I'm just doing this story since I felt like making a story about Naruto using Fuinjutsu. We don't see much Fuinjutsu Naruto stories now do we? Other then Konoha; Naruto's Playground, Come Full Circle or something and other stories but those are like the epic stories and stuff with great creators and blah blah blah. I mean like normal fuinjutsu stories so I decided to make one!

I'll try to put in lots of detail in this story but don't expect too much out of me.

Also just so you know... I will be using english names for jutsus, however, Hiraishin will still be Hiraishin as if I'm making up a technique it might not be correct like the original word. I know you may like Hiraishin more but... Please bear on. Besides, the fourth isn't alive so... Who cares really, I'm not gonna be talking about the Hiraishin till the Pain Arc.

Now on with the story!

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The Start Of Everything


A young boy was walking to his favourite scroll shop. It was the boy's favourite was because the owner didn't have the icy cold eyes that looked like they were going to kill him. He hated that look, it was like they were going to penetrate his very soul then kill him without a second thought.

His name was Naruto Uzumaki.

In five days the boy would turn five years old, so then he could join the academy, but that would also mean people would start hunting him down for the Kyuubi festival. Why did everyone hate this boy? What had he done to them? All he ever did was walk around the streets, but they all threw rocks at him every time he would look at them.

The sky was pure blue, and it had no clouds covering it; the sky was perfect today.

The blond haired boy reached the scroll shop and went to pick out a scroll. He wanted to try something new. He noticed one that looked very interesting, it said 'Fuinjutsu - The Sealing Arts.' The scroll's colors were yellow and white.

He soon picked it up then brought it to the desk to buy it.

It wasn't expensive, which was good for the boy as he didn't have much more money left for the month. The villagers would beat him up then take his money day after day, but the boy didn't really mind as it was better then being set on fire and tossed into the forest for days.

"Thanks, Katsuo!" The boy said.

"Anytime Naruto, anytime..." Katsuo said back to the blond civilian. He looked at the boy and noticed his hair, it looked just like... The Yondaime? "Probably not..."

Naruto walked out the door he noticed something, it smelled like smoke... He blinked a couple of times then noticed what it was... A figure of him, burning in effigy.

"Down with the demon! Down with the demon!" One of the masked men yelled as the civilians and a couple of ninja cheered them on.

How could they be so cruel to a boy?

The blond boy lowered his head then walked home slowly, his face full of tears. His eyes radiated sadness.


"Seal Activate!" The boy blinked.

He tumbled backward from the small explosion that just occurred and hit his head on a piece of stale bread. "Ow!" He cried.

Naruto rubbed his head. "Note to self, never make something explode in your room." He eyed the last piece of ramen that he had broken into four since he still didn't have much more money left for the month so he had to be smart and make it so he could survive for the rest of the month. (Note: just a little redundancy.)

After noticing that he was going to run out after one more meal he turned his head to the window just above his bed. Rocks were pelted at the window, breaking the glass.

He took his arm then proceeded to guard his head, one after another the rocks would hit his head. It was still better then living in the orphanage where he would get beat up then locked outside everyday and night.

"DIE NI-" The voice faded.

Naruto went to the window above his bed to look at what happened- all he could see was blood. Red human blood.

The boy blinked then the next thing he knew was that the blood was gone, no red was left on the ground and that was something remarkable as the boy had perfect vision aided by the ability to smell stuff from as far as an Inuzuka could.


The young blond haired child got over what happened then started to try and focus. Naruto decided to make a few more explosion tags with a smaller radius but a stronger heat.

He crawled over to the table then got on his the chair. He took out another piece of paper then started drawing a couple of kanji and a shape.

"A circle in the middle so the explosion absorbs things from outside the circle then the kanji for explode in the middle so it goes kapow and the outside for the radius and heat." The boy's logic was very simple. "Perfecto! Now for a rock!"

Naruto got off of his chair. He walked over to the door then peeked out to see if anybody was there. He moved his eye to the left, to the right, then down. No one was there that wasn't good;he had no reason to be worried so he opened the door. He looked in all directions once again then proceeded to pick up a rock that was just the perfect size as big as his hand when he gripped it.

