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It was the beginning of the rest of his life. It was his first day of West City University. He had it all arranged; his best friend would greet him and, together with their parents, the pair would begin the next chapter in their lives.

The day began like any other. Nineteen-year-old Son Gohan groggily opened his eyes, rubbing away the sleepiness as he slowly hoisted his upper body into a sitting position. After perching himself there for a few more seconds, Gohan gathered his bearing and hopped off of his bed to begin his morning routine.

Gohan was what one would call a fairly attractive young man. He had spiky, jet black hair that defied all the laws of gravity. His face was nearly flawless, his jaw chiseled, his lips full and round. He was rather tall and muscular, yet simultaneously toned. In short, most girls drooled over his godlike figure.

He never seemed to notice, though. Some of this might have been due to his stunted social development. Until he toured the campus for his new university, the extent to his social interactions with the opposite gender were his homeschooling tutor, a beautiful, blonde woman named Launch; his mother, Son Chi Chi; and his mother's best friend, the poor, blue-haired orphan Bulma Brief.

His homeschooling tutor, Launch, almost exclusively wore form-fitting red shirts which put her cleavage on display nicely. She was extremely beautiful: fit, but not extremely thin. She had a serious, no-nonsense attitude and didn't appreciate insubordination from her students. Although Gohan could admire her from afar, he was so far apart from her in age that it did nothing to develop his capability to deal with the opposite sex.

His mother was also a very pretty woman. She was in her mid-to-late thirties, had deep, dark black hair, and rosy, pink lips. Chi Chi generally had her hair tied back into a bun, completing her basic appearance. She was extremely persistent though, always putting up a good fight wherever necessary.

Bulma was probably the most beautiful of all three women. She had curves to die for, aqua blue hair, beautiful eyes, and an attitude which complimented her beauty perfectly. Her feistiness was one of the reasons Gohan respected her the most out of the three women.

Bulma's parents were rich, sure, but the bluenette hadn't inherited her parent's fortune. She ran away and eloped when she turned twenty-two with a male model - some man named Vegeta. She and Vegeta had one kid, a lilac-haired nine-year-old named Trunks. He was homeschooled by Chi Chi alongside Gohan's younger brother, Goten.

Goten was Gohan's eight-year-old, innocent, naive brother. The kid has sparkling onyx orbs which radiated with excitement and energy. Gohan had been sure to take care of him ever since his birth since his father had been arrested on charges of battery and domestic abuse shortly after his mother fell pregnant. He was eventually acquitted of a murder accusation, but was still serving a lengthy sentence behind bars.

Soon after Goten was born, Gohan took over many of the household duties. He learned how to drive his car and regularly drove from his small, cozy abode on the outskirts of West City to the nearest shopping center.

On one of these excursions, he had been salvaging the last of the vegetable stand when a kid who looked roughly his age approached him and asked him if he could have one of the cucumbers in his basket. Seeing no harm, Gohan had chosen the freshest looking cucumber of his lot and handed it over to the boy.

The boy introduced himself as Sharpner. Ever since that day, Gohan had rode his bike to Sharpner's house and the two had become fast friends.

Seven years later, the pair were preparing to enter college at one of the most prestigious universities in the world.

"Hello, can I help you?" Gohan, Sharpner, Chi Chi, and Sharpner's parents were standing directly in front of the main desk at West City University's Registration Center. The dome-like building was likely the most massive building any of the five had ever seen. They were only five because Goten was staying with the Brief's. Chi Chi figured it'd be better if Goten got his goodbyes out of the way earlier.

Collecting his thoughts, Gohan decided to take the head. "Hi, I'm Son Gohan. This here's Sharpner Pencil. We're new students here."

The cheerfulness present in Gohan's voice was impossible to miss. It seemed likely that the receptionist picked up on his energetic response, because her lips immediately perked up a bit into a wide smile.

"Ah! I'll find your registration papers and room information. I assume you two are roommates, right?" Both Gohan and Sharpner nodded their heads in confirmation. "Very well. Here is your orientation pamphlet. Read through it and report to your designated area at the appropriate time, okay? Your room keys are inside this envelope," she said while handing both the blond and black-haired teens their keys.

Gohan's gaze lingered a bit on her hand, which seemed colored very oddly, before he accepted his room key. The small group proceeded to turn around and leave the Registration Center.

Once they were outside, Gohan turned to Sharpner, poking him lightly in the shoulder in an attempt to gain the blonde male's attention. Once he had it, he spoke in a whisper. "Sharpner, what was that colored stuff on that woman's fingers?"

Sharpner suppressed a frustrated sigh before responding to his clueless best friend's inquiry. "Gohan, are you for real? It's called nail polish. Women sometimes paint their nails different colors. I know you had a sheltered childhood, with deranged fathers and all, but seriously?" Gohan, not wanting to reveal the embarrassing truth that he had never even heard of nail polish, focused on their destination instead.

The group of five had wandered in the direction of the teenage duo's dormitory. The sheet of paper the receptionist had given them stated to head towards Kenley Dormitory Building. Chi Chi had whipped out her handy West City University map and gotten down to business as soon as the five had left the Registration Center. They were currently about five minutes away from Kenley.

As they walked, Gohan observed his surroundings. With his best friend at his side, he was able to really put into perspective how lucky he was. He saw more kids than he could count arguing with their parents about this and that. He and Sharpner already knew everything they wanted. They'd agreed on video games, TVs, DVD players, movies, the refrigerator, drinks, and everything in between.

As he and his close knit group passed by a wooden, oak bench, Gohan noticed two girls who looked to be about 21 or 22 making out on the bench. One of the girls had her hands snaked under the other's shirt. The one on the receiving end of this pleasurable experience caught the spiky haired teen's gaze and gave him a playful wink, licking her lips.

Gohan's face turned beet red at that gesture, as he hastily turned away, hiding his embarrassment.

'I hope all college girls aren't like that,'Gohan thought, somewhat distraught.

A few minutes later, Gohan and Sharpner showed their orientation pamphlet and room key to the police officer standing guard at Kenley. With a quick scan, the two teens were in. After their parents flashed their licenses, all five were free to proceed. They walked down a long, narrow hallway. The walls were painted a baby pink and pictures of Dr. Brief and other famous West City University alumni decorated the hallway. As they approached their room, 112A, Sharpner placed his room key in front of the door. The small, ruby red light blinked a few times before changing to green, signaling for the teens to enter. Sharpner grasped the handle and turned it, entering the room.

As Gohan walked in behind Sharpner, he couldn't help but openly gape. Sure, the room wasn't as spacious as his back home, but there was enough room to easily accommodate all of the belongings the pair brought with them. The tall teen hopped onto the leftmost bed, instinctively lying down. Folding his hands behind his head so his fingers interlaced, Gohan sighed contentedly, relishing in the smell of freedom which intruded his nostrils.

His perfect dream was temporarily disrupted when his mother made it known the parents were still around.

"Gohan, where do you want to put the refrigerator?" His mom was always on top of everything no matter what. Due to this, he wasn't shell-shocked that she wanted to cut to the chase and get down to business. Plus, he suspected that she didn't trust Vegeta with Goten all too much and probably wanted to get over there as soon as she could.

"In the corner is fine, Mom. You know that Sharpner and I will be able to handle everything, right? We virtually spent the last six years at each other's houses. This will be a piece of cake, okay?" Gohan spoke with an authoritative tone, punctuating his last remark with a long, drawn out sigh for emphasis.

Chi Chi frowned at her son's dismissive attitude, but eventually relented and turned towards Sharpner's parents.

"Do either of you have anything else to add?" After a pair of quick shakes of the head, Gohan pushed off the bed with his hands, gracefully landing on the carpeted floor.

Walking over to his mother, he enveloped her in a tight embrace one final time, before ushering the three adults out of the room. He then flopped backwards onto his bed and gave a light chuckle, enjoying the peace and quiet of his new dorm room for the first time.


After the two teens had napped away the majority of the afternoon, a light rapping sound startled them awake. They glanced at one another before realizing somebody was repeatedly knocking on their bedroom door. Lightly tousling his pitch black locks with his right hand, Gohan gestures towards the door with his head after making eye contact with Sharpner.

The spiky-haired teenager watched triumphantly as his blonde companion swung the door open. Gohan's eyes widened when he saw a really cute redheaded girl standing in the doorway.

"Hi!" she chirped, her high-pitched squeal sending a painful ringing through the duo's ears. "My name is Angela! What's your name?" As annoying as her voice was, Gohan had to admit her found her quite attractive. She had bright red hair and exceptionally wonderful… assets… which served to truly highlight her figure. Her jeans hugged her ass tightly, and her shirt left very little to the imagination. The thoughts running through both Gohan and Sharpner's heads were identical.

'I hope all college girls look like this.'

Suddenly, the raven-haired teen remembered that he was asked a question and quickly blurted out an answer. "Gohan. My name is Gohan."

Even somebody as socially stupid as himself recognized the lust emanating from Angela's eyes as he spoke. It sent chills down his spine but also excited him for reasons he couldn't fathom.

Sharpner promptly introduced himself as well. Angela then told the boys that she looked forward to seeing them during the semester with a wink before she left, leaving the door slightly open.


"Hey, Sharpner? What did you think of Angela?" It had been a few hours since Angela had knocked on the door. The two teens were mostly situated in their respective spaces. Gohan had his "Captain Groggle" pillow, his baby blue blanket, and the white sheets set atop his mattress. He had set up the TV, refrigerator, and organized his clothes and personal belongings. Sharpner was putting the finishing touches on his desk-drawer. Gohan had waited long enough to ask the million dollar question; Angela had practically raped him with her eyes.

"Gohan, my buddy, are you taking an interest in girls?" Sharpner drawled after a few moments. Everyone familiar with the Sons and Pencils knew how inexperienced Gohan was when it came to the ladies.

The boy in question twiddled his thumbs nervously before scratching the back of his neck with his right hand. "Erm, I'm not sure. Angela was pretty cute, and she had a nice butt." Gohan didn't notice Sharpner's eyes go wide and a blush promptly cover his face.

"Gohan, let's just play a video game. A racing game should do the trick." Gohan and Sharpner loved to compete against one another in video games where the necessary skills were speed, technique, and precision.


About forty-five minutes later, the teenage pair finished their video game competition. Sharpner was sitting on his mattress, leaning against the wall with his arms folded while listening to music. His raven-haired companion was handling a few wires, fiddling with them and trying to match to correct wires to the TV.

"Hey Gohan, did you see that we have a meeting in the third floor lounge at 9 p.m.?" Sharpner queried his preoccupied friend.

Gohan turned to face his blonde friend, raising an eyebrow. "What's the meeting for, dude?" Sharpner knew one thing his best friend didn't have the patience for was a meaningless question. Having suffered his painful wrath a multitude of times in the past, the blonde boy immediately tossed a piece of paper towards Gohan. "Residential rules and regulations; it sounds like a bunch of bull if you ask me, Sharpner. Should we go?"

"You know how mad our mothers will be if we skip out on mandatory obligations on the first day, bro. I think we have to go. I'm not happy about it either." Sharpner added that last tidbit of information upon seeing Gohan's nose scrunch up in disgust. "We'll arrive a few minutes prior to 9 and leave the moment it's over, okay?" Receiving a nod as his reply, Sharpner picked up a book and attempted to pass the time.


It was 8:55 p.m. Sharpner and Gohan had just locked the door to their dorm room. Both teenagers stowed away their respective key cards before slowly meandering their way to the third-floor lounge.

Once they arrive, the duo observed their surroundings, taking in the diverse groups of people. Gohan glanced at his best friend and gestured towards a pair of available seats once he had his attention.

The inseparable best friends talked animatedly with each other for a few minutes before a shrill voice interrupted their conversation. "Hello! I'm the third floor Resident Assistant, or R.A. My name is Jenkins. Yes, that's my first name. No it isn't an alias. Any questions so far?"

Gohan turned to Sharpner with surprised, widened eyes. This was going to be interesting, that's for sure.

A short, stumpy-looking kid with glasses resting on the bridge of his nose spoke up. "Yeah! What are the guest visitation policies? Can anybody come in and out of the dorm building at any time?" he queried once the R.A.'s attention was solely on him. A large portion of the other students voiced their agreement, most probably wondering if they would be able to get a girl into their room over night.

"Ah! Yes, that it a most excellent question! Actually, all visitors need to sign in at the front desk! They will put their name on the sign-in booklet and then must log the exact time they leave the building. Also, overnight visitors must be of your gender. Boys cannot sign in girls anywhere on campus and girls cannot sign in boys. Is that understood?" Jenkins lectured. His voice had that smug, condescending clip to it as he dashed the hopes of every male in the room.

As Gohan listened to Jenkins ramble on about the rules, he started to become agitated. Most of the rules were essentially common sense - no alcohol, no drugs, no weapons - but some of the regulations were absolutely absurd. The residents who had cars needed to keep them off the main road between 3 a.m. and 6 a.m. or face the possibility of an expensive ticket with a point on their license. He really wanted to just return to his room with Sharpner or go mingle with some of his floormates. The entire process was just one gigantic pain in his ass.

Taking a glance at his blonde companion, he noticed how bored Sharpner looked. Gohan could see his best friend twiddling his thumb under the chair, prodding at the undersurface of it. Gohan sighed for the umpteenth time during the meeting, then refocused his attention on his resident assistant just in time to hear the shrill voice release all of the residents to their rooms.

"Sharpner, let's get the hell out of here. I'm exhausted," Gohan said as he addressed the other male. After his friend agreed with this idea, the pair stood up, dusted their clothes off, and left the room following the hordes of other teens.

When they got to the door, Gohan came face to face with a mess of red hair. Recognizing the unruly ruby mane, he redirected his gaze to the person's face. "Angela! Hi, how are you?" he greeted cheerily. The smile on his face was genuine; he was happy to see a familiar face.

"I'm good! Gohan... was it? What are you doing later, cutie?" Angela responded. You would have had to be stupid, relationship-wise, to miss the obvious flirtiness in her voice and the way she accentuated her words suggestively, topping it all off with a wink.

Gohan allowed his right hand to slowly scratch the lower portion of the back of his neck as he searched for a retort. He was saved from answering through the blush on his face when Sharpner clapped a hand on his shoulder. "We're doing nothing, right Gohan? Why, what are you doing?" he said to Angela. Gohan didn't miss the look of disgust and indifference on Angela's face when Sharpner answered instead of himself, but he was extremely grateful for his blonde pal's intrusion. He likely would have made a stuttering fool out of himself.

"My roommate and I are thinking of going out to a party a few blocks away," Angela responding while looking at Sharpner. She then turned to Gohan and added, "Would you like to come, handsome?" in a merry voice.

Once again, Gohan's best friend answered in his place, responding in the affirmative. With the details ironed out afterward, the duo decided to meet up with Angela outside the Kenley dorm at 10:15 p.m., then leave for the party at the local fraternity house promptly. The house was apparently several streets over and began at 10:30, so they wanted to get there between 10:25 and 10:30 in order to pay the cheapest possible entrance fee.

With everything sorted out, Gohan and Sharpner returned to their room. After flashing their electronic room keys, the door to their dorm unlocked and the pair stepped in. Gohan flicked the light on, then plopped himself in his bed in order to take a short rest. Since it was already a quarter until 10, he only had enough time for a momentary rest before Sharpner would force him to start preparing for the party. Apparently his best friend thought they needed to dress casually and appropriately. There would be no room for errors; they were going to look their absolute finest.

Ten minutes later, Gohan hopped off of his bed and reached into his drawer. He took out a plain, red tee shirt, a pair of tight, comfortable navy blue jeans, a white, sleeveless undershirt, and the nicest sneakers he brought to college. He took the collected attire and went into the bathroom, locking the door behind him before quickly changing clothes. He put a smidgen of hair gel into his hair in order to keep it pointing upward, sprayed himself with some nice-smelling deodorant, and swished around some mouthwash in his mouth. All in all, he was dressed and ready to leave for this party.

To say he was nervous would be the understatement of the century. His father, after all, was a high-level criminal. He had been put behind bars when Gohan was just eleven and he had barely seen hide nor hair of the man since then. His mother had always scolded him on the dangers of recreational substance usage, and he had always responded by saying he wouldn't let peer pressure get to him. At the same time, he knew Sharpner enjoyed occasionally dabbling in the wonders of alcohol, so it was not surprising at all that his blonde companion wished to attend the party.

Sighing, the spiky-haired teen resigned himself to at least try to have some fun at the party. Maybe he would make a friend, or find himself a girlfriend. He blushed madly at that thought, thinking back to the way Angela batted her eyelashes at him and spoke with such confidence. Was he really that desirable to women? If so, how had he missed if for the first nineteen some odd years of his life?

Glancing at Sharpner, he noticed the boy was just about finished gathering his belongings. A moment later, the duo walked out of their dorm room door and began trekking toward the front desk, intent on meeting up with Angela and her mystery roommate.

In her entire life, she had never been nervous. She was always considered the cream of the crop, the best of the best. During her high school years, every single guy in her school had offered her various gifts and treasures in exchange for one measly date. How, then, did one onyx-eyed hunk of a man destroy her carefully constructed emotional walls? After her father left her mother, she made herself the promise that no guy would ever be good enough. They were all scum, dirtier than the bottom of a trash can. Yet here on the first day of university she had become smitten with this Gohan character.

Angela sighed as she checked her watch for the umpteenth time. She had arrived at 10:10, not wanting to risk Gohan thinking she had stood him up. She'd also resolved to herself to do everything within her power to woo Gohan. He was the perfect boyfriend material; he was shy, naive, cute, and appeared extremely intelligent. His shyness might end up being a detriment since he had absolutely no idea how to conduct himself around women. The fierce blush which overtook his cheeks when Angela had complimented his natural appearances was testament to that fact.


Angela sighed once again and gazed towards the front door. When she had left the Kenley lobby and stood just outside the front door, a security guard had informed her to stand about twenty-five feet away if she was waiting for someone. For what purpose, she did not know, but she obliged obediently and now stood waiting for the two males. Her roommate would meet her at the party since she needed to drive home to get some bedding. She had known this when she invited Gohan and Sharpner to the frat party, but since Gohan was hesitant she needed the blonde boy to convince him. If it was just her, she was afraid her obviously annoyed disposition would scare Sharpner so she brought up her roommate, who was admittedly attractive.

All of a sudden a tap on her shoulder broke her reverie; Angela spun around intent on giving the owner of that hand a piece of her mind only to get lost in a sea of black. The redhead stared intently into Gohan's onyx orbs for a few seconds before shrugging off whatever took control of her emotions and embracing the ebony-haired teen in a hug. After she released him, she wrapped up Sharpner as well in order to seem inconspicuous.

"Well boys," she started, clasping her hands together, "let's go to this party!" Angela grabbed a hold of Gohan's left arm and snuggled her head into his shoulder. Gohan began blushing furiously, but the petite redhead couldn't see that from her vantage point.

With Angela's hands interlocked around Gohan's arm, the trio began walking towards the off-campus fraternity house. Sharpner was situated to Gohan's right with a wide grin etched onto his features, clearly enjoying the spiky-haired teen's embarrassment.

As they walked, Angela observed their surroundings. Her wild red hair swayed in the evening wind, tickling Gohan's shoulder where her head laid. She glanced up at the tall boy, taking in his features once more. Sure, when she had first met him a few hours ago, she knew he was quite a catch, but from close proximity, she could see the trace amounts of gel in his hair, the fact that his onyx-colored eyes were endless in their depth, and the fine details of his face. His jaw looked as if it was carved from pure marble, although the rest of his facial features appeared childish and innocent in many ways. His pitch black pupils held an innocent tint to them, making it almost seem as if Gohan had endured more trauma than she had. She, the nineteen-year-old girl with a deadbeat father and an overprotective mother, a younger sibling who died at three days old, and an uncle who was killed in a drunk driving accident. As unfathomable as she had previously thought that, the prospect of someone with a tougher childhood than her was staring her right in the eyes.

Her admiring came to a halt as the threesome arrived at their destination. From the outside the house looked like any other, complete with pure white curtains in the windows and a pair of maroon brick steps leading up the front door. But just a second glance painted an entirely different portrait. The loud, blaring music made it blatantly obvious that something was going down inside.

If the absurd volume didn't clue one in, the six-foot-tall truck-like bodyguards standing directly outside the front door might have instead. As the group approached the bouncer, he spoke to them in a surprisingly kind and friendly voice. "Hey guys, that'll be 10 each for the dudes and 5 for the lady," he said, allowing his gaze to linger on Angela momentarily. Angela flinched and buried her head a bit more into Gohan's shoulder.

"All right then," Gohan said, forking over his ten dollars. Sharpner handed over ten as well, and an additional five to cover Angela, with elicited an inquisitory raise of the eyebrow from the bouncer due to her seemingly permanent position attached to the black-haired teen's left side.

