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Summary: Everybody has the will to make a choice, and these choices lead to different circumstances, different outcomes. And for every outcomes that occurs, another world is created for the choice that was not made, for the option that went ignored. Sometimes, Fate has a greater sense of humor then even we can understand…

In another realm, she already had access to her shinigami abilities, while being able to stay in her human body.

Young Ichigo Kurosaki's semi-normal life takes a turn for the unexpected when she encounters the mysterious Rukia Kuchiki, a shinigami sent from the afterlife to deal with demonic spirits attacking her home town. Things however, go awry when Rukia suddenly finds herself drained of her powers after a particular fight with the monstrosities of the afterlife known as hollows, Ichigo is forced to step forward and take over the shinigami's duties and protect Karakura Town in her stead. But when Rukia is accused for a crime she did not commit and sentenced to execution, can Ichigo save her, or will she fail?

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"Uh huh… Cool!" The voice spoke suddenly, a hint of sadistic amusement hidden underneath the otherwise placating tone as the sound of shoes hitting concrete echoed throughout the fence-lined back road. The skies painted a vivid mixture of orange, reds, and pinks as the sun slowly began to sink below the horizon, bringing a slightly cool feeling to the otherwise hot and humid summer day. "I see…" the voice continued, obviously involved in a seemingly one-sided conversation with herself, had anybody failed to notice the slightly odd looking cellphone being held in slim, femininely petite hands, the plastic head of a winking black cat glinting in the fading sunlight as it dangled from a purple cellphone strap with white skulls and crossbones running along the entire length. "Ah!" the voice suddenly called out, though not sounding the least bit surprised as lips quirked into an obviously amused smirk, before continuing on to finish the conversation the owner was having with the person on the other end of the phone. "I gotta go now Ori-chan! Yeah, I'll call you back. Don't worry nothing's wrong… Yep, see ya!" the voice called out cheerfully, the dismissal further emphasized by the sharp click of the cellphone being shut, ending the call as an older teenager came zooming forward on a ragged skateboard.

The teenager almost screamed in shock, face screwing up in panic as he attempted to dodge the thirteen year old girl suddenly standing in his way; strawberry blonde hair barely rustling in a passing wind from its confines under the black, rabbit-eared hood, only for it to turn into a pain-filled yelp as he found his nose broken by a small, expertly aimed fist.

"What the hell?!" another older, male teen called as he and several others paused to watch their companion hit the road with a harsh thud, clearly unconscious as the first's eyes rolled into the back of his head almost. "Who the hell do you think you are? Coming in here and knocking Lil' Toshi out like that?!" the second demanded, jabbing a finger at the prone form of the other, Lil' Toshi. He was quickly silenced as well as the child brought up a black and purple, high-topped sneakered foot, her heel coming in harsh contact with the admittedly smelly teenagers face as he too, went crashing to the ground, landing in a painful, groaning heap on the hot concrete.

"I think I am Ichigo Kurosaki." The girl, Ichigo, answered confidently, a sadistically amused smirk on her face as she slowly continued further, completely ignoring the now numbered at two, unconscious beings laying sprawled across the pavement. Suddenly the girl's amused smirk disappeared, her expression taking a turn for the serious as she narrowed mischief-filled, chocolate brown eyes at the now huddled group. "And I think you all need to leave. Now."

"Who you to be bossin' us 'round?! Huh? You little bitchy punk! We'll teach you!" one of them yelled out, tone challenging as he seemed to be feeling particularly brave. With a fist cocked high in an obviously poorly aimed punch, the overtly confident delinquent charged forward, looking to knock out the younger by at least seven or so years pre-teen like she had his companions. He found himself in for a world of pain however as the girl easily took ahold of his wrist, using his weight and momentum against him to throw him off balance as she proceeded to back hand him with a tightly closed fist, quickly following up for good measure with a roundhouse kick to the back of the older teens head. The brute landed with a pain filled groan. Nose broken and bleeding profuse of blood, the pain only worsened as the child landed roughly on top of him, face now buried in the dirt as the child's full-weight bore down on both his head and lower back, feeling shockingly heavy despite only weighing a little more then maybe eighty to ninety pounds at most.

