The Last Son of Krypton and The Amazon Princess

By SpiritedGhost

***Authors note:

First let me say, I do not own DC comics or any of it's many characters. I am just a fan who is taking an idea from a Comic book that DC owns and produces called, "Justice League". In issue 12 of the new 52 series we see a scene between Superman and Wonder Woman. They speak of being lonely and then they kiss, one can only assume the kiss is filled with passion and maybe if we are lucky it is filled with a promise of what is to come for these two heroes. I am a romantic at heart. I in no way make claim of ownership to these characters. I am just borrowing them and taking them out to play…

Since the reboot as it were, we are given a glimpse of a new personalities in our hero's. Superman is perhaps more brash. He is fighting for acceptance in a world that fears him and considers him an outsider, an Alien. Wonder Woman has been revamped, she is half Goddess and half Amazonian. Her father, Zeus her mother Queen of the Amazons. She is new to the world of Man, she has been here perhaps all of a few short months. She is naive and takes things quite literally. She is also innocent.

So here you have two people of diverse backgrounds who have come together for the common good of mankind. Each feeling the need to protect the little guy as well as the planet, this we know is the foundation for The Justice League which they are part of.

Now when you throw these two together, these two lonely people who are unique and virtually the only ones of their kinds, it makes sense to me they would find each other.

So this then is a story of discovery and love. These two people who are emotionally damaged (you will find out through reading the story what I mean by that) and loveless will find one another. They will fall in love and this then is their story.

I am a bit out of my element with writing this as I usually ship The Vampire Diaires in their I play with a pairing between Damon and Rebekah. So I am asking that you help through reviews and let me know how I am doing.

I tend to write heavy emotional pieces and very descriptive in their love making and fighting hence the M rating.

So without further ado let us begin at the beginning…..

This takes up right after Superman takes off in issue 12 of The Justice league in search of Wonder Woman. From this point forward all that you read is about how I see the story unfolding, while I might from time to time follow the comics with villains and the like. The rest is taking place in an Alternate Universe so do not expect to see the characters as you do in the comic books.

End Note***

Chapter 1 ~ And So It Begins:

Flying at a leisurely pace and utilizing his telescopic vision he found her sitting atop the Lincoln Memorial. Her knees were drawn to her chest, she looked so lost, vulnerable, and most of all she looked sad. It was breaking his heart to see her this way. He was use to seeing the strong brave Amazon.

He slowly made his decent and floated down so he was facing her he landed with one knee on the roof in front of her. She never even looked up to see who the shadow that fell upon her belonged to. From his kneeling position he wanted to reach out and take her in his arms, protect her from what was making her so sad, and most of all he wanted to offer her comfort in the circle that was his arms. Instead he did none of these things instead he moved and sat beside her. They stayed that way in companionable silence for perhaps a few minutes before he asked in a soft concerned voice, "Diana, are you okay?"

Hearing his voice she turned her head so she could see the profile of his face, he also wore a somewhat lonely expression. He also looked a bit vulnerable in the light of the full moon. She turned her body in his direction and he in turn mimicked her movements so they could see each other's faces.

The first thing he noticed was the track of tears that marred her beautiful face. She had been sitting and crying.

She took a deep breath to try and calm herself. When that didn't work she swallowed and stood with her back to him. She hugged herself and shivered. Clearly she was upset. Her emotions were raw. He could feel the pain and what based on his own experience, he could feel how lost and alone she was. He found himself standing and his hands gently laid upon her slender shoulders as he turned her in his direction. She was looking down.

His right hand moved as if it had a life of its own and lifted her chin. He saw the trembling lower lip; he could see and smell the salt of her tears as they tracked down her face. At that moment all he wanted was to take her in his arms and offer her comfort. He wanted to tell her everything would be okay, but of course he couldn't do that. She didn't belong to him; she was with another, Captain Steve Trevor, the boyfriend who was presently in the hospital and fighting for his life. He was collateral damage, in their latest battle, a reminder of just how fragile human beings are and why they should not be intimately involved with heroes.

