Chapter 3 ~ Everyone Deserves a Little Down time:

Location Superman's Arctic Fortress:

She had him pressed against the wall of his bedroom, as she attacked his lips with her own. Her heart was pounding, her body felt like it was on fire and the only thing she knew for sure was if she didn't have his hands on her she would die.

"What are you doing to me," she moaned in a voice she didn't recognize, it was so filled with lust and need. She had never in her life felt this. With Steve she felt and knew affection. She had to constantly be aware of her strength for fear that if she did let herself experience passion she might seriously injure or kill him. He was that fragile. But here with him, this wonderful passionate man who she was presently locked in a lovers embrace with. He was setting every nerve ending in her body on fire.

He gripped her hair roughly at the base of her scalp and tilted her head back, his dark blue eyes locked onto her own. They presently mirrored every emotion every raw sensation he was feeling. In a voice equally over come with desire he gave her one last out, "Want me…to… to stop, Princess," he asked as he pressed his right knee into her center and she cried out gasping his name, "Kal, stop and I…..Oh myyyyyy."

Her eyes glazed over and an orgasm shook her. She gripped him tighter and molded herself against him. Shaking as she kissed him, her tongue flicking against his as she plunged it into the recesses of his mouth. She cried his name like she was calling to one of her gods as she continued to quake in his grip. It was too much, they hadn't even coupled yet and she was exploding just from his knee grinding into her and she was grinding back. She needed more friction as she grinded harder against his leg, then her world exploded in a way she had never known and her mouth tore from his. Her eyes almost pure pupil as the sensation took her where it wanted to go. She needed more. She was begging him to never stop. She was pleading with him to never let her go. Her world shattered into pieces like a mirror that had been smashed.

This woman who never pleaded or begged for anything in her life, this woman who was so much more, this half Amazon, half Goddess. Was begging for something she had never known. She desperately wanted him, she wanted to crawl inside him and have him crawl inside her. She needed something she never knew existed till him. The world fell away and only he existed to keep her tethered to it.

Her body was drawn tight as a bow string ready to let loose it's arrow. Then she felt as if her world was shrunk, she felt herself rushing along the inside of a dark tunnel moving faster and faster completely out of control, and that was alright because she knew when she came out he would catch her.

Moving with super speed he had her back pressed down upon his bed. His eyes as black as coal, his desire for her unlike anything he ever knew. She was mewling beneath him grinding up against his hard manhood, as he ground down and his lips traveled down the column of her slender neck. He sucked, licked, nipped at every part of her neck, leaving marks that to soon would fade once her bodies nature healing powers kicked in and none of that was even a thought, because for now, in this very moment she was his and she proudly bore his mark.

His hands slid gently, firmly down that same throat, palms flat he took her breasts for the first time in both hands feeling the gently weight of them, her nipples so hard she cried out at the sensation when his mouth captured one and sucked at it. When he bit down gently and tugged his head back bringing the extended nipple with him she screamed his name. Then gently he licked and kissed it. All the while his other hand slid along the flat of her stomach and slowly as if he was memorizing every single inch of her he slipped his palm firmly between her legs the palm of his hand ground down on her swollen clit. His middle finger sliding along her slit, she was soaked and she smelled like heaven.

Her hand gripped his pectoral muscles and her nails actually drew blood as she raked them down his chest. Her head moved up to his ear as she breathily asked, "Ka..Kal, what…..I..I…Oh….gods….Kal, what are you…you….doing to me?"

"Loving you," he mumbled in a voice so filled with love and desire it brought tears of joy to her eyes. Her own hand slid down his chest leaving her mark with her nails as she sought out his manhood. She needed to touch him as he was touching her.

"Dianaaaaaaaaaaa," he moaned out her name as she gripped his shaft, her thumb instinctually rubbing circles around the head of his cock, rubbing the pre cum she found there all around.

He was on sensory overload, he ground into her hand and it was his turn to moan and beg. He pleaded with her to never stop, touching him, to never stop loving her.

She swore she would never stop and kissed him. The kiss was a promise of everything they were to each other and it promised they would never be alone again.

