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One - Punk Pop Princesses and Chocolate Milk Spit Takes

It was a beautiful night; warm, peaceful, the kind that invites one to sit out under the stars on the back porch with close friends and just be. At least, it was before it was so rudely interrupted by the punk-pop princess.

"By the power vested in me, I now pronounce you a Dipstick. You may now kiss my ass!" This oh-so-charming endearment was accompanied by a blast from her electric, ghost powered guitar which sent Danny into a tree. The ensuing crunching noise couldn't be good, for him or the tree.

"Danny, come on man! Get your head in the game!" Tucker, not even watching the fight, had his nose practically glued to his PDA.

"Why is it that when Skulker screws up it's me that she takes her frustration out on?" he demanded as he picked himself up off the ground, holding his pounding head.

"You're just lucky like that man." Tucker's grin couldn't be any bigger, even if he was gifted with the latest and greatest PDA on the market.

"Whatever, just wrap this up Danny. I know you've spent the last three nights playing Doomed Trinity with Tucker instead of studying for our English test. I will be going to bed before three A.M. so if you want me to help in your night-before cramfest then you—"

"Stop ignoring me!"

Well, Ember's particularly cranky tonight, isn't she? Sam's thought however, was fleeting since said cranky ghost blasted another shot at the now recovered ghost boy.

"For your information, the Tin-Can isn't here so you're the next best ass to kick!"

"What did he do now, forget something important? Your birthday?" Insert scowl and a blast here. "Your deathday?" Cue angry remark and a 'None of your business.' "Your anniversary?"

And we have a winner! She's practically foaming at the mouth! Sam couldn't help the smirk that twitched at her lips as she watched the secret love of her life try to dance around the woman scorned.

"Of course not!" She shot a pink fist-shaped blast at Danny which he dodged effortlessly. "Of course he's not missing the most important concert of my career!" Her aim was definitely off when she was angry. "Of course he's not missing the debut of the song I wrote that was inspired by our relationship!"

Ouch, Skulker is so dead…well deader, when he gets back.

"Of course I didn't plan this to celebrate our two year anniversary!"

He really didn't remember their anniversary? Wow, even dead, guys suck.

"Of course he didn't blow me off for some 'Greatest Hunter in Existence' getaway!"

Okay, that's just too far!

"Well, did you tell him about all of this?" Danny pointed out practically.

Really Danny?

"Of course not! He was supposed to just know!"

Even Danny has to know that much about relationships.

"Well, if you didn't tell him your plans, then I don't really see how you could hold him in the wrong here."


"Dude, that was a mistake."

See? Even Tucker got it! "Are you kidding me!?" Sam called out, irate. Could the boy not see how pigheaded he was being? "Danny! I can't believe you're defending him! He's like the world's worst boyfriend! They've been dating for two years and he ditches her on their anniversary to do what he does everyday anyway? You can't be serious!"

"What, now you're on her side?" he asked her incredulously.

"She's a woman scorned Danny, of course I'm on her side!" Of course, because he was looking at Sam, he didn't see Ember's next blast, and angry or not, an immobile object is kinda hard to miss. Ouch.

"That doesn't explain why she's taking it out on me!" He shot a couple of ectoblasts at her to put her on the defensive before moving himself higher. His dodging had put him between his friends and Ember; he couldn't risk them getting hurt if she started blasting in their direction.

Good thing the park is closed after dusk because the running and screaming citizens would be doing a lot less running and screaming and a whole lot more gawking at us at this point.

One last ectoshot sent Ember down and her guitar spinning out of reach before Danny used his ice powers to pin her feet to the ground. Ember struggled a little before relenting with a grunt. She sat up with her elbows on her knees and her chin in her hand before looking up at Danny and kinda stunned them all. "Yeah right, Dipstick. Look, I appreciate you letting me vent at you. I really needed that."

"Uh…what?" Danny dropped down in front of her while Tucker and Sam moved up behind him since it looked like Ember had calmed down.

