Author's Note: I wasn't really expecting this to be my first story, but it is! I'm still deciding on if I want to make it into a chapter length fic or not, so it's kind of a one shot for now. So it's my great pleasure to present to you, Scars and Secrets! Enjoy! :)

Scars and Secrets


A calming melody whistled throughout the room, the soft glow of the lamp being the only source of light. And on the bed sat a fourteen year old girl, Maya Matlin, strumming away on her cello. She was playing a new song she wrote for the upcoming Battle of the Bands tournament which would involve her band Whisperhug. This particular one she thought would be good enough.

As she continued to play her mind started wondering off, thinking about what happened at the beauty pageant. Her kissing Zig, then hiding it from Tori, but most importantly how Cam would react if he were to find out. She wasn't sure how he would take it. Would he be angry? Hurt? Feel betrayed? Break up with her again? No it's not possible. They weren't together at the time, so chances of that could be very slim.

Maya sighed out of frustration from her continuous thoughts and stopped playing, before shoving the instrument in its protective case. She took off her glasses and rubbed her forehead, a throbbing headache coming on. The stress was wearing down on her. She walked to the mirror and looked at herself, shades of purple and blue were painted neatly under her eyes from lack of sleep. Placing her glasses back on her face, she stood up and went to her laptop before logging on to Facerange.

As the news feed appeared on the screen, she scrolled down the list; Tori was going out with Tristan on a shopping spree tomorrow, Katie was watching a movie with Jake later, Cam was still studying. As she continued down one particular status caught her eye.

Zig Novak

Caught up in a tornado, not sure what to do.

2 hours ago. Like Comment

Her blood began to boil. Zig was still hung up over this kiss, not feeling any sort of regret. Maya on the other hand felt terrible, she had kissed her best friend's boyfriend for crying out loud! And Zig constantly posting his feelings about the situation weren't helping at all, in fact making her regret it even more.

Getting more angry by the second, she went to post a comment. As she was about to click enter she immediately stopped. If she posted this, than someone would think something was up. The possible outcome would be horrendous. She quickly deleted it and clicked out of the internet, slamming her laptop shut and turning around. This wasn't getting any easier, she needed an escape and fast.

Suddenly her cell phone went off, she cautiously went over wondering who could be texting her at this time of night. She picked it up off the night stand and opened it, sighing with relief. It was a text message from Cam.

Can you come over?

Worry quickly started to settle in. She started contemplating on whether to answer him or not. If this was a call to end their relationship, she was not prepared for it. Maya sighed, figuring to face the consequences now she typed a quick reply.

Sure, be there in 10.

Cam was nervously drumming his fingers on his desk, he had a huge test tomorrow and he couldn't concentrate. He glanced at his homework and picked up his pencil for the tenth time, trying to figure out how to put his thoughts onto paper.

"Come on Cam, you can do this. Just focus." He told himself. Letting the pencil touch the paper, he slowly started writing some stuff from his text book. He soon stopped and read over his work, he glared at his paper realizing that this wasn't the right answer. He grabbed his eraser and furiously scratched out words. He glanced at the clock, it was only 10:30pm.

He got up and began to pace anxiously, the air was starting to become thick around him. He needed to get rid of this stress. He looked at his shaking hands and scrunched them up into fists to try and stop it.

"No not now, please not now." He whispered to himself. He hated this, feeling weak and insecure. He had to be strong, for himself, for Maya, for everyone.

A shiny object suddenly caught his attention, he nervously got up and walked over to see what it was. Getting closer he soon discovered it was his hockey skate, fresh and sharp. He grabbed it and sat on his bed running a finger along the edge, the blade tingling his skin. He shook his head, remembering what he had done before and what he had tried to promise himself not to do again. He turned to his arm and slowly rolled up his sleeve, exposing the cuts. Old scars, the pain, the warm trickle of blood, and the peace that it brought, it all came back to him in that one moment.

Just one, come on nobody will have to know. It'll be your little secret. His mind screamed at him.

A tear slowly dripped down his cheek as the blood started to pour. He smiled a little bit as the pain started to go away again, just like it always had in the past. He knew he was failing. On the outside he had to be this perfect big shot hockey star, but on the inside he was sad, scared, and completely alone.

Cam wiped the blood and cleaned his skate before carelessly throwing it back in his bag. He then picked up his phone and texted Maya.

It's my secret.