Chapter 12 ~ Things Mom Does Not Need To Know:


Mother, I Am a 23 Year Old Woman You Can't Ground Me:

Diana was trembling as she tried to get her breathing under control. "I…I… had no idea pretending to fight could be so…Oh…my god's Clark I'm on fire. Please. That was so hot."

While she was trying to organize her thoughts in something that could be considered coherent, Clark was behind her his lips glued to the back of her neck, his teeth lightly biting her and each time he bit down she fought to breath. She had never been so turned on before in her life. His hands seemed to be everywhere on her body at once and everywhere he touched her she felt like that part of her body was connected to her clit and she was moaning almost nonstop at the sensations. Her lower body was starting to gyrate, as he sucked at his bite mark, then without warning he bit down hard and she convulsed so hard that had he not been holding her around the waist she would have fallen bonelessly to the ground.

He spun her around and his lips found hers as she ground the lower portion of her body into his erect manhood, she needed more friction and her clit felt like it was twitching she was so lost in the sensations assaulting her body. "C…Cla….Clark," she screamed out and then slammed her lips into his, her tongue begging for access to his mouth, he opened immediately and his tongue fought hers for dominance. She tasted like tart cherries and he wanted more. He tasted like the pecan pie he had shared with her mother, she couldn't get close enough to him, she wanted to crawl inside his skin as she tasted and sucked at his tongue. She ripped her mouth from his as she tried to breath, "What have you… what…Clark…what are you doing to m…me," she was gulping down lung full's of air between every other word. Her field of vision was narrowed to the point that the only thing she could see was him. She was begging him and she had no idea what she was begging for. She just knew she needed more, "Touch me, please…Clark….touch…PLEASE," she screamed out the please and could feel another wave of pleasure wash through her and pick her up threatening to slam her against the unseen shore.

"Di," he struggled to speak he was so consumed with her. She really was his everything. This powerful woman, this Amazon that controlled a nation, this little Goddess that was possible more powerful than any of her half brothers and sisters, was his and he was hers. She had marked him, she owned his soul and he gladly gave it to her. He kissed at her neck as his hands gripped the neckline between her breasts of the tank top she wore. He kissed up the side of her neck seeking her mouth, he needed to taste her and his hands shook with desire. Every nerve ending in his body felt like a live wire was sending ten thousand volts of electricity through him and that sensation just intensified anywhere his body came into contact with hers. He moaned against her jaw as he licked and nipped his way to her ear and whispered as he struggled to hold on to his sanity, it was a losing battle she was driving him mad with desire and he hadn't even really touched her yet. He rasped out in a voice so thick with desire that his mind could barely form a single cohesive thought but still he tried because he had to be sure.

"Do…do you. OH Rao, Di…I need… I need you to trust me."

"I do, Clark…. Only you…completely…baby…," she whined the last word and it was her mantra she wanted what he was going to give her, it didn't matter what he wanted to give her she just wanted it so she cried out as tears fell from her eyes at the sensations that where over powering her senses, "PLEASE, CLARK. Stop… teasing… me."

He ripped her tank top down the center of her chest and her pert breasts where exposed to his hungry eyes.

Her eyes went wide with the realization of what he had done, she had never in her life felt anything this intense an orgasm rocked through her as she felt the shirt being ripped from her skin, as the late afternoon air washed across her over heated body she lost control, she came and he hadn't even touched her. She fell to her knee's and gripped his pants ripping them from him in one fluid motion. She knew what she wanted even if she had never done it before she wanted him in her mouth, she wanted to taste him and swallow him. Her hands made short work of the briefs he wore. Her hooded eyes focused on his manhood that was before her. She nuzzled his erection and he hissed with pleasure.

Clark had never experienced a woman's mouth on his manhood before her. His hands tangled in her hair and he moaned nonstop as she licked around his swollen head. He fought for control and knew he had none. The only one with any control at this moment was his Diana and judging by the sounds of ecstasy escaping from somewhere deep in her throat she was relishing the feeling of having her fiancé at her mercy. The more pleasure she gave him the more turned on and into it she became.

She was like a woman possessed. She laid her hands flat on his upper thighs to keep him in place, as she experimentally swirling her tongue around the bulbous head of his manhood. With her teeth she bit down gently, his hips shot up and she smiled around his shaft. She then experimented between alternating with her teeth and tongue. He tried to pull her head off him. The sensation was too much; he was trying to tell her he was going to come in her mouth if she didn't stop. She slapped his hands away and increased her efforts, she wanted to taste him. All of him, she wanted him to cum and she wanted to swallow it. She was so turned on she was dripping as she positioned herself so she was lying with her legs spread and riding his lower leg. He called out her name.

"Di, I…I'm gonna cummmmmm. If you don'ttttt…stop. God, baby, please….Stop."

She looked up and she refused to release his turgid shaft. She sucked harder as his eyes locked on hers. She was watching the effect she had on him, as she felt her own inner muscles clench and unclench as if she was milking him and she loved the sensation and the power of it. Hearing him beg, she sucked him so hard he slid effortlessly down her throat. She all but growled at the sensation and bobbed her head up and down.