She let out a rather dramatic sigh, "I was pissed! No one in the ghost zone is willing to go against me when I get like that, and like I said, the Tin-Can's gone for a couple days so he's not an option. And you're always good for a fight. With you I know that while I might get knocked around a bit, at the end of the night I'll be back home with no permanent damage. Annoying you may be, but you've got rules. As long as we don't do anything to royally piss you off, you're a great way to blow off steam. I'm going to get as much out of it while I still can."

Am I hearing things, or did she really just say that?

"Wait, what?" Sam couldn't help but notice how Danny was pretty adorable when he was confused; an unconscious smile graced her delicate features at the look on his face.

"What, you mean you didn't know?" she cocked a brow at him. "Geeze Dipstick, I knew you were dense but come on!"

And he wonders why he was dubbed the Clueless One.

Ember sat back on her hands, feet still pinned, and looked up at him with a turquoise smirk. "You're one of the most powerful ghosts currently in existence. You defeated Pariah Dark for goodness sakes! The only ghosts that take you on for real have either never faced you or are idiots. The rest of us do it for shits and kicks." None of the human teens present were sure how they were supposed to react to that.

"You mean to tell me that I've been working my ass off keeping you guys in line solely for your entertainment?" Danny's face was blank so Sam couldn't really get a read on what he was thinking.

Uh oh, I think he's been broken.

"Yeah, that's exactly what I'm telling you." Her grin could rival Tucker's at his cockiest.

"For how long?"

"How long have we viewed you as entertainment value? That would be since you first arrived on the scene. How long have we known we could never take you? Eh, hard to tell, last couple of years or so. Hmm, probably longer actually. Since Pariah for sure. I think that's when it really clicked for most of us. I mean, after that most of your real battles were against new ghosts or humans, or Skulker's boss. That man has issues."

"Oh yeah, total fruit loop." Tucker tossed over the top of his encased digital wonderland.

"B-b-but that was like freshman year!" Danny wasn't taking this so well. This was only good news in Sam's opinion.

At least I'm thankful he isn't in my room at an ungodly hour bleeding all over my carpet and bedspread while I patch him up anymore.

"So?" Ember asked, seeming to think the situation simple enough.

"I'm a senior now!"


"That was like three years ago!"

"Huh. Well, time flows differently in the ghost zone, you know that." she shrugged. "Why does this bother you?" She seemed genuinely curious. Not really something Sam would associate with Ember, curiosity, but since she was also curious she wasn't going to complain.

"I could be living life like a normal teenager but instead I'm being treated like an arcade game! 'Oh hey, I'm bored. I know! I'll go bother that Phantom guy since he obviously has nothing better to do with his time.' Come on!" he shouted down at her, his hands going up in the air in exasperation.

"You know, you're totally looking at this the wrong way dude. Think about the ghosts you faced during sophomore and junior years. Vortex, Undergrowth, Nocturn." Tucker had actually pocketed his PDA and was now ticking them off on his fingers. "Ghosts like Skulker and Technus are just good practice to keep you in shape for when the big time guys come out."

"Besides," Sam added because she really didn't think this was that big of a deal and didn't enjoy him being upset, "it hasn't been like it used to be. You aren't getting up three or four times a night to respond to your ghost sense. It doesn't take you hours to fight against a single opponent. You respond to ghosts maybe a couple of times a week anymore and like Tucker said, it's been more like exercise than actual work. You really are getting worked up over nothing."

"Well I'm glad you guys think this mockery is nothing!"

Great, now he's pouting. Actually, even when he's being annoying, he's still friggin' cute. Damn it all.

"Really Dipstick? You think we're mocking you? Granted the banter is sheer ridicule, but the rest of it isn't. As much as I am loathed to inform you, most of the ghost zone respects, if not fears you." she said with crossed arms and a scowl.

"Really?" he asked, overly sarcastically.

He really ought to leave the sarcasm to me; he never does it justice.


"Knows you can't be contained but has to try anyway because it's in his rules."

"Johnny Thirteen?"

"Is a teenage boy with too much testosterone and loves pissing contests."


"Got beat by his sister, enough said."


"Is the master of all time and doesn't need to prove anything to anyone. But he's fond of you, so that still counts."

"Skulker?" Judging by his smirk he obviously thought he'd gotten her beat.

