Assistance for a Wish


Chapter Two: Reverie


"Brother, guess what!" Malik turned around to see Kadar running up to him, gasping for air as he came to a stop.

"What, Kadar?" Malik was slightly annoyed from being interrupted from talking with his friends.

"I just took my first Leap of Faith!" Kadar grinned toothily, putting his hands on his hips rather proudly. Malik paused, and his eye twitched.

"What!?" He yelled, grabbing his brother's shoulders and shaking him gently.

Kadar blinked, questioning his older brother's worried gaze.

"Why didn't you tell me, I would have came to see!" Malik huffed, glaring at the younger Assassin.

"No! You would have came to stop me, or tell me not to!" Kadar argued, crossing his arms with a small pout on his face. "But!, but, guess what!," Kadar's sudden pout turned into a sly grin.

"What...?" Malik frowned, not liking his little brother's change in attitude..

"I didn't really want to, I was debating if I should, but then...! I ran into Altair, and then he pushed me off the edge!" Kadar smirked, albeit a little awkwardly.

"That is not something to be proud of, Kadar!" Malik hissed, gently smacking his brother upside his head.

Kadar's cowl fell down, and he huffed, pulling it back up as quickly as it fell. "But, you should be happy for me, I mean, I finally did it!" Kadar smiled this time, but his smile was only directed at Malik.

Malik's hardened eyes softened, as he stared as his baby brother. "I am. I just wanted to be there to watch." He murmured softly, patting Kadar's head over his cowl.


Malik's eyes snapped open, as he looked around his room quietly. He never realized that he had fallen asleep, and noticed that the young Templar boy wasn't in his room anymore.

He hurriedly stood, stifling a tired yawn, and left his room. He paused, hearing shuffling around in his small kitchen area. He walked into the kitchen, noticing that Reza was sitting on one of the two chairs, staring at the bowl of fruits.

Malik gave a sigh of relief, making Reza turn around to look at him. Reza's eyes widened slightly, as he quickly faced the other way.

"Are you hungry?" Malik asked softly. "You could help yourself," He said, motioning to the bowl in front of Reza.

Reza didn't reply, but reached his bandaged hand out to grasp one of the fruits held inside of it. He put it to his mouth, and bit into it, nibbling on it slowly.

Malik almost smiled, but then his thoughts turned to his dream.


He frowned, and turned around, walking back towards the entrance of his bureau. Malik looked around, and noticed that everything was still in place as he left it yesterday.

Knowing no one came in while he was asleep made him feel a bit better. He would rather not get woken up in the middle of the night just to see the poor boy get killed by another Assassin.

His thoughts began to drift to Reza as he took a seat behind his desk, absentmindedly staring at the ink that sat in the corner, quill still dipped inside of the small jar.

"Uhm,..." He was brought from his thoughts as he looked up at Reza, who had just entered the bureau. "Thank you..." He mumbled, looking rather shy as his cheeks tinted.

Malik waved his hand warily. "It's alright, young one." He said nonchalantly, waving it off casually.

"But, couldn't you get in trouble for helping me?" Reza blinked, beginning to feel like a pain in the Dai's life.

"If I told someone." Malik said, smirking slightly. Reza blinked yet again, a little surprised. "O- oh..." He stuttered out lamely.

Reza stared at the cracked floor, not knowing what to do or say. "You should rest." His head shot up, staring intently at Malik.

He nodded after a second, regaining his composure as he headed back to Malik's room to do as he was told.

Reza ended up falling asleep quickly, finding himself most comfortable as he used his arm as a pillow instead.

"Reza... My name is Reza." He mumbled, staring at the ground, trying so desperately to ignore the pain all over his body.

"Well, Reza. I think you'll be of some use." He looked up at the man, as he gave a curt nod, before he was peeled away from the hard floor and dragged down the hall.

The two guards carelessly tossed him inside his new room, as he landed harshly on the ground. He whimpered from the pain, which shot up his leg as he landed on his foot awkwardly. The tanned boy clenched his ankle, rubbing it softly as he willed the pain to go away.