"Di, Princess…if you don't stop, I'm going to cum all over your stomach and your hand," he rasped out. He was going to cum just by her touch alone. Then in an effort to forestall what he knew was about to happen he kissed her. It was unlike their first kiss up on the Lincoln Memorial. This kiss was desperate and rough. There was nothing gentle about it. It was, for lack of a better word, raw passion. It was filled with want and need. It was dominating and she wanted more.

She matched it with her own fight but hers was to be submissive. In this moment this proud warrior of a woman needed him to dominate her. She was an Amazon, it should go against her nature to be dominated by a man, but this was not any man this was her alien, this was her Kal, this was her other half and she did what her true nature dictated when with him; she submitted and begged for more. "Kal…..pleaseeeeeeeeeeeee. In meeeee. Pleaseeeeeeeee." Her voice sounded desperate as she begged for something she never known but desperately wanted. Her body knew what she needed even if she didn't and she needed him inside her. For the first time in her life she was ready.

He rubbed up against her the head of his cock teasing her clit. Her head went back, her eyes squeezed tight and the tears brought forth by his touch, his passion, leaked from the corners of her eyes and she tried to kiss him. He pulled his head back and shook it no as her eyes opened. She didn't understand and for a moment got scared he would stop. Then he said in that passion filled voice of his, "Look at me Di, I want you to look at me when I enter you."

On some level she understood he wanted to see her, needed to see her and needed her to see him as he entered her for the first time. She bit her lower lip and slowly nodded her head once as she felt the head of his manhood enter her.

Her eyes widened as far as they could go, her mouth opened in a soundless scream of pleasure pain as he pressed deeper within her. Then her head fell back and she continued to look at him. Forcing herself to see the expression on his own face as he felt her her wet inner muscles grip him and hold him tight.

"I love you….," she gasped as he went in as deep as he could and held so she could adjust to his girth.

Kryptonians are a possessive and dominant people. It was built into their genetic structure. They found a mate, or as humans would term it a love, and that was for life. She was his, on a genetic level he understood it. She belonged to him. She was his other half and he told her as much.

"Your mine Diana, I love you…..only…only," he swallowed and then said, " youuuuu."

He kissed her roughly and started to move in her. She kissed him back and gasped at the pleasure infusing every part of her body and soul. She knew what he was saying and she knew it was true. She belonged to him and she loved him with an intensity that rivaled the sensations he was evoking in her body. This beautiful demanding man made one more demand of her; he had to hear her say it.

He was kissing and nipping at her neck then suddenly his lips were against the shell of her ear and he rasped, "Say it, princess."

She knew instantly what he was asking and she gripped the hair at the back of his scalp and jerked his head back as her hips rose to press him as deep inside herself as he could go. She cried out his name in a sort of pleasure pain he was so deep within her.

"yours…I'm yours….She was breathing and moaning constantly now as she told him over and over. "yoursssssssssss. Only yourssssssssssss. I'm yourssssss. Please Kal…Please…"

She was jerking against him. Gasping out the words over and over then the internal pressure became too much. Her words changed as she told him.

"I'mmmmm," inbetween each word she was taking short deep breathes she was trying to put into words what she was feeling and her body was literally convulsing against his as she fought for control just a little longer. It was a battle she was destined to lose.

"Kal….I'm gonna cummmmmmmmm. I'mmmmmm…gonna cummmmmmmm. I'mmmmmmmm gonnna cummmmmmmmmmmm. Pleaseeeeeeeeeee, let meeeeeeeeee cummmmmmmmmmm."

At her words and feeling her inner muscles milking him the Kryptionian in him took over and he demanded to hear it once more. "Not till you say it," he demanded in a lust filled voice. "Whoooooo," his own words were coming out in between breathes now mirror her own as he fought to hold off his orgasm just a bit longer. He wouldn't cum until she did and she wouldn't be allowed to cum till he heard what he need to hear.

"Whhhhoooooooo…Do…you. You…God Di…..Who do you…..belong toooooo?" he was breathing so shallow with each word he was light headed.

