This story was written in the fashion of a role play. Some parts will be edited to flow better in the style of a story, but it will mostly remain in the same format. I wrote the part of Yoshiki and Kito.

This is a Wrong End to the second underlined place in chapter 15 of Heavenly Host Nightmare.

Trembling, Yoshiki felt his blood run cold at the still motionless Ayumi. "No... NO, DAMMIT!" he screamed, trying to continue the CPR, but after several minutes, he just couldn't anymore. All air he had was being used up in his sobs, his forehead laid gently on her. They had been so close... but cruel fate had torn her away from him, leaving him nowhere to stand. His shoulders trembled as heavy tears fell onto Ayumi's pale face, an intense pain welling up in his chest. His hands shook as they swept her up in a tight embrace, doubling over, burying his face in her shirt as he let out a loud, anguished scream. Even after his voice died out and his throat became dry, he continued to huddle against her lifeless body, shuddering even though no more tears would come.

Kito could only watched, too stunned, scared, and sad to speak. He wanted to cry too, but maybe it was his duty to be the tough guy... He hesitantly stepped forward, his limbs shaking, but he tried to be brave. Just as he was about to speak, a dark fog began to cover Yoshiki. He made no attempts to fight it back, his reddened eyes lacking any sort of shine of life with Ayumi gone. "A-are you okay?" he asked worriedly as he tried to approach and help Yoshiki out of the dark fog, feeling that it was far too dangerous to just be sitting around in. He tugged at Yoshiki's sleeve, trying desperately to get him to move. "Come on! That stuff is bad!" he told him urgently, thinking as if Yoshiki simply did not understand the danger. Though, he still didn't budge, until the black mist started to fade away. His head rose from Ayumi's chest, his eyes dull as if he couldn't see or really feel Kito's presence.

It was silent for another moment, and Kito had the urge to run, but the gentler side of him told him to stay and help Yoshiki. Though, his unease increased as a grin formed on Yoshiki's face, another silent moment creeping by until he began to cackle. "Aaaayuumiii... Ha... hahaha... Heeeh? Is that right? Haa... hahahahaAHAHAHAH!" he let out a loud laugh, holding Ayumi's damp body close. He went quiet again, his smile disappearing and his arms began to tremble. "Nn... no... stop..," he breathed, his look growing more twisted with anguish, "STOP CRYING!"

Kito jumped at his raised voice, moving to get away, but he froze as Yoshiki's head seemed to snap up and stare directly at him for the first time.

"I won't... ever leave you alone... okay? So stop crying... please...," Yoshiki continued in a pleading, quiet voice. He slowly stood, his hand tightly wound around Ayumi's shoulders so he could move with her. "I'll be right here... We'll all be... right here..." Kito cowered as the senior stood, obviously not in his right of mind. But, he was unable to react, as Yoshiki made a grab for the boy's wrist. "We'll both be here to keep you company," he repeated with a large smile, dragging the child easily towards the pool with Ayumi in tow. Kito struggled against his grip, but was unable to even make his grip looser. He eyed the grimy pool water, fear grabbing at him.

"NOOOO!" Kito pleaded, still trying to pull against him, desperation and pure terror in his voice. Yoshiki seemed to ignore his pleas as he stepped closer to the water's edge. With each step, Kito's small voice grew louder as tears began to escape his eyes, the utter horror of death edging closer and closer.

"We'll be together... forever..," Yoshiki mumbled with glee, no rhyme or reason to his actions or Kito's involvement. He stepped halfway over the edge, the cold rain pouring down harder on them, drowning out Kito's distressed calls. With a grin, he leaned forward and let gravity pull him into the water, dragging Ayumi and Kito into the bleak abyss with him.