His eyes started to softly glow red, he was losing all control over his vision powers and begged her, "Di, don't stop, baby, just a little more… I'm gonnaaaaa…..CUMMMMMMMM," he shouted out the last word as he closed his eyes tightly, his body started to shake as his balls tightened, he felt the pressure build, he struggled to hold it back and then he gave in. He saw stars explode behind his closed lids he gripped her hair, fisting it in his hands, his hips shot up off the bed as he felt the first streams of cum leave his shaft from somewhere deep inside him.

Diana felt his cock grow harder and start to pulse. She knew instinctually he was about to shoot off in her mouth, she sucked harder and took him deeper. She loved the taste of his precum, she wanted it all. She was like a woman possessed as she ground her hard aching clit down on his lower leg and rotated her hips. As soon as he started to shoot stream after stream down her throat, she started to cum against his leg, she held on to him for dear life she had never felt anything like this. Between the control she had over him, the power she felt at making him cum like this, the taste of him, her own orgasm, she swallowed down as much as she could then lifted her mouth from him and road his leg hard and fast as she exploded, join him in one of the best orgasms he had ever given her. She was lost in own waves of sensation, somehow she grabbed his still pulsating cock and jerked him up and down as she came. She was shaking so hard her body was convulsing with pleasure.

As Clark felt her body cum and the wetness pooling on his leg, he pulled her up and held he needed to feel her naked boy against his. He hugged her crushing her breasts to his chest, she wanted more, she raised up, grabbed him at the base of his still engorged cock, then positioned herself over him and slid down taking him in as far as he could go.

"Di, Oh My GOD…..What are you…..what are…God, Di, you're going to make me cum again….Di."

She leaned down and kissed him savagely biting his lip hard enough to break his own invulnerable skin. She started to shiver uncontrollably as he gripped her hair hard and jerked her head back. There eyes locked and they came together. Both breathing rapidly, in fast short breaths, she rose up, leaned back arching her back, she was covered in a fine sheen of perspiration and she was absolutely gorgeous. Her breast perfect globes capped by tight pink nipples, her pussy was milking him tightly and then her head came forward and in a voice she didn't recognize as it was so thick with lust she said, "Clark….baby…look at me….I want to watch you when you come."

He bit his already healed lip and without a thought his eyes opened and he looked at her beautiful face, her features twisted in ecstasy, the goddess in her unleashed and she commanded of her mate, "Cum with me, baby, now, Clark cum for me!"

He was undone, his hips shot upward, his hands gripping her hips bruising her with the strength behind his grip. He pulled her roughly down on him and demanded, "Cum for me, Di…. ."

Again he was the master of her soul and she gave herself to him completely as she gripped him in a vice grip and then convulsed around his pulsation cock. Together they came, not once taking their eyes off each others. Two souls came together as she pressed down on his chest with her hands, her lips went to his and she kissed him as if her life depended on it. He was only too happy to return it. "I love you," she gasped out against his lips and he returned her words to her. She lifted her lips from his and looked into his dark blue eyes, her own were a golden blue. She slammed down on him once more and her body collapsed from the intensity of her orgasm. He held her as she shuddered against him. He could barely form a thought. Still joined together, he felt her aftershocks and she felt him pulse in her in response to her body's response to his.

She lifted up from him and laid her forearms across his chest and looked into the most beautiful blue eyes she had ever seen in her life, she was for lack of a better word, 'Cum Drunk' and her voice reflected it, "Hi, I love you Clark."

He smiled looking into her eyes as the golden inner light started to fade and give way to her normal starry blue eyes and he said, "Hi, yourself beautiful, I love you too, Di. You have no idea how much I love you."

She was literally drunk with pleasure as she said, "That was….I don't know if there is a word for what you just made me feel."

He chuckled weakly and hugged her, "I know, I can't believe what you did with your mouth; I never felt anything like that before."

She smiled and said, "I liked it. I like giving you pleasure."

"I could tell. Can we just lay here for a bit, before we have to get up and get going?"

"Mmmmmmm hmmmmmmm, that would be nice, you wore me out."

"I wore you out? That's a first."

"You're a bad boy Clark Kent….," she got a faraway look in her eyes and smiled coyly at him.

Teasingly he said, "And?"

"I find I love bad boys. Is it wrong that I like, everything you do to me? I love when you control me, because it's done with so much love, you always take care of me. I love that."

"Di, I will always take care of you and what we do here in our little corner of the universe, as long as it's done with love and no intent to hurt each other. I don't see how that could be wrong."

"Yeah," she said and then moved up him so their faces were barely an inch apart and she said in such a loving matter of fact voice that he had to smile at her, "Your mine."

"I could be no one else's and your mine."

"I will always be yours Clark."

He kissed her softly and rolled them so they were facing each other on their sides and realized they were on the bed," Di?"

"Clark," she replied.

"How did we end up on the bed?"

She looked around, shook her head giggling and then nuzzled into the bite mark that was always perceptible to her on his neck causing him to shiver, "I don't know but can we do that again, please."

"Always, kitten."

Two hours later they rolled reluctantly out of bed, it was 6:30 and they had to get ready for Lana and Pete's version of karaoke. He still had to pick out a song.

