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Leopard the Warrior of Africa

It didn't take long for Bunny and Roux to recover, and it took only a few days for Aileen to start walking. Bunny, with only aching legs, watched as the violet eyed kit nuzzle up to him as he carried her to the Warren. Roux beside him as they led the rest of the Lokcores to the Warren as well.

Yep, out of all of the six Lokcore clans, half of two of them actually listened to the Guardians. Many were rebels of the traditional ways that Lokcores had lived, others were considered oddies and were tired of being treated special or cruel, and other were elders who did not trust Summor at all. To these reason, the Lokcores were either very young or elders with very few in between.

When reaching upon the Warren, Roux's spring foxes gathered around to see Aileen. One of the Lokcore kits, one halfway through getting her new, dark orange fur color, stumbled over to the foxes out of curiosity. Bunny placed Aileen down to greet everyone as Roux went to rubbed all the foxes on the head. Bunny smiled as he watched the scene as the rest of the Lokcores looked around what was to be their new home until it was safe again. The Pooka barely noticed the black Lokcore with the leader markings standing next to him.

"So, the Mother Fox and ye seem to be good friend, lad," the deep voice spoke, making Bunny to glance up at the elderly sky-blue eyed male.

"Mother Fox?"

"Aye, it be what the young ones call her now a days back in me entire clan. Second longest living Lokcore I think any of the clans seen."

Bunny narrowed his eyes a bit before turning back to Roux and the foxes. Aileen was playing with the other kits. "Second?"

"Aye. Though her clan leader was mortal. I think the lass has an advantage with being one of you. Ye know, Guardians of Childhood and all of that." The old one sighed a bit as he also gazed at the scene. "Sad I only knew the poor bloke in his few last years. He was a good warrior and leader..." The black Lokcore seemed to space off as if recalling the memories before holding out his paw. "The name's Duff. Once leader of the Fraser Clan." Bunnymund nodded and shook Duff's paw before they continued to watch Roux stop Aileen from biting one of the other kits.

"Bunnymund. And yes… I guess Little Red and I could be considered friends now."

"Yet yer both full opposites. From what our legends say, remaining what they be now, you are Growing-life, spring, and she if Falling-leaf, autumn. Yet two never touch," Duff said, pulling out what seemed to be a pipe and setting a match with a small blue flame into it to start the smoke. Bunny looked at him with interest at this. "Just like No-leaf, winter, and Full-life, summer. Opposites in characteristics, opposite in positions."

Bunny stayed quiet at this before looking back at Roux. The red female picked up Aileen and now seemed to be scolding her about the biting. Aileen placed her paws together and made what had to be the cutest puppy-eyed face in the Pooka's opinion. Even Roux tried not to smile at this, which was definitely a losing battle for her now. "Aileen, don't torture your ma like that. She's trying to get you to be nicer to the other blokes and sheilas."

Aileen wagged her tail while trying to do the same puppy-eyed look to Bunny. "But me cute and fluffy." Bunnymund didn't even need to turn his ears of head to know that Duff was struggling not to laugh.

"Aileen, come over here."

Roux threw Bunny a suspicious look as Aileen hopped, literally hopped, out of the female Lokcore's paws and bounced to the male Pooka. "Aye?" Bunny looked down at the tiny kit and smiled.

"Yes, ye are a cute and fluffy, but yer also still a little sheila. You are going to grow up, and your ma is trying to help you learn what is considered nice if you want to have others as friends. And nobody likes a bloody show pony. Besides that's your Uncle Jack's job," he said, crossing his arms. Aileen looked down before hugging Bunny, or at least one of his hind legs due to her size. "Now are you going to listen to your ma, Aileen?"


"Are you going to stop biting others?"


"Hey, Bunny! Rouxy-Roo! How are the other Lokcores settling in!?" Jack seemed to have decided to fly into the Warren at that moment.