So instead he asked, "How is your boyfriend Steve?"

Blinking back tears in an effort to halt their progress, she said in a sad, lost voice raw with emotion, "The doctors have put him in a medically induced coma to help with the pain and to give his body time to heal."

Finally she met his blue eyes with her own. "I feel responsible, if he had never known me, if I had never come to Man's World. He would be safe and happy. He would be with someone normal. I broke up with him you know?"

"When," he asked softly.

"Three weeks ago, I could not be who he wanted me to be. He was only there because of me. He got hurt because of me."

"No Princess, he got hurt because of him. Had he not tried to impress you and play the part of the hero, he would have been safe."

"Superman he…"

"My name is Clark, Princess, Clark Kent," he said cutting her off in a soft and slightly amused voice.

"The reporter," she asked with a degree of surprise to her voice.

"One and the same," he answered offering her a shy smile for the first time this night.

Her own lips slightly curved and her eyes seemed to brighten just a bit. Her eyes shyly meeting his and there were so many questions racing around in her mind. She tilted her head slightly and just looked at his handsome face; she stood just a bit straighter as she looked up into his eyes. They were so blue. She wanted to…, no she needed to touch his cheek, to feel the heat of his face against her palm, and instead she asked a question that had been plaguing her for some time.

"Do you ever get lonely?"

His eyes widened in surprise just a bit as he digested the question and answered her honestly because the one thing about these two since they first met. They were always honest with one another. It just came naturally to them. They just allowed themselves to be who they were in each other's presence.


She cut him off and said in much the same tone of voice he had used on her, "Diana, my name is Diana."

She watched him closely to see what he would do with his new found knowledge. She was aware that she was slightly flirting with him. She was the daughter of the King of the Gods and she was also the daughter of the queen of the Amazons. She was a Warrior Princess but at the moment she was a very vulnerable 23 year old woman. She was one of a kind, the only one of her kind and to her knowledge there would never be another.

He moved slightly towards her with his body, he breathed in her unique scent. As he absorbed what she had told him he got the feeling she was testing him. She asked a simple question but there was no simple answer, he was the last of his kind he truly was to his knowledge, The Last Son of Krypton. Each day he was getting stronger and because of that each day he was distancing himself from humanity, he lived on a planet that to him might as well have been made of tissue paper. One mistake one misjudged move on his part and he would likely destroy anything or anyone he touched. Her question echoed in his mind as he answered her as honestly as he could.

"Diana, I am the only one of my kind, to have relations with a human is dangerous, I always have to be on guard so I don't hurt them. If I get excited and forget myself for one moment, I could kill without meaning to. I must always be aware of my strength around humans. You ask if I get lonely?"

He gazed into her eyes and could swear he was looking into her soul as he swallowed, his eyes flicked down to her full lips, her beautiful, kissable lips and answered, "All the time."

He watched her face, he heard her heart rate accelerate at his answer, her nostrils flared slightly and her eyes dilated for a brief moment and she looked down shyly. Her body was responding to his close proximity and she didn't understand why, she also was surprised with his answer. It was direct and it struck a cord deep within her.

He wanted to touch her he wanted so much to be able to wrap his arms around her and hug her to him. He wanted to be able to touch her and not have to worry about her breaking, but mostly he just wanted to touch her. Instead he kept his hands to himself and asked in a voice just touched with a hint of emotion, "Do you get lonely, Diana?"

"Like you Clark Kent, I am the only one of my kind."

He looked at her and a puzzled frown marred his handsome features as he asked, "I don't understand, you're an Amazon, you come from an island of Amazons. How could you be the only one of your kind?"

"My mother is Queen of the Amazon nation of Themysciran something that you know, what you don't know is my father." She looked at him closely gauging any and all reactions he may have with what she is about to disclose. It is something she has not told another, not even Steve, but she wants to tell him. If you asked her why she would be hard pressed to find the right words, she is new to the emotions being this close to him are evoking in her. Her body is reacting on a level she has not known before in her 23 years. She is confused by her emotions but she continues none the less.

