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Episode 2: Go Crazy, Zangetsu

"Karin-nee! Yuzu-nee!" Ichigo called as she finally came to a stop at the bottom of the stairs, eyes quickly scanning the destroyed room before finally landing on the enormous hole in the wall, the silhouette of a monstrous being spotted through the thick cloud of dust and debris. She only barely noted the presence of the shinigami appearing behind her, eyes wide and frantic as she reached for the pre-teen in order to drag her back to safety before the hollow could spot either of them. She wasn't fast enough however as Ichigo took off for the large hole in the wall, easily leaping over seven foot high piles of debris before landing gracefully on the ground, eyes glaring death at the monster that had obviously attacked her family. She was about to scream at the monster to tell her where her older sisters were, when her eyes widened, finally spotting them both; Yuzu being all but crushed in the monster's hands, while Karin was trapped under a giant, ugly foot, obviously having difficulty breathing under the owner's weight as it growled, moaned, and wailed in a horrid, distorted voice.

"I-Ichi-chan…" Yuzu managed to stutter out from her position, helplessly dangling in a monster that she could not clearly see, but without a doubt feel, pain filled eyes managing to turn a worried gaze to the area behind her where her younger sister stood. Below her, she could hear the struggle-laced sounds of her older twin sister trying to stand up under whatever was holding her in the air and keeping the other crushed flat against the rough, almost completely broken ground, eyes also focusing on their sister as well.

"Ichigo… Ngh… Run… Get away!" Karin called out, just barely managing to get a once pinned-to-her-side arm free from under the monster's heavy set weight, before slowly beginning to pull herself out. The monster's gaze dropped down to her, seeming to just stare down at her in amusement at her attempts of escape, obviously finding it funny and an exercise in futility as applied more weight onto the foot keeping the 17 year old pinned to the ground. Karin screamed at the added pressure in pain, a broken leg only getting worse as the new weight only worsened the bleeding injury. She watched with mild horror through fading to black vision as her youngest sister's face contorted into one of pure anger as Ichigo focused a scathing glare on the beast keeping her down, hands tightening slowly into fists as she began taking one slow step forward after another. "AH! N-no… Ichigo! D-Don't come a-any closer… Hyaah… Oogh… Run!" She called, praying to whatever deities lay out there in the heavens above to make her sister see reason and not charge into a battle she had no real hope of winning. "ICHIGO!"

"Let go of my sisters…" Ichigo ordered quietly, completely ignoring the eldest's objections as she continued forward, coming to a stop finally as she met glowing, yellow eyes through the bone white mask covering the monster's in an even gaze, not backing down at all. The monster seemed to grin, amused by the pre-teen's show of bravado as it opened its mouth and let loose a horrible roar; a distorted mixture between an agony filled wail and a blood curdling scream that whipped the younger's already unruly hair about her face. The roar suddenly turned into a shriek of pain as it found its mouth suddenly snapped shut, teeth cracking together painfully as the seemingly weak and powerless child delivered a vicious kick to its chin, almost knocking it off its feet and causing it to release both of its would-be victims as the blonde haired twin went flying into the air, Karin remaining on the ground in unconsciousness as the monster's weight finally left her personage.

"W-What the…?" the monster questioned in shock, slowly making stand on its feet as it rubbed at its now sore chin, eyes staring at the child in stunned silence. It had thought this was going to be another easy meal, like the ghost girl from earlier who could only run away in fear as it gave chase before finally getting eaten. It seemed that it had underestimated tonight's main course.

"I said to let go of my sisters… Fish-face." The child said, tone serious as she insulted the monster further. Behind her, the monster finally noted the appearance of a shinigami, staring at the two as if they had both grown second heads, or the child herself had turned into one of its own as well. The latter almost had the monster chuckling in amusement despite the still sore chin; the event would've been one of the most amusingly ironic things to happen this century at least. But a lass, one could only dream about such things couldn't they?

"Kid! Stand down, that hollow is too strong for you to face!" The shinigami ordered, a tight hand keeping a firm grip on the strangely dressed child's arm, her voice shaking the hollow out of its thoughts as it focused a rather nasty sneer at the two females. She was shaken off however as the hollow decided to take what seemed like a moment of distraction as an advantage and lunge forward, only to be stopped as the child did an automatic turn, foot coming around in a swift and brutal kick to the face, a small, hairline fracture appearing in its mask as it came to a rolling stop on the concrete a few yards away. "Kid!"

"That thing hurt my family. It's going to pay." Ichigo growled out, watching with barely contained satisfaction as the monster slowly got back on its feet, growling in obvious pain as it rubbed at the crack in its mask, immediately turning with an angered glare to face her. The hollow reared its ugly head back, letting loose yet another roar as its spiritual pressure only grew in amount, causing the shinigami to gasp in shock once again at the potency and strength of it. The black haired girl further gasped in shock as the hollow seemed to disappear, a large cloud of dust and dirt getting kicked up as it lunged forward at a quicker speed, much faster than it had been before. As teeth suddenly flashed into view, the hollow's maw opened wide before clamping down on its meal, Ichigo gasped in shock, blood flying everywhere as the energy that now drenched the surrounding area seemed to spike and fluctuate irregularly.

"Sh-Shinigami-san…" Ichigo gasped out in shock, eyes widening as she sank to the floor, the heavy, bleeding weight of the shinigami now pressed against her as she held the other up to the best of her abilities. "W-Why?"