It obviously did not work, and he limped over to his soft looking bed. He lay down, staring out the small window that was in his room.
"Prove useful." He muttered, recalling the words from the man from earlier. He scoffed, and rolled on his side, eventually falling into a deep sleep.

He woke up, thinking he was still back in that shit hole of a place. He sighed, realizing that he was still in Malik's room. He sat up slowly, wiping the sweat that formed in his sleep with the back of his bandaged hand.

With a stretch, he slowly submerged from Malik's room and entered the bureau area. He pushed the hanging red cloth aside as he entered.

Malik was sitting there, staring off in space. Reza frowned slightly, as he stared awkwardly. He shifted his weight, and raised his hand to tap Malik's shoulder. He had obviously noticed that he only had one arm, which made him wonder as to how he lost his other.

Malik snapped from his thoughts, as he turned to look at him. Reza shrugged innocently as he leaned against one of the bookshelves, his arms crossed. "Uhm, how long was I asleep for?" He asked, trying to sound disinterested, but he was still curious.

Malik smiled and turned away. He noticed him glance out the entrance from the outside of Jerusalem, and then down at his wooden desk. "Only for a few hours. Nothing special happened. But I'm expecting some of my men to drop by in another hour or so."
"I understand, you want me to hide." Reza muttered, pushing off the bookshelf to glower at Malik.

"It's for your own safety." Malik said, cutting off anything else Reza was going to say. "Plus, I'm sure you were begging yesterday for me to spare you." Malik added, turning away smugly.

Reza flushed from embarrassment, as he directed his heated glare to the dirty floor. He turned, and stomped back into Malik's room.


After a couple hours passed by, Reza was very bored. He had only managed to entertain himself for a while, and decided to take a nap. He woke up a half an hour later, and he heard some talking coming from the bureau. Like the good boy he was, he stayed in Malik's room, but tried to listen in on the conversation. The voices were muffled over, so he could barely make anything out. With a sigh, he turned away from the cloth that covered the space which acted as the door.

Grumbling to himself, the sixteen year old Templar sat himself on a couple pillows he was napping on. He crossed his arms, staring at the odd patterns on the various pillows scattered around him. Reza exhaled loudly, annoyed. He froze, remembering that he was supposed to be quiet. He sheepishly looked towards the cloth, expecting Malik and his fellow Assassin's to burst into the room and slaughter him.

His eyes widened slightly. How did he truly know that Malik wasn't going to suddenly turn on him...? How did he know if the man wouldn't kill him in his sleep?

Reza shook his head, clearing his thoughts as he stood. He began pacing around Malik's room, thinking of the possibilities of his chances with Death. He had faced Death and survived many times.

In your face, Death. Hah.

Even though he didn't want to trust Malik, he knew in his Heart deep inside that he really did.

'What if he wants something from me...?' He thought, frowning slightly. 'Maybe I should- no,... Not again.' Reza looked up, hearing foot steps.

He tensed, wanting to reach for his sword, but it was no longer strapped to his side. He felt awkward and naked without his weapons, but still managed.

The cloth was pushed aside, and he visibly relaxed, exhaling softly.

"It's alright, they are gone now." Malik said, smirking in amusement. Reza nodded, casting his eyes to the ground. Without saying anything, he marched up to Malik, his eyes darkening visibly.

Malik, confused, stood with his head cocked to the side. Reza smiled, his cheeks tinting a soft rosy color.

"So, I suppose that you would like some sort of payment for your assistance." Reza murmured, his hands gripping Malik's clothing between his frail fingers.

Malik raised his eyebrow, as he took a step back. Reza was pushed away by Malik, and he frowned, questioning Malik's motives inside his mind.

"What are you doing?" He snorted, crossing his arms.

"No. I think the question is what are you doing?" Malik sighed, rubbing his temple.

"My job." Reza replied, growling.

"Your only job is to recover." Malik informed, gently patting Reza's head. "Hmm, you should try to bath somehow soon, your hair feels greasy." Malik stated, turning on his heel and walking out of his room, leaving a stunned Reza behind.

Reza opened his mouth to comment, but nothing came out. He groaned in frustration, as he plopped himself back down on the pillows.


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