After the trio had entered, Sharpner went off in search of some drinks, telling Gohan the party would "really start" when he returned. Gohan tried to pry Angela's hands from his forearm, attempting to explain that he wanted to meet some new people at the party, which the redhead understood.

As such, Angela was situated on the couch alone with her elbow rested on the arm of the couch, her chin in her palm. She was feeling slightly dejected over her current predicament. In high school, if she were in this situation, she would have found some oh-too-willing guy to fuck her brains out and call it a day. This was college, however, and she wanted to present herself in an entirely different manner than she had in high school. Everybody in her high school knew of her as the person who rejected more dates than she passed tests, but approached random people for a good lay every once in awhile.

Glancing toward Gohan, she noticed his uncomfortableness; some girl was obviously flirting with him, yet he appeared to be trying his best to stay on her good side while formulating a kind way to reject her. Angela sighed, realizing once again how absolutely perfect that boy seemed to be. He had literally no faults whatsoever.

Seeing a table with a keg situated on its edge and a small line for the bucket of beer, Angela grabbed for nearest unused cup and got on the line, intent on enjoying herself thoroughly even if she couldn't be with Gohan at all during the night.

They say blondes are stupid, they say they are "dumb blondes" or can't do anything. Sharpner had been subject to countless moments where someone trashed him because of his hair color. Contrary to what everyone except those closest to him think, Sharpner actually was extremely smart and had an exemplary work ethic.

It is because of these smarts that he was also very perceptive. While Gohan was socially stupid and did not know how to conduct himself properly in a large group of people, Sharpner could pick up subtle hints. For example, he knew Angela was head over heels for Gohan already. He also knew that Gohan would not know it was very gentleman-like to pay for Angela, which explains why he picked up the cost of her entry fee.

As he stood off to the side idly and watched the attractive redhead gaze admiringly at his best friend, a small sense of jealousy rose in his chest. He shrugged it off and grabbed two beers before seeking out Gohan. They might have been best friends forever, but he needed to get Gohan to lighten up. Sure, his father had been an awful role model, but not every person who drank alcohol succumbed to it and became an alcoholic.

Taking one beer in each hand, Sharpner mosied his way into the main room. Since they had arrived early, there was scarcely a soul at the party. Sharpner observed many women of various sizes, eye color, and hair color getting hit on by nerdy looking boys and several slutty appearing women desperately attempting to suck up to the more handsome men at the party. A beer pong table, equipped with mats with circular targets for each cup to be placed on, was situated in the corner of the room away from everything else. There was a pitch black boombox in the center of the room with a dock for a personal music player.

Sharpner handed his beer to Gohan as subtly as possible since the spiky-haired teen was half-heartedly listening to some floozy go on and on about her high school life.

The blonde teenager plopped himself on a couch near a window and relaxed. He could spy Angela on a couch nearby, with her chin resting on her palm. He slightly sympathized for the girl, since she was definitely a better catch than Gohan's current conversation partner, and she probably knew it and was utterly confused.

As he turned back toward the boombox at the center of the room, Sharpner spied a girl that definitely caught his interest. Her hair shone beautifully under the dim lighting of the room, he vibrantly colored tube top contrasting nicely with her blue jeans. She looked stunning, and, to Sharpner, was the epitome of gorgeousness.

As smoothly as he could, the blonde boy sauntered over to her. When he and Gohan were getting ready, he had purposely worn a loose, button down shirt. He kept the top two buttons undone, giving him a heightened sense of style, something he was very grateful for in hindsight.

As he approached her, he locked eyes with her, noting with glee that she seemed shocked; he really hoped it was because he looked rather handsome and not because they had previously met. That would be extremely awkward.

At the exact moment Sharpner reached the beauty, the music turned to one of Sharpner's favorite songs. Smirking slightly, the boy offered his hand before speaking. "Would you do me the utmost honor and dance with me?"

The girl's eyes lit up before her soft pink lips quirked upward into a smile. "Yes, I would love that," she responded, a seemingly genuine smile highlighting her pale features.

"So," Sharpner began, "what's your name?" He noted that her smile widened at that question.

"That's a mystery pretty boy. How about we make a bet. If you can keep up with me on the dance floor and then beat me in beer pong, I'll tell you my name, 'kay?" she offered, her eyes ablaze due to the prospect of a challenge.

Sharpner smirked. ""You're on, sweetie."


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