"Has already been established as an idiot." She pretended to examine her nails, "And considering his Obsession is being the ultimate hunter and you're the ultimate prey, because of you, he'll never finish his unfinished business thus I'll probably be stuck with the moron for eternity. So if you happen to see him you might mention that he'd better find a damn good way to make this up to me or my foot will be so far up his ass he'll be able to taste shoe leather."

Huh, I like that last bit; definitely going to remember that line. But what did she mean by his Obsession? Sam wondered.

"What do you mean his Obsession?" Tucker asked, whipping out his PDA to annotate his notes.

Ember cocked a brow, "You guys don't know about ghosts' Obsessions? Seriously? How long did you say you've been doing this?" She rolled her eyes, "Whatever. What do I look like, a school teacher? Go find someone else to teach you Ghosts 101. Suck me in your damn thermos and let's call it a night before I get all pissed off again."

"Don't mind if I do!" Tucker, somehow having pocketing his PDA and pulling out the Fenton thermos without appearing to have done so, sucked Ember in and capped it with a very self-satisfied smirk. "Another job well done for Team Phantom!"

"Tucker, you do realize that all you really did was play on your PDA and hold the thermos, while I did even less, and Danny did all the work, right?"

"What? We were here to provide comic relief and moral support too Sam." Sam could do nothing but roll her eyes at this.

"Why are you guys not taking this more seriously? We just found out that most of the ghost zone thinks I'm a laughing stock!" Two bands of bright blue light changed Phantom into Fenton and said boy was currently still pouting. Of course it didn't really have the desired effect it should have considering Tucker and he were the about the same height and Sam had to look up at him.

"Dude, did you miss the end of what she just said?" Tuck asked, as they started making their way out of the park. "She said that most of the ghost zone respects and fears you man, how do you interpret that as you being considered a laughing stock?"

"Tucker has a point. You're kinda being overly dramatic about this."

"Seriously Danny, PMSing much?"

Excuse me!? Sam thought belligerently, her hackles rising.

"Oh Tuck, you should know better."

Laugh it up Danny, I'm distracted not deterred. "What do you mean PMSing?! That was not only an extremely sexist comment Tucker, but completely inaccurate! Why is it that guys always assume that a woman can't be upset unless it's her hormones acting up? Have you ever thought that she could be pissed because it's a natural response to a guy's idiocy? The source of a girl's anger could very, and I mean very, well be because someone is being an irritating little bug that needs to be squashed into submission before he opens his mouth and shoves his foot too far in to ever be removed!"

"Geeze Sam! Ember is the woman scorned in this scenario, not you. Chill, please." Danny pleaded, putting his hands up in a placating gesture.

Okay, so maybe he has a point. Sam thought, calming slightly. But damn it, just yesterday I had some guy accuse me of—

"Now who's being overly dramatic? And you wonder why we dubbed that acronym—"

"Shut it Tuck!" Danny snapped, trying to stop him.

"Possible-Murder-Suspect!" If he thought Sam was mad before, he was quick to reassess.

"Excuse me?!" Now irate Sam had a hard time resisting the growl that was trying to claw its way out of her throat. Before she could launch into another rant on his insensitivity and idiocy however, Danny put in his two cents.

"Tucker didn't mean it Sam. Yes, he's an insensitive jerk who doesn't think through his wise-cracks and how they might offend. Yes, he's an idiot, but we are currently off topic." Okay, so maybe she had been deterred. Danny had a point—and a really good memory for the wording of her rants—she really shouldn't have let Tucker get her started; or for that matter, let the disgruntled rumblings of an insensitive behemoth jock get to her when it was entirely not her fault he was incapable of looking where he was going. The pig.

"Fine." See? She could concede with grace. "But, honestly Danny, I don't understand why you're taking this so hard. You ought to find a certain amount of flattery in it. It isn't like they aren't taking you seriously. In a way, it kinda makes you all…friends." While at first glance this didn't make much sense, it really did once she thought about it. Sam fought with her best friends all the time. She knew that no matter how bad it got, they'd get over it. She knew they'd never let a stupid fight come between them. Fighting with each other was safe, they'd never truly hurt each other, they'd get to release pent up frustration, and then have reassurance that they were all still friends when they make up with ice cream with black frosting and gummy bats. Ember had a very valid point actually.

"You're not serious, are you Sam? Forget that I ought to find this flattering, but friends? Really?" Sam didn't much appreciate him staring at her as if she'd gained a second head…staring at her as if she were Paulina on the other hand—

No, that notion had best stop right there. I will be getting off that train of thought at this station please. I have no desire to see the train wreck that waits at the end. She told herself angrily, ignoring the sadness hanging about the edges at that thought.

"Think about it, she has a point. Ghosts get out of the ghost zone. You get alerted and go confront them. You trade witty banter and a few punches. They get sucked into the thermos and you put them back in the ghost zone. Wait a few days and repeat." Sam listed, ticking them off on her fingers. "You don't take them seriously anymore. The only time you ever complain about the fighting is when it interrupts something important." Like video games with Tucker or your afternoon nap. "And you can't honestly tell me you don't like the fighting. You love being Phantom!"

"Well, yeah, I do. But still! They're treating me like I'm—"

"A friend? Family?" She was really warming to her theme now, he'd see her way she was sure of it. "Face it Danny. It's human nature to be confrontational. But who do we most often get confrontational with? People we're close to; people we trust. You fight with Jazz all the time because you're both so sure that you love each other that no fight can ruin it. I fight with Tucker because not only can he be an idiot—" 'Hey! I resent that!' "but because we're friends and nothing will ever change that. Sometimes adversaries make the best friends. The ghosts trust that when they goad you into a confrontation you're not going to destroy them for it. True, it is a form of entertainment for them, but wouldn't you be, pardon the expression, dying to get out of the ghost zone if that was all you had access to?"

"But I thought you liked the GZ?"

"But I don't live there. Their sky is a swirly green uniformity; I'd miss the trees and grass and the sky if I was trapped there. It's a nice place to visit, but the human world has so much more to offer. I can see why they'd want to get out every once in a while. Besides, what would you do if you didn't have them to keep in line? Being a hero is ingrained into you Danny. You'd be stir-crazy within a couple of weeks. Honestly, if you didn't have anything to protect I think you'd—"

"Aw man!" Tucker's cry startled them both rather badly; Danny's fists and eyes burned a bright green, his eyes scanning for trouble.

"What?" Danny and Sam asked in unison.

"I just remembered that my Mom told me to be home in time for dinner or I was going to be grounded!" he wailed pitifully.

"Why? What'd you do this time?"

I bet I know.

"She caught me staying up to play video games with Danny the last couple nights!"

"Ha! I knew it!" Sam cried triumphantly.

"Sam! Not helping! I gotta go, see you guys!" And with that Tucker took off. Sam watched him go wondering if it ever occurred to him that Danny could fly far faster than he could ever hope to run. Why didn't he ever ask for a ride?

"So…" Danny hesitated, scratching the back of his head nervously.

"So?" His nervous tick was such a giveaway that he had something to say, ask, or do that he knows will probably get him lectured. Sam cocked a brow, crossed her arms, tapped her foot, and waited with a knowing smirk.

"So, um, about that night-before cramfest?" he asked hopefully. She couldn't help but roll her eyes.

I know my friends so well it's scary. "Alright, but you're giving me a ride."

"Deal!" Before she realized what had happened, he had her in his arms bridal style and the ground was very, very far below them.

"What would you do without me?" she teased him.

He was silent so long she didn't think he'd bother to answer her quip. But he did, much to her surprise. "I hope I never find out."

DP o.o DP o.o DP o.o DP o.o DP o.o DP o.o DP o.o DP o.o DP o.o DP o.o DP o.o DP o.o DP

Tucker didn't make it in time for dinner, but did manage a B on the test, Danny got no sleep but a B+ on his test, and Sam got an A because she had actually paid attention in class the first time and then studied by quizzing Danny. But to hear the boys tell it the whole experience was some epic battle against the forces of darkness and stupidity. Sometimes Sam wondered why they were such good friends.

"I got you your usual Sam." And then they would remind her why. Not normally late for lunch, she'd had to talk to Mr. Lancer about her last paper and why her arguments, while in some points obscure, were in actuality completely valid. "Paulina was looking over the salad bar and actually asked me if romaine or spinach leaves would go better with the cherry tomatoes…" And then they did something that made her wonder all over again.

Seriously, how is he still hung up on her!? And he just keeps on talking…and talking. I wonder how attractive he'd find her if I clawed her eyes out? "That's fascinating Danny, really. I can't imagine how this conversation could be any more stimulating." She wondered if he could hear the apathy in her voice or if she had masked it too much.

"What are you guys talking about?" Tucker asked as he joined them, having gone back for seconds. "It couldn't be the V4200…" Honestly, Sam having no idea what the rest of what he said even meant tuned him out. All she got out of his rambling tirade was that it was some technological wonder that he just had to have and why. Sometimes she was convinced he made some of it up just to make it sound more impressive.

"Actually Tucker, I was just telling Sam about this conversation I had with Paulina about—" Danny was cut off by Tucker doing a spit-take. Guess what, not as funny in person as it is in movies…especially when you're the one getting spit on.

"Tucker! Do you mind!? For the love of all that's as dark as my soul, so help me I will kill you if you don't find me something to change into NOW!" The anger alone probably didn't strike fear into his heart; her growl, and admittedly aggressive posturing, probably did.

"I'm sorry Sam! Um, gym clothes?" If she hadn't been so angry, and totally grossed out, she knew she'd find the squeak in his voice amusing. As it was, she shoved her drenched and now disgusting salad away a little too forcefully and made her way towards the locker rooms. If she'd been thinking, she could have kept her cool and not drawn attention to herself. That way Danny could have covertly snuck her intangible and bye bye chocolate milk. But no, she'd broken Rule 14, Control your reactions, screaming gives away your position and makes you a target. The realization did little to improve her mood. Over her shoulder she could hear them talking.

"I can't believe you just did that Tucker!"

"Me? Dude, you were talking to her about Paulina! It's no wonder she was in such a foul mood!"

"What's wrong with talking about—" Ah, the blessed silence that follows a slammed door.

"Heart of Darkness!" Followed by a lecture about slamming doors.

Damn it.

"Miss Manson, do you mind telling me why you're thus abusing school property?" Ah, Mr. Lancer and his book title explicatives. That and cookies, Sam just didn't get it. What is so wrong with honest to goodness profanity? "And why are you dripping chocolate milk, I thought you were vegan."

"Sorry Mr. Lancer, and it's actually Ultro-Recyclo Vegetarianism."

"Right." He crossed his arms and looked down at her, "Since I can see you're having an off day, I'll let this small infraction slide. Try not to damage anything in your quest for something to vent your frustrations on. We have enough late night vandalism as it is."

"Yeah, thanks Mr. Lancer. Sorry." No need to acknowledge that she had unfortunately witnessed much of the late night vandalism. Danny couldn't help that ghosts seem to congregate in places he spent large amounts of time at. At least they knew why now.

Great, now I get to walk around all day in my gym uniform. Not only is that really gross, it also sucks because I have to walk around in shorts all day. Global climate change may make it unseasonably warm outside, but it is still only about sixty degrees. Unlike Danny I don't have awesome ice powers that make me immune to winter chill. And at the end of the day I get to put my sticky clothes back on, fantastic. Sam looked down at her purple v-neck sweater and dark wash denim hip huggers in disgust. There wasn't anything she could do about her shoulder length hair but brush it out and pull it back into another ponytail as this one was sticky and gross. The saliva and milk didn't do much for her violet streaked locks. Can my day get any worse?

"And then he said that the cherry tomatoes were the same color as the blush on my cheeks. I swear he is such a loser."

Crap. That was supposed to be rhetorical damn it! Of course the queen bee of Casper High had to be in the ladies room right as she finished changing and needed to leave.

"I have to admit though, Fenton's gotten hot."

What now?

"I know, right?! I don't know when it happened but Fenton bulked up!"

Starr is noticing now? What the hell is the world coming to?!

"Yeah, if he didn't always hang with that creepy goth girl he might actually be dating material. He's six feet of lithe muscle." Paulina said with practically a purr.