"It is a shinigami's duty… To protect all souls. No matter the cost…" the other replied, wincing slightly as her body trembled in pain, blood spurting out in a messy cough that seemed to only further the agony she was going through. "Damn… at the rate things are going, we'll all die here." She commented, glazed eyes just barely managing to focus on the approaching form of the hollow. Her eyes widened in shock at the words Ichigo had said in reply;

"No we're not." The shinigami immediately turned to the other, immediately trying to grab hold of the angered pre-teen as she left her propped up against a nearby wall, forced to watch in horror as the child went to face her hunter alone. "Ne, Shinigami-san… What's your name, you never told me." The child asked as she seemed to visibly calm down finally, all the anger in her form seeming to seep away like water as she reached a hand up to grip at thin air.

"R-Rukia… Rukia Kuchiki…" at the information, the girl grinned, a somewhat pleased smile on her face as she slowly drew her hand back, hair and clothes flipping slightly in a sudden gust of wind as the edge of her form began to glow in a torrent of spiritual energy slowly building up to almost breath-taking proportions.

"My name's Ichigo Kurosaki. It's nice to meet you Rukia-san." The monster lunged forward, eyes narrowing in a hungry gaze as it prepared to try and eat the child, eyes widening at the tell-tale hint of pain reverberating from its head, letting loose a pain and agony filled shriek as Ichigo brought down the oddly shaped blade that appeared in the child's hand. "Ki ga kuruu- Go crazy, Zangetsu."

"Th-that's… a zanpakutō. How did she-?" Rukia was cut off, eyes widening in horror as the whole area suddenly found itself swamped with hollows, a total of six at the most. She attempted to struggled to her feet, sure that the younger wouldn't be able to handle so many, only to fall back to the ground in a painful heap, whole body sore and aching as blood loss dragged her unwillingly into the arms of unconsciousness. The last thing she saw before the world faded to black, the form of the 13 year old girl, spinning her abnormally shaped zanpakutō around like a flail as the horde of hollows slowly etched closer, and the almost creepy sounds of a child's gleeful laughter, a horror movie perfect giggle resounding throughout the chaotic ruins littering the streets.

"What the hell baka Goat-face?!" Ichigo called as she easily countered the oncoming kick from her father, watching with muted satisfaction as she sent the bearded man careening out of the open bedroom window and towards the ground two stories below. "Baka Goat-face, there are better ways of waking up your thirteen year old daughter!" she yelled out the last part, head hanging out the window as she shot a nasty glare at the ridiculous man laying prone, face planted into the dirt. She gave a dismissive but faintly happy huff as she wrinkled her nose up in disapproval at the man, shutting the window before climbing out from under the dark blue covers of her bed and heading over to the closet to dig out the outfit she would wear for the day.

A grin on her face as pulled out a sleeveless, dark purple, hooded jacket with kitty cat ears and pitch black button eyes, a jet black, long sleeved shirt with a gold and silver sparkled skull dead center of the chest area, and a black, white, and yellow plaid skirt with at least three layers of white and black tulle underneath, she then walked over to a nearby dresser and pulled out a pair of black leggings with white frills on the hem and a pair of plain white socks before reaching under her bed to pull out a pair of gold and white high-top sneakers.

Leaving the room with the admittedly big pile of clothes in hand, she headed for the shower, pausing only to close her bedroom door behind her as she disappeared within the white tiled walls of the bathroom.

Coming out half an hour later, Ichigo trotted down the stairs, hand reaching out to grab hold of her plush kitty backpack as she left the house, only bothering to grab a slice of toast from the kitchen before she disappeared outside.

"ICHIGO-UGH!" Ichigo sighed as her elbow came into habitual contact with her classmate and friend, Keigo, the brunette youth grunting in pain as he collapsed to the floor in a heap, behind him a black haired boy stood, completely ignoring the little scene as he seemed wholly obsessed with his cellphone.

"Oh, hey Keigo, Mizuiro." Ichigo greeted, opening the door to their classroom and walking in with the two quickly following behind her.

"Hey is it true?"

"Is what true?" she asked taking a seat next to the window as Keigo all but swarmed her for information.

"That a truck crashed into your house! Is it true?"

"Yes it's true." She confirmed exasperatedly, though she knew she was lying through her teeth about what really happened the night before, it's what her family believed and she doubted anybody would actually listen to her if she told the truth.

"No way, how the hell did nobody wake up from that?"

"Simple, the same way you always manage to act like an idiot consecutively without fail every single day." Ichigo commented with an amused grin and a mischievous glint in her eyes. Mizuiro barely managed to catch the chuckle that almost escaped from his lips as he took the seat next to her, hiding his face behind the cellphone in his hand as Keigo shot a rather nasty glare at him.

"She's right you know Asano-san." He called, both only just managing to catch themselves as they nearly fell apart in a mad fit of giggles and wild laughter, Keigo making a fool of himself as he complained about the formal usage of his name with somebody who was supposed to be his friend. Any further conversation was interrupted however as the door to the student-filled classroom opened, heels clicking sharply against the tiled floor as the teacher walked in, a familiar black head of hair following not far behind her.

"Class," the teacher began, looking at everybody with a surprisingly serious face as everybody's attention focused solely on her, "Today we have a new student. Please introduce yourself."

"My name is Rukia Kuchiki. It's nice to meet all of you." 'What the-?!'

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