So I'm thinking you guys need a little explanation before you read this little series because I realized I have a lot more thought out than I've actually told you... so here it goes:

Sammy was born in Seattle and lived with Victor and her parents until she was 3 and her parents died in a car accident. Victor is 4 years older than her making him 7 when they died.

They live with their Aunt Michelle, their mom's sister, until Sammy is 16 and Victor is 20. They decide that they don't want to be a burden to her anymore and Victor's schooling is in Washington so they move.

Sammy starts dating a guy named Todd, who is the captain of the swim team at her school, and who you hear about in the first piece of the series.

After Todd dumps her Sammy eventually starts dating Caleb, who is her best friend, and you're gonna meet him later.

At some point I think Sammy is going to start working at a coffee shop though I'm not sure when I'm gonna work that in... but it'll happen eventually.

I think that's about it for now at least, so enjoy! And if you have any questions just drop them in a review and I'll try to answer as best I can!