"Hey, rack off Uncle Jacky and go be bloody show pony anywhere but me Daddy's home!" Aileen jumped out at the floating winter spirit, and tried to punch at him. Jack landed onto the ground, letting Aileen kick and punch his leg. Jack just looked down at her. "You know… this reminds me a bit of when we were fighting pinch and Bunny did something similar like this." Roux giggled as Bunny just seemed to be frozen in shock.

"Ok, just to make something clear, I did not teach her any of that, mates," he said, putting up his paws in defense. Duff shook his head and looked over at the winter spirit.

"So, ye be one of the Frosters? I didn't quite expect a teenage human boy, I must admit," Duff said, catching Jack attention.

"Frosters? Well, I'm a winter spirit, if that's what you mean. And may I ask why you didn't expect me to look like a teenage human boy?" he asked, floating up to avoid any more kicking from Aileen (who in turn said, "Hey, just back here ya show pony!") Roux picked up Aileen.

"Because in Lokcore legends, Jack, Frosters are winter banshees, cruel women with no hair and frost covered skin," she said, before bursting out laughing. "It really was kind of funny when there be this one time my brother, wee sister, and I went to see if we could find one and the only thing close to one was a little snowman some little children made outside of their own village!" Jack seemed a little mixed with amusement and uncomfortable. Duff smiled sadly.

"Sorry about that."

Jack shrugged it off. "It's ok. I was just sent here to get Bunny and Roux for North and MiM and decided to see what the Lokcores were up to." Bunny and Roux suddenly looked stern at this. "What do Manny and North want?" Bunny asked as Roux set Aileen down to the other foxes and gave orders to them.

"They found something… or well, someone. North said they were trying for a last attempt to get anymore Lokcores, but instead of any Lokcores in the villages, they found them empty and… um… you have to see it to believe it Kangaroo."

"Now, Bunny, calmed down. I know you're now going to be in a hurry to see him, but he's still-"

"You bloody bet I want to see him! I want to ask whoever he is where the bloody, racking, blazes he was during all these years!"

"Yes, yes, but-"

Tooth tried desperately to get Bunny to slow down, the others following them as they all zoomed down the hallway to the pair of doors at the end. Bunny began to try and force open the doors.

"Elijah Aster Bunnymund, you wait right now!" Roux yelled, causing Bunnymund to pause. In the new silence, one could have heard Pitch trying not to laugh. "Don't you think with ye bursting into the room in this manner is going to do the poor lad or lass any good? Besides, what if he doesn't know what happened then was and was looking just the same?" Bunny looked at her and sighed.

"No promises. But I'll try to keep me temper down. Alright?"

Roux just nodded before Bunny opened the doors and everyone went inside.

There, on the medical bed, with black fur, white underbelly, purple night markings, and dark colored armor that looked similar to Bunny's except for the belt, was another male Pooka. Bunny froze for a moment, then suddenly glaring at the other male as he started to wake up. The black Pooka looked around before seeing everyone and then looking at Bunny. A familiar smile came over his face, as if he knew Bunny's face.

"Hello Elijah. Nice to see a friendly face in such conditions of today, ehh mate?" he said, his voice sounding somewhat lighter, yet smoother than Bunny's.

"Bunny, you know this Pooka?" North said, looking astonished.

"Of course I know him," The bluish Pooka said, clenching his fists as he seemed ready to punch the other. "He's my older brother, Gau."

Me: Aaaaannnnnnnddddddddd another cliffhanger!

Everyone: seriously!?

Me: Yeah, sorry for this lame cliché, but I always do love "another Pooka found" part of any story. And yes, I do actually think Bunny would be pissed off due to the fact that he probably searched the entire world for any other Pooka and then all of sudden there's randomly one found after he's given up. Who wouldn't be pissed off!? Even if it was a female in the middle of heat, I'd still think Bunny would still be pissed off.

And as you can see, he and Gau aren't exactly on good terms in the beginning either way, even if Bunny wasn't pissed off in this situation in the first place. And in the next chapter, you'll probably understand why.

And isn't Aileen her "daddy's" daughter?