He took her hand and said, "Shower then we get dressed and rehearse. Did you finally decide on a song?"

She hugged his left arm as they headed to the bathroom shower and said, "Yep," popping the 'p'.

"You going to tell me?"

"Nope," she said again popping the 'p'.

"Di," he whined as she took off at top speed to the shower.

"Crazy Amazon," he muttered as he took off after her.

"I heard that Mr. Kent," she said giggling as she walked naked into the shower and turned on the hot water.

He was standing in front of her as she shut the shower door.

"Show off."

"Is it showing off, if it's a natural ability," he asked as he took the soap and started to wash her breasts.

She hissed in pleasure and said, "If you keep doing that we are not going to be there on time," then she arched her still sensitive breasts against his palms as he washed her.

Smiling down at her he asked, "So you want me to stop?"

She moaned, took the soap from his hand, and gripped his hardening cock and started to wash him saying, "Only if you want me too?"

An hour later, they were finally satisfied that they had cleaned all the important parts and cracks on each other's body, found them exiting the shower and both looked suspiciously well fucked.

Ten minutes later found Diana sitting in front of her vanity, putting the finishing touches of her makeup on. Utilizing the Kryptonian Crystal as she looked into the mirror, she found a redheaded, pale skinned, freckle faced Diana Price looking back out at her, and she had her hair pulled back into a ponytail. She was wearing a light green sleeveless silk top, a pair of shiny blue skinny jeans and of course her trade mark sandals. As she had told Clark, she hated to wear shoes and on the Island she had gone barefoot most of her life.

Clark entered her dressing room dressed in, a light blue t-shirt, that did nothing to hide his muscular chest and arms, a pair of jet black jeans and black sneakers, his hair it's normal unkempt mess. He stopped, looked at her reflection in the mirror, as she was facing away from him and looking at herself in the mirror.

Seeing him in the mirror she stopped preening and sauntered over to him seductively. He leaned against the wall, folded his arms across his chest and said, "Stop right there you little nympho, we have to go."

She pouted and frowned grumbling, "it's your fault, I never even wanted to have sex before you, now it's all I can think of when I see you like that, you're wearing a tight shirt what did you expect? This is not my fault," she said the last coyly, and then added smiling, "I blame you."

He walked over and kissed her softly saying against her lips, "I can accept that, gladly and passionately. But seriously Di, we have to go. If we're late Lana is going to kill us, she said and I quote exactly 9 p.m., which makes we wonder what she really has planned. She never says exactly."

"Then we should go, she can be scary."

"You faced down Darkseid and you think Lana can be scary?"

"Have you met Lana," she asked half jokingly.

"Good point."

They headed downstairs, at the landing was a note pinned to the wall with one of Diana's mothers short knives. Diana's eyes went wide when she saw it as did Clarks, "This can't be good, and it's in Lana's handwriting and why pin it to the wall with a knife," asked Clark.

"That's my mother's knife," she said timidly. "What does it say," she asked rising up on tiptoes so she could put her chin on his shoulder and then nuzzle her mark on the right side of his neck to keep calm.

"Oh Rao," he exclaimed as he started to read.

"Is that bad, because sometimes when you say Rao it's good, but this isn't one of those times is it? What does it say, did my mother say anything in it, are we in trouble? When were they even here? Is my mother with Lana? Should I go get my sword?"

Clark narrowed his eyes as he turned to her and said, "You just asked me like 9 questions in the space of three seconds, do you even breathe when you babble?"

She started to laugh, then realized he said she babbled and she growled at him and said, "I am going to get my sword."

She turned to go back upstairs when he grabbed her arm and spun her to him. "You are too cute and a bit of a brat. Now are you going to forget the sword and let me read it?"

She nodded and smiled politely saying, "Yes, please."

He turned back to the note; she moved to her spot behind him and stood on her tiptoes again so she could read over his shoulder. He turned his head with a half grin plastered to his lips and said, "You're like a little kid."

"Yeah," she said agreeing with him and then added confidently, "But you still love me."

Rolling his eyes as if to say, 'Duh', he said instead, "Zip it red," he then proceeded to read the note and his eyes widened as he handed it to Diana and said, "Your turn."

She snatched it and read and her eyes widened and she grumbled, "I am not loud. Why does she keep saying that? Oh and she took my mother with her to the Talon because we were both loud and traumatized her when they came over two hours ago to get us."

As she finished reading her mouth opened in shock, she spun around and stared at Clark her eyes wide as saucers and said, "Uh – oh. Oh, Hera. There are just some things a mother does not need to know."

Clark nodded in agreement and said, "Tell me about it."

"I just did, did you not hear me?"

"Di, your doing it again, sweetie."


"You got it in one."

"Well I'm nervous, I mean I'm 23 years old, you don't think she'll try to ground me do you," she asked so innocently he started to laugh.

"Your living here with me, we're about to get married, she can't ground you."

"Well I don't know Clark she is a Queen."

"Are you serious?"

She worried her lower lip between her teeth and shrugged looking up hopefully.

"I could bring my sword."

"Might be a good idea."

To Be Continued:

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