"Lil' Mitch!" the remaining five called out in shock, staring in barely contained and poorly hidden horror at the thirteen year old, a nasty, horribly proud grin on her face as she eyed them like a cat eyed its next prey.

"Now as I was saying. Leave." Her order was further emphasized as her eyes took on a deadly glare, the five quickly collecting all but one of their friends as they fled the scene, the one Ichigo just happened to be standing on getting left behind as they fled in fear, the proverbial tails tucked between their legs as they kicked up dust in their pursuit of getting as far away as fast as humanly and inhumanly possible.

She couldn't restrain the derisive snort that came out at the sorry sight of a bunch of practically grown men running from a seemingly innocent in nature thirteen year old, furthered by the amused and cruel smirk that once again made itself at home in her expression as she bust out into laughter at the very same sight not even seconds later. Releasing a sigh as she finally calmed down, she only spared a glance to something flashing in and out of existence out of the corner of her eye, before giving a miniscule nod, barely noticeable, of recognition before reaching into her pocket and pulling out her oddly designed, or as she herself described it: fun, cellphone, redialing the number of the person she had been talking to beforehand and placing the device near her ear, immediately starting on the semi-long trek home.

"Hey Ori-chan! So what were you saying before? No way, that just sounds gross!"

Episode 1: Calling Death

Ichigo sighed as she opened the front door to her home, eyes narrowing in annoyance as she found herself forced to duck as a clothed foot came flying at her head, instead flying over her and missing completely as the owner of said appendage wound up crashing in an inelegant and messy heap on the ground outside.

"Baka Goat-face!" She insulted loudly in greeting to the currently prone form, quickly making her way further inside the house as she knew her would-be attacker would not stay grounded for long. Walking into the kitchen in all her colorful glory, she was met with the sight of two teenagers; one obviously annoyed with seemingly everything and nothing at once, mouth stuffed full with whatever the day's dinner was while a hand reached up to brush a stray black lock of hair out of her face, while the other stood busied in the kitchen, blonde haired pulled into two pig tails as she boiled some type of fish within a pot sitting over the fires of the stove.

"Oh Ichi-chan!" the blonde one called, looking genuinely happy to see the younger as she abandoned her cooking to give the other a hug in greeting, "Welcome home! I'm shock Dad's not yelling at you about being late again though."

"Hey Yuzu-nee!" Ichigo greeted, returning the hug with a seemingly oddly-placed, genuinely happy smile on her face. The joyful expression quickly disappeared however, replaced easily by one of annoyance as she continued speaking. "Baka Goat-face is lying outside on the ground. Baka." As if the insult required the topic of their conversation to make an unwanted appearance, said "Goat-face" popped up, unshaven face one of comic anger as the adult man proceeded to scold his youngest child for apparently being late to dinner.

"Delinquent child of mine! You should know that dinner is at seven by now!" he yelled out, preparing to try and attack the child though she kept dodging all of his attempts, finally taking a hold of his leg and throwing him backwards into the nearest wall.

"Who cares?!" Ichigo yelled out in return, picking up the nearest thing she could get a decent grip on and chucking it with expert aim at her own father's head, bunny rabbit hood falling away to fully reveal the unruly curls and spikes of her slightly off cut hair.

"Nice." The black haired girl complimented from her position at the dinner table, watching the ongoing fight between father and daughter like it was some sort of pro-wrestling match on the television. She clapped her hands in applause to further show her approval of her younger sister's retaliation to their father's outrageous attempts at punishing her, which were so far failing miserably and only working to further anger the thirteen year old.

