Happy Place

by Satin Ragdoll

Christine Chapel rolled the tiny bottle back and forth between her hands. She often did so when she was nervous. Today, she was receiving the Federation Peace Prize, quite an honor. It was for her work with the Omnicron Ceti III spores. Nobody else had the brilliance, or sheer doggedness, to pursue that scientific endeavor.

She had tried to get Spock to help. Understandably, he had wanted nothing to do with it. He had been severly shaken by the whole thing, although he would never admit it. But, there had been such potential! The health benefits had been enough to make her mouth water. If only she could separate the other effects out. That had proven exceptionally difficult. So difficult that she had simply kept it as a pet project on the back burner, only working on it when she had the extra time, which unfortunately wasn't as much as she wished.

Finally, after years and years of off and on work, she had come up with what was called Chapel's Solution. It would extend one's life-span dramatically! Trouble was, it was so costly to make. Well, she would leave that to others. She had done the science.

In the trial and error process, other discoveries had come to light. One was in the little bottle she held in her hand. She called it, "Liquid Happy Place." It was the formula that caused the euphoric reaction of the spores. Chapel kept it as a comfort factor. She couldn't get rid of it. Not for herself, no. She never wanted to lose control like that again. It led to bad things. But...she never got over the sight of him hanging upside-down from that tree, grinning. It was wrong, so wrong. All his Spockness had been stripped away. It was wrong, but it was so...beautiful. So very beautiful. So she could not bear throwing the bottle away, although she told herself she would never ever use it. Never.