to this, Bunnymund's aimed kick ended up kicking Roux, causing the Lokcore falling into one of the dye ponds. Jack Frost looked up from eh ground before looking at where Roux fell then to Bunnymund's shocked expression. "What was that for!?" Bunnymund didn't pay attention to the teen as he looked in horror at where Roux fell. The dye was meant for egg's hard shells, and he made it so that if it got on skin, it could wash off, but he had no idea what happened if it got onto fur. Never or less, a magical creature's fur.

Jack noticed that Roux didn't resurface and stood up quickly. "Why hasn't she-?"

He was interrupted by a feminine gasped, the reddish Lokcore gasping for air from the dye water. The Easter Bunny and the Winter Bringer quickly grabbed her hands as pulled her out. She was shaking, her white markings now replaced with purple flowers, her reddish fur replaced with blue and green spring markings all over, her blue markings now lime green, her orange markings now blue lines with pink ovals, her yellow leaf-looking markings replaced with blue, and bright red markings replaced with purple with blue stripes. The only thing that remained the same was her black markings. Jack and Bunnymund were shocked at what they saw. Roux saw their expressions and looked concern.

"Why are ya staring at me like that?"

"Um….. Depends, do you really want to know, Rouxy Roo?" Jack said, biting his lower lip. Roux looked scared for a moment before looking at her fur… and screamed.

"Ok, ok! Calm down, Little Red!" Bunnymund said, trying to calm the female autumn Guardian. Roux glared at him, her ruffled fur on her forehead flopping wetly between her eyes, and slapped him.

"DON'T YOU DARE TELL ME TO CALM DOWN! YOU DID THIS TO ME! YOU RUINED MY FUR! YOU RUINED MY AUTUMN REPRESENTION!" she yelled, gripping her hands around the Pooka's throat. Bunnymund pried her hands off of him before looking at her and Jack.

"What do you mean, I did this to ya, mate! I wasn't the one trying to make a stupid and pointless prank!" he yelled back.

Jack Frost never looked so scared.

Bunnymund had an ice pack on where Roux had slapped him as he sat in front of the fire in North's work place. Roux was in a room where Tooth was the only one the Lokcore had let in. Jack sat in a corner in a wooden chair, his legs buried in his chest. Sandy and North didn't quite know how to react to this.

The Russian soon was the first of the men and boy to speak.

"So, who vants to explain zhis?

Me: *is looking at Bunnymund* Sheesh, did she slap you that hard?

Bunnymund: Don't, just don't, mate.

Me: Well… it could have been worse. You could have been mortal.

Bunnymund: Don't make me wish that.

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