"Thanks Karin-nee." Said pre-teen ground out between bared teeth, eyes not looking anywhere else but at the ridiculous man lying in a comedic heap on the linoleum floor of the kitchen despite the fact that she was talking to her older sister. The elder of the two older, fraternal twins, Karin, nodded her head in return, eyes watching with ever increasing amusement as the man slowly pulled himself off the floor, quickly turning around to go about his own form of retaliation, only for him to be cut short and interrupted as the youngest in the room's foot came into harsh, cracking contact with the man's lower jaw. Both fraternal twins visibly flinched as the sound reverberated loudly throughout the kitchen, the man landing for a final time on the floor, limbs sprawled about in a tangle and twitching sporadically as he groaned lowly in pain and obvious suffering.

With a huff of annoyance, Ichigo finally turned, storming out the room, sneakered feet thudding against the floor as she stomped away, leaving her gentle sister Yuzu to scold their father while Karin took the chance to eat both's share of food.

"Why the hell does my family have to be like that?!" she yelled out in question, slamming the bedroom door behind her with a loud thud before flopping herself onto her comfortable bed with an exasperated sigh. Eyes closed as she slowly fell into the depths of sleep, her eyes shot open just as quickly as they had shut at the faint sound of bells. Sure that she must have been hearing things, her eyes only widened further in shock at the sight of a black butterfly flew overhead, a trail of black sparkles following it as it seemed to flit about in confusion around her room. 'Black Swallowtail?' She asked silently, eyes watching it in growing confusion as she turned her head to the clearly locked window, only becoming more bewildered as time continued to slowly pass by. "How did it get in-?!"


"It's close…" Ichigo blinked in shock as she sat up at the sound, eyes immediately landing on her desk as a strawberry blonde eyebrow quirked up in further confusion at the sight that met her.

A young girl, maybe not much older then she herself, knelt down low on her desk. A blade at her side as blue eyes narrowly gazed at the thin air ahead of her, she was dressed in a black shihakusho, short black hair just barely brushing the base of her neck and shoulders. Jumping down from the impromptu perch, sandal-clad feet softly clicked against wooden floors as the person stood upright finally, beginning to make her way across the room and towards the bedroom door without even acknowledging Ichigo's existence.

Growling with narrowed eyes as what she deemed an obviously over confident thief tried to exit her room, she immediately leapt into action, a foot coming into harsh contact with the strangely dressed girl's rear end and knocking her onto the floor.

"You know you're pretty confident for a thief! So what's close huh? The safe?" she questioned harshly, foot raised to cause further pain as punishment as the intruder gasped and turned to face her in shock.

"W-Wait, you can see me?"

"Ichigo, my delinquent daughter! Quit bouncing around up here-UGH!" the man was cut off as he came bounding into the room, fully intent on digging both of his knees into his youngest's back in return for making so much noise so late at night. He was instead met with a firm heel to the face, before finding himself getting roundhouse kicked out of the room all together, and before he could even react, having the door slammed shut in his face with a harsh order to keep his nose out of business he does not understand.

"What the hell! Can't he see that I'm dealing with an intruder here?" Ichigo complained loudly, eyes widening slightly as the intruder suddenly appeared in front of her, expression far more serious than it had been when her father had come barging into her room.

"That's impossible." The intruder began, continuing on to explain why before Ichigo could even ask a question. "Normal human beings cannot see me. Only those that are spiritually aware can. You would fall into that category it seems."

"Ok… So you're a ghost."

"Kind of." The girl said, immediately making to sit down. "I am a shinigami."

"Uh huh. So you're a ghost, and a strangely dressed one at that." Ichigo continued on, deciding that giving the ghost a fancy title would do nothing to change what she was. Her last comment received a gasp of disbelief as she jabbed a finger at her, looking completely affronted and more than a little offended.