"You," she screamed out. "I belong to….to… I….I'mmmmmmm YOURS." She screamed the word yours. And started to cum as body took on a life of its own, she thrashed against him and her hips slamming up into his.

She was crying at the intensity of her first real orgasm ever, "I'mmmmmmmmmmm…..cummmmmmingggg. Kallllllll…please….please…..cummmmmingggggg. don't stop….never…stop….please…..

Then he let himself go as he felt her milking him. He was so painfully hard, never in his life had he needed to cum like this. He didn't even know it was possible to feel what he was feeling. "Di, don't stopppppppp, babbbbbbbbby, cummmm with me. Please Di. Please." He slammed forward as she screamed his name and held his hips with her legs in a death hold. She felt him pour his seed deep within her and her world went dark.

His own hips bucked down as hers rose and then he stiffened just as her strongest orgasm hit and he joined her. Together they bucked and cried out each other's names. He kept shooting jet after jet of hot cum deep inside her as she kept convulsing around him and then she had screamed his name, her eyes had gone wide and then she went limp.

The intensity of her multiple orgasms had rendered her unconscious. He rolled off her instantly and pulled her against him as he lay on his side and whispered her name, stroking her face. He was terrified for a moment that he had broken her.

"Di. Oh my god, Di. I'm sorry. Please don't leave me, baby please," he had never experienced anything like this in his life and he thought for one terrifying moment he had killed her.

He was petting her face and whispering words of love to her and asking her to come back.

Then her long raven colored lashes flutter and she weakly, lovingly looked up at him and whisper, "Hi."

He brightened immediately and smiled down into her eyes, "Hi," he answered and kissed her gently.

She stretched against him and asked in that teasing beautiful voice of hers still raw with the pleasure she had experienced, "What happened?"

Bashfully he said to her with a small self satisfying smile on his face, "I think you passed out."

First her eyes went wide and then she thought about it and leaned into him and gave him a sweet gentle kiss on the lips stroking his face and simply said as lovingly as possible, "Okay."

With the kiss, that one simple word and the love he felt behind he smiled and pulled her gently against him. She was a wonder and fell just a little bit more in love with her at how trusting she was.

"Okay," he said with the love he felt for her in his voice as he teased her. "Just okay."

"Kal, I love you."

"I love you to princess."

She smiled at him and crinkled her nose then nudged him and asked in a small voice, "Can we do that again?"

He laughed and smiled so wide his face hurt and he just replied to her sleeping form, "As often as you want." Then he followed her into sleep.

To Be Continued:

Authors Note: I hope in my humble way the scene wasn't just sex it also portrayed the true feelings between this couple. They are neither of this earth. They can not and should not be judged by our standards. He is a Kryptonian male raised on earth. He has the values of an Earther, but he is at his core and his genetic heritage The Last Son of Krypton. It makes perfect sense to me that, that proud race of people find one mate their other half if you will allow that term and that is who they are forever linked to. Some of you will say this happened to fast others will rejoice because you get to see what you wanted which is Superman and Wonder Woman finally together. This Superman of the New 52 is brash and will take what he wants he is not afraid to do that. He is afraid of rejection and being alone as he lives his life. He has pined in silence over this woman close to 5 years, so for those who think this happened fast, I beg to differ. For Diana she has been in mans world the better part of those 5 years and when they first met she felt a pull. She tried to ignore it, but some things can't be ignored. She has not really been with Steve Trevor for about 1 year in this version of the universe. What they paraded around was a sham, it was to keep up appearances. While for Steve he had held out hope and at some point they will deal with his anger at the two of them together. It has been over for a long time. In Diana's mind it died when it died, about a year ago.

I felt that needed to be said and I hope I didn't just give you smut although that was the extent, but I wanted you the readers to feel what those two were feeling. Diana was a virgin. The most she ever did with Steve was some heavy petting.

With that said, until next time gentle readers and please leave a review I am curious how you all felt regarding this chapter and what I was trying to get across. All criticism is welcome good and bad can only serve to strength my skills as a writer.

Until next time…..

Chapter 4 ~ Just Another Day In The Life: