This story was written in the fashion of a role play. Some parts will be edited to flow better in the style of a story, but it will mostly remain in the same format. I wrote the part of Yoshiki and my friend is responsible for the part of Ayumi.

This is a Wrong End to the underlined place in chapter 2 of Heavenly Host Nightmare.

Even though the malice held in the piece of paper felt like it was consuming his mind, Yoshiki couldn't tear his gaze from it. His heart felt constricted, and his brain was getting foggier and foggier. He lost the ability to think straight, and eventually, his mind was no longer his own. He remained silent, his eyes darkening until the shine from them disappeared. His body relaxed, and slowly, his head moved up to look at Ayumi ahead, who was pulling at the windows. He turned, his arms swaying at the movement. His eyes darted about the room, settling upon something in the corner. He stammered over and bent, clutching the large, broken beam of wood.

He then stood, swiveling back around and waited a small moment before walking towards Ayumi, his feet dragging across the floor with each step. Once close to her, he rose his arm, his expression unchanging. Without any warning, the piece of wood slammed against Ayumi's head, sending her towards the ground.

Ayumi tugged at the window in annoyance, although she hadn't really been expecting anything else. Her hand slipped down the glass as she let out a heavy sigh. Hopeless, she thought to herself. She was about to turn around when the wood made the heavy impact against her head, sending her to the ground. She yelled in pain as she fell against the floor. She blinked, the world blurry and spinning. She gasped, her eyes focusing enough that she saw Yoshiki with the plank of wood. "Kishinuma!? W-what are you doing!?" she yelled, confused and scared as she saw the blank stare. She moved trying to get up but her body was too messed up from the hit. She touched the side of her head, pulling her hand away to see blood. Her heart sank as terror gripped her, she couldn't get away.

Yoshiki, or, whatever had control over him watched as she yelled and tried to get upwards. The feeble attempts made him grow an unsettling grin. He came closer and sat upon her stomach as a way to hold her down. The smile was now unnaturally large as he rose the plank above his head with both heads, his eyes wide with insanity. Kill kill kill kill kill kill KILL. The wood came down, and hit with a crack. The weapon was lifted again, the chuckling started as he saw blood on her forehead and upon the plank. "FufufuahahahahHAHAHAHAHAHA!" The laughter continued as the action was repeated again, and again, blood beginning to spray across the floor, and onto him as he reared the wood back to strike again.

Ayumi felt her stomach twist as the grin crossed Yoshiki's face. She tried to move again, but to no avail. He was on her, insanity gripping his expression and Ayumi let out a scream. "KISHINUMA!" she cried, desperate for him to stop. Then she felt the wood hit her once again, pain struck throughout her body like lightning. Her head screaming in agonizing pain. She heard his laughter, as he brought the weapon down again. The crack it made against her head echoed as she began to lose vision, her hands falling limp to her side. She was hit again. And again. She wasn't even sure how many times it had been, but she was gripped with such horrible pains she wished for it all to end right there. The next strike did just that. Her eyes, which had been filled with pain were now hollow and empty. Blood puddled around her head, her skull broken in by the force of the weapon.

Even after she went completely limp, the blows continued until the spirit seemed satisfied, and his laughter died out. After minutes of complete silence, his body snapped back up, as if awakened from a deep sleep. "H-huh?" he muttered, looking around. He was in a totally different spot... His brain was lagging, making his comprehension of the situation slow. First, he noticed something in his hand. He slowly looked over, finding himself even more confused at the plank of wood. When he noticed it was covered in dripping blood, he quickly tossed it, slightly alarmed. What the-?!When he noticed he was sitting, his blood ran cold at what he saw below him. His mind tried to catch up, causing his reaction to be delayed.

He jumped back, off of Ayumi's lifeless body, letting out a yell, his body trembling. H-how...?! Who- His heart jolted as his eyes slowly edged over to where the bloodied plank laid. Then, his eyes wide, trailed over to himself, his clothes and hands splattered with Ayumi's blood. He began shaking out of control, tears coming to his eyes and his yells at first suppressed. Then, his eyes settled on her motionless body. The face he once loved was bashed in, now a complete, red mess. He clutched the sides of his head and doubled over, screaming at the top of his lungs in anguish. "AAAAGGGGHHHH!"His lungs burned, as any breath he had went to crying out. His chest tightened, and his heart held an unbearable pain.

After what felt like hours of wailing and sobbing, his arms were limp, laying across the floor. His voice had died out, and his eyes were dry and red. He lifted his head slightly, looking across the floor at the plank with dull eyes. He sluggishly stood, making the short trip to it and picking it up listlessly. He eyed it, all rational thought long extinguished by Ayumi's death, and what had caused it. He cast a glance at the floor beside Ayumi. There was a sentence drawn out with his own hands in her blood. KILL ME...