"The pot calling the kettle black! What about you?!" she called out, motioning at Ichigo's whole attire. The pre-teen couldn't help but giggle at the other's obvious and irrefutable point. In all honesty, she was not the first to claim that her attire was apparently strange, and honestly she had to admit that it probably was. Clad in a black, hooded jacket with bunny rabbit ears and button eyes sewn into the hood, a cute, – at least in her own opinion- slightly frilly, purple and black, plaid, mid-thigh length skirt that fell just a few inches short of the top of her knees and a pair of black, knee-length leggings, as well as a pair of pink and purple striped socks that were a size too big and reminded almost everybody she knew of the Cheshire cat from Alice in Wonderland and purple and black high-top sneakers, she was definitely considered as oddly dressed. It was only furthered by her own insistency to carry around an almost jet-black, plush kitty backpack clad in a bright purple dress with two black stripes intersecting over where the heart would be if it were alive, two bright green button eyes, and a zipper for a mouth that made it look like it was always grinning at something. In truth, she was definitely an oddity by any and all stretch of the word and its definitions and not normal by any stretch of that word as well.

"True." She commented, standing up to brush the imaginary dirt particles from her personage. "So why are you here oh Ms. Shinigami?" Ichigo continued, bowing in a sarcastic flourish to further irritate the "shinigami" just to get a reaction. The girl blithered and stuttered, arms waving about spastically in growing irritation as she tried to reprimand the younger for her obvious show of disrespect, any words dying on her lips as Ichigo broke in righteous laughter at her own comments. Growling under her breath, the "shinigami" glared death at the younger, huffing in annoyance as she crossed her arms in obvious anger over her chest and turned away.

"For your information," she began, eyes shooting a scathing glare at the still giggling thirteen year old. "I'm here hunting what is known to us shinigami as a hollow, an evil spirit that devours the souls of the both the living and already dead." She informed her, still glaring as the child then near bust a gut laughing even further at her words. "I'm serious!" The "shinigami" said, tone insistent as Ichigo finally calmed down long enough to keep a somewhat straight face, though the amuse, tight-lipped grin never left her expression.

"Oh yeah?"

"Yes. Here, let me explain." She began, pulling out a sketchbook and a permanent marker as she went into an almost hour long explanation about what she referred to as Plus souls – the souls Ichigo was used to dealing with - and Minus souls, or hollows as they were more commonly referred to by the members of whatever organization she thought she as a part of. "Any questions?" she asked finally, eyes staring at the younger in seriousness as she waited. Ichigo sat there for a few seconds, staring at the pictures that the other had drawn in order to help explain everything to her.

"Just two. One; why do your drawings suck so badly?" Ichigo questioned, almost cackling in mad laughter as she was forced to dodge a thrown marker, a mischievous grin very apparent on her face as the other shot death glares at her.

"I thought that somebody like you would also respect my bunny drawings." She said, sounding almost heartbroken. Ichigo blinked for a few moments, before remembering exactly what kind of jacket she just happened to be wearing today.

"Oh yeah, my jacket. Well I like bunnies, but those drawings are just plain horrible. Who taught you how to draw?"

"Was that your second question?" she countered in annoyance, obviously only a few more comments away from throwing the sketchbook at her next. Ichigo shook her head, expression turning serious for once as she stared evenly as the other.

"Nope. My second was this. If you're here to hunt the hollow, why are you still sitting around in my room explaining all of this to me? Shouldn't you be out there trying to find it, not wasting time in here?" Ichigo questioned, watching with barely contained amusement as the other's eyes widened at the question. Cursing loudly the older girl immediately shot up like a weed, hand immediately taking hold of her sword as she realized that she had forgotten about the original reason for her being inside the house in the first place.

"Damn it! I forgot about the hollow!" she swore, immediately darting for the door only to freeze as she opened it, feeling almost drowned in the heavy spiritual pressure that hit her as soon as the door was open and she was standing in the hallway. 'How did I miss something this potent?' She questioned herself, almost feeling fear at the intense amount of energy hitting her almost all at once. Her eyes only widened in horror laced shock as a scream reverberated from downstairs.

"AAAAHH!" From behind her, Ichigo called out in surprise, worry lacing her tone heavily as she immediately stood up, running to the doorway and shoving the shinigami out of her way as she made her way down the stairs three at a time.



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