The young boy went back to his room in the apartment quickly then attached the paper he used to make the explosion tag, Naruto was quite happy he learned how to make paper stick on to stuff with one simple shape and the kanji for stick.

He decided not to do it. "Nah, I'm gonna show Shikamaru and Choji!" His only friends other then Kiba but that guy was always scratching his ass with his leg it was disgusting- sheesh he should learn some manners.

"Hey Shikamaru! Choji! Look at this cool seal I made!"

Naruto took out his seal then threw it at a rock in the park. "Look at it!"

Shikamaru and Choji went in closer then Naruto exploded it.

"Fire Style; Flower Bullet." A flaming bullet the size of a small petal came out of Naruto's mouth then hit the the tag.

The tag blew up then the rock was gone.

"Woah, cool, Naruto!" Choji shouted.

"I made it myself!" Naruto said, gloating.

Shikamaru examined the spot where the rock had been, it was gone but there were no black marks or ashes on the ground- how was that possible? "Naruto... He's smarter then he lets everyone in on... You really are troublesome Naruto." Shikamaru thought."Neat, Naruto how'd you make it?"

Naruto scratched the back of his head then told them. "Well ya see I took an example off of a fuinjutsu book then I tried creating my own explosion tag seal! I changed the radius and heat then I made it so it couldn't destroy anything other than rocks." The boy smiled.

"What? You can change the raidus, heat AND make it so it can't destroy things other than rocks?" Shikamaru was confused. "How'd you figure out how to do that?"

"That part was easy, I just removed this part that says Limitation and this part that says destruction factor and changed it so that the radius and heat would appear." Naruto explained on. "I then added rocks where the limitation was."


Shikamaru's sweat dropped. "So apparently this kid did what no other ninja has done that easily? I would expect ninja to change stuff around, then again not many people take much interest in fuinjutsu. Naruto, you really are interesting." Shikamaru responded with, "That's interesting."

"So what are you two doing here?" Naruto wondered.

"I'm just following Shikamaru- he said his mom was troublesome so I decided to ask him why! Then you came Naruto," Choji answered. "So why is she troublesome Shikamaru?"

"She took away my book till I cleaned up my room." Shikamaru replied still thinking of the part he was at.

He huffed and he puffed and he blew the house down!

Shikamaru had to get that book back but not at the risk of causing turmoil in the world- his mom was just too dangerous a person. Then again he wanted to get to the next part.

"Shikamaru, Choji, it's time to go," a man that looked like Shikamaru said.

Choji frowned. "See ya Naruto."

Shikamaru had a bored look on his face. "Later Naruto."

Naruto looked at them with is bright blue eyes watching all of the kids going home with their parents.

He sighed.

Oh well, it was time for Ramen at Ichiraku Ramen!


Ayame, thirteen year old future beauty of Konoha, had a crush on Itachi Uchiha. Not a normal crush. It was love for certain.

She had fantasies about him a lot- he was sooo dreamy his... Deep black really black eyes... His body... He looked so hot!

"Kya!" Ayame giggled out of nowhere.

Her father turned to her. He looked at her in the eyes. Then he turned away back to making ramen.

Oh well, Ayame could always dream.

Then Naruto came.

"Why, our number one favourite customer!" Teuchi patted the blond boy on the head.

Ayame greeted him. "Hi, Naruto. What brings you here?"

"I want ramen!" The boy greeted cheer fully with a smile on his face.

He really looked like the Yondaime, Teuchi thought.

Ayame went to get ramen for him.

Her other crush was also the famous Yondaime Hokage!

"One day he'll look like 'him!' Kawaii!" Ayame remembered the picture of the Fourth Hokage at sixteen; he was so cute.

The brown haired girl came out with twenty bowls of ramen.

"Thank you Ayame-neesan." Naruto took the chopsticks out their socket then broke them in half, then he started eating the ramen and boy was it good.

After a few more minutes he was finished all twenty bowls.

The blond boy sucked everything out of the bowls, that was the one thing he was actually good at. Eating. Ninjutsu, Genjutsu, Taijutsu and other stuff... No not at all. Naruto had called himself a failure many times due to him not being able to do anything right, now how could he even pass the Academy.

He looked down. Oh no he didn't not in this restaurant, they just hated to see him look so upset. "What's wrong Naruto?" Ayame asked him curiously.

"Uhh nothing!" He covered it up like always, never wanting people to share his pain. He was such a sweet boy- how could they all hate him? Naruto then tried to make himself look as happy as he could so he thought of stuff. The only thing Naruto could think up of was that he wasn't a failure in fuinjutsu that is! Fuinjutsu was something he could actually do.

Naruto looked at his pocket money, he still had enough left for one more bowl of ramen but he was still hungry...

An unknown figure walked through the door he had pure black eyes. He was wearing the Uchiha symbol.

"It's- it's him!" Ayame squeaked.

"H-H-Hi Itachi-sama!" Ayame greeted him.

Itachi looked at her in the eyes before saying. "Ayame please, I told you to stop saying sama, I'm not greater then you in any way and besides, you're my friend." It was true, no one knew though but the reason Itachi soon became stronger was because of Ayame, not even she knew that. When they were little Ayame would always protect Itachi from ninja bullying him since he came from a prestigious clan but he was weak. Itachi soon swore he would protect her so that she would never have to do that for him again, as long as he lived he would protect her. That was his oath.

"O-O-Okay Itachi-sa-," She stopped in time. "What would you like to eat?"

"Miso Ramen please." He replied noticing the boy's money.

As Naruto started to walk out he stopped him. "Hey, you, what's your name?"

"Me?" The Uchiha nodded. "Naruto, Naruto Uzumaki."

"So that's Minato-san's son." Itachi remembered the time he learned something important from his idol.


"Minato-san where do babies come from? My mommy won't tell me." He asked.

Minato thought for a bit. "Well, I'm sure Mikoto has a good reason but sure! Why not? It won't hurt."

After a long, very long explanation Itachi finally got it.

"YUCK! I would never do that! I would never lick it" That sent chills down his spine when he thought of it.

Minato laughed. "Yeah kid, just keep dreaming."

"Mommy, Minato-san told me where babies came from is it true you have to lick that?"

"Minato..." She clutched her hand fueled with fury she stormed out the house destroying everything in her way.

"WHERE IS MINATO!" She demanded destroying the village little by little.

Finally someone answered her, it was Kushina.

"Why do you need him?" She asked her best friend ever since she first came to Konoha.

"He told my son something that I will never forgive..." Mikoto whispered in the red hairs ear.

"MINATO WHERE ARE YOU!" They put shouted.

He heard the voice across the street so he hiraishin'd to Kushina.


"What have you been telling Itachi..." The blue haired woman said.

"Well... He asked..."

He was in for a long night. Little did he know young Itachi had been watching them this whole time wanting to find out what his mother was doing.

Later that day. "Minato-san why did mom do that to you."

"Let's just say... I wasn't supposed to tell you how babies are made..."

The boy looked confused. How come he couldn't tell how babies were made? It's not like he was going to do that anyways, it was gross!

"You're only four so..."

Later that day Mikoto Uchiha went to ask her son what Minato told him.

"Well, Minato-san told me that a cow comes along then it makes milk then a pig jumps in it, after that a duck swims in the milk the pig was just in and lays an egg in it but the boy has to lick the egg everywhere and after that give it to the girl and she would eat it then a baby comes out." He explained.

"Oh." Was all she managed to make out before going to one of her best friends to apologize and tell her other best friend what really happened.


"Naruto, when are you going to enter the academy?" He asked wanting to know everything about his idol's son.

"In five days!" He replied happily. "I'm gonna turn five!"

Itachi was surprised that the boy was entering at such a young age. "What's your dream, Naruto-kun?"

