"Bang-o-rang sucka! HAHAHA!"

That was kind of shocking to hear coming from a little girl's mouth. Annie had just fired off a level five Disintegrate attack that had finished off the last of Ashe's health. That was good and bad for me at the same time, on the downside, Ashe would lose her soul, on the upside, I wouldn't. There was something different about this match, usually, I controlled Amumu, but this time, I was Amumu.

"Your turn, mummy boy!" Annie shouted. I still hadn't gotten used to having a small child with the voice of a redneck truck driver scream at me. I was in trouble, but I still had my failsafe. I didn't want to use it until later, but I had no choice, I turned towards the nearest wall and teleported to the other side of it. Good ol' flash had saved my life once again. I knew that this wouldn't faze Annie for long, I started running back to base as fast as my short legs could carry me. I was in Summoner's Rift, so I needed to dodge the neutral camps or else I might get a rather large dent in my head. I managed to make it back to my base in time to heal fully before havoc reached the outside gates.

Elise and Annie had reached the middle gate at the same time and had started pummelling the last turret in the line, our minions tried to stop them, but they had their own army to counteract ours. I knew that we were in so much trouble we didn't have a choice, we needed to abandon our posts and come back to help. I ran as fast as I could, and on my way to the gates I met up with Ryze, but where was Yi? Yi was in charge of the middle lane, so he might have died, or maybe he escaped into the jungle to meditate. Either way, it was up to Ryze and I, we reached the gate as soon as our turret fell with an almighty thud. Behind its ruins stood Annie and Elise, the dark child and the spider queen. Elise had all four of her spiderlings helping, and judging by the way they looked, I could tell that she had used Skittering Frenzy. Elise and Annie looked at us like we were nothing, because compared to them, we were. Ashe was a new summoner, and didn't really grasp the concept of "run away" so she was feeding them like no tomorrow. Annie was clearly level eighteen, and Elise was probably somewhere around twelve or thirteen, while I was only level ten. Annie fired an incinerate that would highly likely take mine and Ryze's lives, and we wouldn't respawn in time to stop them from destroying our inhibitor.

"Well, this is it," I said, "we're doomed, good luck without a soul, Ashe." But then from above came our rescuer, Master Yi, at full health and pumped up by all of his abilities, he used Alpha Strike and managed to kill Annie, Elise, and the rest of their minions. I ran over and hugged Yi's legs, because that was all I could reach in this short body. But Just as things were looking bright, they got bad real fast. From the top lane emerged Cho'gath, the size of a mountain, he was clearly fed up full. With his Vorpal Spikes, every time he hit the turret, all the minions behind it died instantly, he had no back up, which meant he had snuck through the jungle and was taking on a turret by himself. Normally that would be suicide, but since it was Cho'gath, it was nothing. He demolished the turret and made short work of the inhibitor. Then he turned on us. One badly damaged Cho'gath against three champions, so the odds were about even. Cho'gath used his all to familiar combo, he used Rupture to knock us in the air, then Feral Screamed to keep us from using our spells. He ran towards us with that ferocity in his eyes that I wanted to curl up and die right there. He made short work of Ryze because he was already damaged from Anne's Incinerate, then his Vorpal Spikes knocked me to incredibly low health. He jumped at me and killed me.

I tried to count my deaths as I lay down dead, ten, eleven? It didn't matter, I was with Ashe the whole time, I knew she had died countless times. She would be the one to face the punishment. I revived quickly since I was at such a low level, but it was too late. By the time I left the spawn point, I saw Yi's dead body and Cho'gath, Annie and Elise all tearing down our main inhibitor, if that fell it was all over. I ran, I knew it was hopeless, but I still needed to try. I used Bandage Toss to get over there faster, but I was quickly killed by Annie. "NO!" I heard Ashe scream before I blacked out. It was over, and every one of us knew it. The inhibitor fell, and it shattered, I saw it through my dead eyes, we had lost.

We returned to the lobby, we always ended up at the lobby after a game. We had played three matches before that last one, we had won two of them. When we started playing, it all seemed normal, a group of us summoners got together to play, which was our entire life, and we started playing. But this time it was different, we weren't controlling our champions, we became the champions, I turned into the sad mummy Amumu as if it was my own body. We decided there must have just been some other magic interfering so we didn't make a big deal out of it, but when my team won, we didn't just go back to our old bodies, we transported to the lobby, at least, that's what we called it. We were all there, and we were all still our champions. Our stats were displayed above us, and there seemed to be something looking at them. It wasn't human, it wasn't anything for that matter, it seemed to be a translucent figure with menacing red eyes. It fixed its eyes upon one of the member of the other team, and the team member started to freak out.

"NO! PLEASE!" the summoner screamed, "I'LL DO ANYTHING!" None of us knew what was going on, but it seemed like a big deal. The figure made a sound like a chuckle, but it was hard to tell since I was hearing a different voice in my head.

"See what happens when you don't play well?" I heard. We all looked around, we could see in each other's eyes that they we were all hearing the voice. "Such a shame for them to have to lose their soul, but this is absolutely necessary for our plan." Suddenly the summoner who was freaking out stopped got instantly calm, and their eyes rolled back into their skull. It was over. That was the first victim. We were forced into another round, same map, same champions. The only thing that was different was when we played this time, the summoner who had their soul removed never showed up. We lost the round so we never got to see if they had even spawned or not, but the next round showed us. The member of our team that had the most deaths last round had their soul removed as well, and next round they spawned, but never moved. Not even blinking, their eyes were blank and they stayed in that one spot, feet planted firmly on ground, not moving at all. We managed to overcome our dread and win the round, and it happened again, the one with the most deaths on the losing team got robbed of their soul.

Nothing different happened when we were in the lobby this time, Ashe freaked out, lost her soul and collapsed. It was even teams now, me, Ryze and Master Yi against Annie, Elise and Cho'gath. Little did I know things were about to get crazy, and not enchilada Thursday crazy, but a whole new kind of crazy.

So how did you like it? This is actually the first piece of writing that wasn't for school that I have ever actually finished! I'm so proud of myself! :) I thought it would be hilarious to have Annie be played by a huge trucker dude, seriously, I have an image in my head of a little girl with the voice of a redneck biker dude. You have that image in your head now, don't you? I KNEW IT!

Disclaimers: I own nothing related to League of Legends. I don't own the name, I don't own the maps, I don't own the champions. And I'm sad to admit it, but I don't own enchilada Thursday, I didn't take it from anywhere, but if I say that I own it, then I might get sued by people who celebrate enchilada Thursdays.