"My father is King of The Gods, Clark. I am half Amazon and half God. I am daughter to Zeus. I was trained to be a Warrior Princess and to go out into the world of man as an emissary of peace. There is no other like me. I am also one of the strongest people on the planet and I feel as you do. I live in a world made of tissue paper and if I am not careful, I will destroy rather than help and save. I also am afraid to be with a regular human for fear that in a moment of passion I will harm or kill them with a touch."

She looks down sadly and says, "I am all alone and at times the knowledge of that thought weighs heavily on my person. Like you I am surrounded by friends and family and I am all alone. So yes in answer to your question I also get lonely all the time."

She lifts her head and looks up at him, her eyes focus on the blue of his, again her nostrils flair slightly, her breath quickens in time with her heart beat and then her eyes fall upon his lips. She wants to feel those lips on hers; she wants to run her fingers against them to feel what they would feel like against her flesh. She wants this with every fiber of her being. She moves fractionally towards him.

His eyes meet the blue of hers, his own nostrils flare slightly as his heart rate increases with desire, and he could almost swear he is hearing the sound of his blood rushing through his veins. His eyes darken fractionally as he sees her move in towards him. His own eyes move down to her lips, it is maddening how much he needs to touch her, needs to kiss her. Needs to feel her lips on his and he realizes in this moment he has never wanted anything more in his life.

Neither one knows who made the first move, perhaps it was mutual. No matter though as they came together gathering each other in their arms as lips and bodies crashed together. Holding each other tightly to one another, feeling how their bodies fit together perfectly. Not having to fear holding each other with a strength that would crush a lesser being. The kiss was hungry. It was filled with passion. She opened her mouth, as she felt his questing tongue along the seam of her lips with a hunger that could not be denied. She needed this, she needed to feel the passion, she needed to feel his passion for her.

He slipped his own tongue hungrily into her mouth tasting her and slid his tongue along hers teasing her. She responded in kind and moaned throatily into his mouth. He pulled her tighter against him, his right hand tangled in her hair, his left hand pressed into the small of her back. Urging her harder against him she willingly went with him. He pulled his lips from hers and kissed along her jaw, making his way to the shell of her ear and whispered in a rough passion filled voice, "Your beautiful, Diana."

She trembled against him and then pushed against his chest. He moved back a half a step and looked questioningly into her eyes.

She fought to get her body and mind under control. Her lips were swollen from the kiss they had shared and she swallowed taking in a deep breath. Slowly sadly and confused by her reactions to him she lifted off into the air and said, "I need to go."

He watched her through a haze of lust that had clouded his mind and fought his own body for control. Then he simply nodded at her retreating form and watched her leave. Confusion flooded his mind and he too lifted slowly into the air and turned. He headed in the opposite direction, he needed to go home, and he needed to think.

Unknown to both Aphrodite looked down from Mount Olympus as a smile graced her lips. She had been watching her half little sister for some time. She was curious to see how she would interact in the world of men. One man caught her eye as a possible love interest for her little sister and that was Kal-El, The Last Son of Krypton. She had made up her mind she would not interfere but she would watch and if needed give them a push in each other's direction just to see what might happen between them. As she had watched the scene unfold she realized no push was needed, they had found each other on their own. She smiled genuinely as she had watched the scene on top of the Lincoln Memorial unfold. She was pleased.

To Be Continued:

Chapter 2 ~ You Don't Call, You don't Write:


You're Avoiding Me:

***I need to acknowledge an author in here, it was largely due to his story called, "The Alien and the Amazon" by Hellacre13, that this story is seeing the light of day. I have been toying with this story for some time. After reading his story which also takes place in the universe of the New 52. I decided what the hell and the rest will become history.

So thanks Hellacre…..