How does Paulina even know the word lithe? Gag me now. Yes, Danny's hot, helped a bit by the years of ghost fighting. You however, have been too blinded by his lack of popularity to ever take notice before. You'd think someone would have made the connection about him and Phantom by now but I have apparently overestimated the intelligence of the average citizen of Amity Park. Enough hiding, I do NOT want to listen to them gush about my best friend, never mind that I'm hopelessly in love with him while he drools over anything with breasts. Sam was too far gone to let her uncharitable thoughts bother her. Much.

"Excuse me, creepy goth girl trying to get through." Sam forced her way through the sheep to the sinks to wash the milk residue from her face but that's as far as she got uninterrupted.

"Aw, did we hurt your feelings goth girl?"

"That would only be possible if I cared even the slightest iota about your opinion. Considering that if I stood in a puddle of you I'd barely get my boot treads wet, it is safe to say that your opinions are to me, meaningless. I'll be going now, and you can get on with your riveting 'discussion.'" Sam scoffed, using air quotes for her benefit.

"What did I tell you about calling me shallow!?"

"Wow, your vapidity has affected your memory now? However will you keep track of all the lies, rumors, and hearsay you've spread about our classmates now?" Sam asked with mock distress.

"What, you jealous that we were scoping out your little boyfriend?" Sam had always believed that Paulina practiced every one of her facial expressions in the mirror so that she could perfect them and maintain her 'nearly-flawless' image. This particular sneer must have missed practice though, because it did her face no favors. Sam wasn't so irritated that she was blind to how uncharitable her thoughts were to the popular girl but at the moment she couldn't really bring herself to care.

"He wasn't my boyfriend freshman year, and he's not my boyfriend now. Really, as much as you talk about people, you'd think you'd get something about them right if only because of statistics."

"He may not be your boyfriend, but everyone can tell you wish he was. What's the matter, he not into you? Is he, oh I don't know, hitting on the far more popular and much prettier girls?" a devious smirk played upon her perfectly pouty lips.

Oh hell no did Paulina just school me! To hell with charitable thoughts! "Danny has a right to his poor choice in women. After all, everyone is entitled to being stupid; it isn't my problem if he abuses the privilege for your sake." Burn, bitch, burn!

"You're jealous, how cute." Paulina's smirk slid off her face and her brows scrunched together, no thought to masking her anger.

That's right; you can't one up me so you resort to a meaningless taunt. "Look Paulina, why don't we just agree that we're mutually antagonistic towards each other and will never be caught dead in the same social circles and end this now." Because I am so done here. "We've got class and I have no desire to serve detention this afternoon so, bye now."

"Oh, I'll be seeing you later."

Yeah, narrowed eyes are so intimidating. "Can't say I'm looking forward to it!" Because she wasn't morbid enough, Sam couldn't help picturing all of this as part of some stupid dating game show in which you know can only end badly for the unfortunate soul that's been suckered into participating for a chance at 'true love'.

'Well, congratulations to you Danny. Miss Latina Barbie, whom you've drooled over for your entire high school career, thinks you're hot. You have finally earned the right to make the move you've been dying to make for literally years. And all it will cost you is the friendship you have with one, Sam Manson who has secretly been in love with you, also for literally years. What are you going to do next?'

'Well Alex, Sam's been a great friend. And I'm so confident in her belief in my happiness that I know she'd want me to pursue a demoralizing, and completely one sided relationship with the most vapid, shallow, conceited, selfish girl in existence. So what am I going to do next? I'm going to drop everything and everyone and throw myself at her until I have absolutely no self esteem left to account for anything.' And the studio audience goes wild.

Sam really wanted to ask how her life could get any worse but she'd learned her lesson that karma's a bitch. The loud wolf whistle from behind her clearly reinforced said lesson. "Looking good Manson!"

Yes, you Neanderthal, I do in fact have legs. Do I enjoy showing this much of them? No. Do I currently have a choice? No. Puberty, especially the filling out in certain places for girls and the shrinking of the brain in boys, is proof that God does in fact have a sense of humor. Thank you Tucker for this most marvelous of Thursdays. Sam let out a deep sigh before squaring her shoulders and making her way to her next class.

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