"I have two dreams! One of them is being the best fuinjutsu master ever and the other one is to become the hokage! One even more stronger then the fourth hokage!," He answered.

"So why would you like to become the hokage, Naruto-kun?" The Uchiha asked again.

"Well..." He had remembered Shikamaru and Choji. "I want to protect my friends in the leaf! I don't want any of them to die, that's why I wanna become a Hokage stronger then the fourth so I can save everyone of my friends!"

Itachi felt like Minato was there right on top of the Hokage's tower announcing what he was going to do was Hokage.

"As Hokage, I will protect everyone in the leaf!" Soon after everyone cheered, especially the young Uchiha boy.

"Well Naruto-kun that's a great dream," He told the young boy. "Now how would you like some more ramen."

The boy suddenly bounced up and down with a smile on his face. "Yes please!"

Little did the Uchiha know but he would soon be the Kyuubi's host's idol for the rest of his life. Or at least 'till the massacre happens.

Soon Ayame came and Itachi ordered Naruto some Miso Ramen. They both ate the ramen happily while Ayame started daydreaming about Itachi again. After that, Naruto went home.

He jolted through the streets without a care of what would happen to the villagers, why should he, what had they ever done for him except for trying to kill him. Exactly.

Naruto - The day of his birthday

Five days has passed since his meeting with the Uchiha. Today was going to be a great day, or so it seemed for the young boy. Little did he know that the villagers were planning a very special surprise for him on the day he's going to join the academy; obviously they didn't want the boy to graduate.

"Yes! It's my birthday! I'm finally going to join the academy!" The boy shouted at the top of his lungs as he jumped up and down on his bed.

"Shut up demon."

Naruto's day was ruined. The one day he didn't want to hear that... His head slowly went down till he could only see the floor. Naruto had to think of something to get it out of his mind so he decided to go eat his... Special Limited Edition Pork Ramen.

It tasted great! He had gotta thank Ayame for buying him it for his birthday last year.

The blond haired boy then soon went to take a shower and get dressed.

As he was walking to the academy he started thinking about things. "Wouldn't it be so cool if I could hide ramen in air? I could take it out whenever I want, wait it would be even more cool if I could hide penguins in water and take it out at will, that would be awesome." His young mind could think of so many things, he wondered what technique the fourth made, he heard how the fourth hokage was nicknamed the "Konoha's Yellow Flash" due to his signature technique. Naruto wondered what it was called, surely it must be a great move like he could teleport and stuff since he was awesome.

Naruto then thought about the possibilities of being able to teleport. Now that he thought of it, obviously you couldn't teleport now that was just silly, you could teleport weapons and stuff easily but a human when fighting? Hah, now that's just impossible.

He had walked out the door and onto the road. Once he was on the sandy road he ran up the building and jumped from building to building on his way to the academy.

The Kyuubi host had soon arrived at the academy only to be greeted by cold eyes from the adults and some of the children there. But he had quickly shook his head and ran into the academy only to be greeted by more cold eyes from the teachers.

Naruto went to the room that had a stage to listen for what class he was in. Soon after he heard the words. "Naruto Uzumaki, room 5."

"Oh good, the child gets into the worst room." They had all said.

The blond boy pretended not to hear them as he went to that room and sat down. The class was really boring; all he heard was math, now who needed that- he was a ninja, not a ninja-mathematician!


School was over so Naruto decided to go get new clothes, since his current ones were looking bad. He was lucky that the scroll shop and the clothes shop people were so nice to him.

Naruto had bought a white hoodie and one medium grey hoodie. When he went home he had picked out his favourite shirt, it was a black shirt with an orange spiral in the middle. Boy was Naruto happy that being a ninja meant you could wear the same thing over and over again since you would be going on missions a lot, so why not just wear it over again. It clearly stated on the academy books that you must wear the same clothes everyday or you would have to waste new clothes.

This rule made Naruto happy since he only had like three pairs of clothes he could wear, well four now.

Naruto left the new pair of clothes he was going to wear the next day on the couch then he went off to do his own thing.



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