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The Power Of 11


"I see you need my help."

Naruto opened his eyes. "Yeah, thanks Sasuke." Then fell down due to lack of power.

I guess I have to do this myself, I need to become stronger then Itachi... Sasuke stared at the blond who was on the floor. Sasuke picked him up and put him down somewhere safe.

"Try and get me boy." The enemy shinobi taunted him, little did he know that Sasuke took taunts very serious, and anyone who would dare taunt him, shall pay, one way or another, Sasuke would get him, he would.

"Don't say I didn't warn you." The arrogant Uchiha said and dashed forward. He took out his kunai slashing all of the shurikens the other man would throw at him one by one, till he reached the man.

A smokescreen came out and blocked Sasuke's line of vision, he was shinobi, he didn't need his eyes, all he needed was his sixth sense. He crouched, if the enemy nin were to randomly throw weapons within the smoke, he would obviously aim for the chest, they would never aim for the legs, it was pure instinct.

The boy after feeling his own blood hit him, he grabbed his shurikens and threw them around the area.

It's hard fighting like this, I need to get rid of this smoke, however I can't use any wind jutsus, maybe a fire one will work. Sasuke thought to himself.

He looked towards the ground under him then jumped up. "Fire Style; Flaming Explosion!" A strong explosion blew away all of the smoke but sent Sasuke flying up in the air.

The black haired boy braced himself and closed his eyes.

Rain fell upon him and the enemy, his fire jutsu wouldn't work now, the rain was too strong. He had to resort to close combat.

Sasuke took out his kunai and jumped towards the enemy.

One after another he would slash the enemies kunai dodging the attacks that enemy would give him too. He threw several chakra powered shurikens towards the enemy.

"You're good kid." The shinobi said, he had no forehead protector so Sasuke couldn't figure out which village he was from.


The black haired boy had grown tired of this fight, he didn't have a lot of stamina and was soon tiring out. He jumped into one of the trees and disguised his chakra.

He jumped out in a sneak attack and managed to stab the enemy shinobi's shoulder.


He pulled out and started to attack again. One after another, Sasuke would kick the man then switch over to attacking with his kunai and kicking again. The man was about to lose all of his power but then Sasuke grabbed him by the head and kneed him.

"Boy, you are lucky I'm only a genin, you will never be able to defeat my teammates who are here in about thirty seconds, I was only stalling." The older man said as Sasuke freaked out.

He was only a genin and he was that strong?! Sasuke thought. How strong are the other villages...

"Naruto, even I can't take them on by myself..."

Five shadows appeared out of the darkness, all seemed intensely powerful like no other. "I see you defeated him." One of them said in a loud, but stern voice.

"I am the last of the Uchiha, do you really think you can take me on?" Sasuke was cocky, but he knew that by saying this, it was his death wish.

"Hahaha... HAHAHAHA, pathetic fool." One of the men said.

Sasuke felt the rain pour down harder as thunder hit the area and a boy screamed in pain.

Sakura and Ino

"The fire! We have to get it out!" Sakura said quickly as she went to apply first aid to all that were injured, most of them were dead. Only some of them were injured, it was a miracle that were actually alive.

"I'll work on that!" Ino replied back as she went to fill the bucket with water and come back, they needed lots of water, the fire wood around them would catch on fire and the fire would spread all the way to the trees, they couldn't allow that to happen, however it looked like rain was coming, they were lucky.

After the blond haired girl finally made the fire who down a bit, it was becoming better, the fire wasn't spreading that quickly anymore.

"Do you know why they were attacking you?" The pink haired girl asked the owner of this circus act thing.

"No..." He lied, but Sakura knew better then that, the person was obviously lying, as his eyes started staring in another direction.

"Please tell us, or we can't help you." She asked once again.

He answered. "Fine, it's because we stole one of their sacred treasures, one of the legendary swords, it's suppose to have the power of lightning, one of the seven swordsman of the mist had wielded it."

"You didn't tell us this why?..." Sakura asked coldly, her voice turning lower and lower by each second.

"The pay would have to go up, and we don't have that much money." The man answered.

"Well, we'll let the Hokage settle this, since, we don't have time for this, we have to tend the wounded and stop the fire." The pink haired girl said then went off to work again.

Shikamaru, Choji and Kiba

"Where did they all come from?!" Kiba shouted angrily and Akamaru started barking loudly.

"Shut that mutt." A shinobi said causing Kiba to be even more angry, no one insulted Akamaru, NO ONE.

"Akamaru isn't a mutt!" The dog boy retorted and used an attack with his partner.

"Wait, Kiba don't rush in!" Shikamaru tried to tell him, but the animal boy didn't listen to him and did it anyways.

"Fang passing fang!" He and Akamaru moved at a tremendous speed destroying all of the trees in his path even injuring one of the enemies.

In total they had two people, but they were skilled, really skilled, Shikamaru could tell that and he knew that they couldn't defeat them if they went one versus one so they would have to attack all at once.

"Kagemane no Jutsu" Shikamaru said as his shadow traveled behind the trees and kept both of the shinobi still.

The boy got it all planned out and back away to a tree, he still had more space then his enemy so he could dodge by bending himself backwards, however the enemies head would hit a tree, it was perfect, both of them would get hit but he wouldn't.

Once he got in the right spot he did it.

"Plan successful." Both of them had kunais stuck in both of their shoulders.

"Choji, grab the rope and tie them." He said.

"Okay Shika." Choji replied to his best friend.

Kiba crossed his arms together. "Hmph, I could have done that better."

Team Might Gai

They were on their way to the circus, it had been only three minutes since departing, but they could both smell the scent of smoke, it was weird, so they decided to hurry up, if they didn't then who knows what it could be.

Two minutes later, the smoke started getting stronger and they could start seeing red things, it looked like fire.

"We have to get there fast Gai-sensei!" Lee said as they started to run faster.

Naruto and Sasuke

"W-What was that?!" He cried out in pain as he got up off the floor.

"D-Dobe, are you there?!" Sasuke asked, if he wasn't then Sasuke would have to handle the enemy alone, and he knew he couldn't handle that, too many of them for one person to handle, heck they were probably jounin class and he was only a genin

He felt an electrical charge around his middle finger, he checked his body first, he saw no marks of burns from the lightning, he was safe, but how? Naruto looked closer towards his middle finger and he saw that electricity was wrapped around it.

The other men whispered among themselves, how did that boy not die?! They were strong really strong, but even they wouldn't survive that attack from the lightning.

The blond haired boy took his special kunai and decided to try a combo attack that he created just then and there.

He took out five of his metal black kunais and threw then all towards the five shinobi, they took out their kunais and were about to deflect the ones that were heading towards them. Naruto threw his special kunai in the middle of all of them and shouted. "Lightning." A strong bolt of lightning hit the kunai and the power got zapped equally towards the five kunais, as the enemies blades hit the electrified blade, the shock transferred to their bodies and caused immense pain, but he wasn't strong enough to get them.

Sasuke decided to help Naruto, he took his five shurikens and aimed it for them, the Uchiha lost his balance as a man appeared behind him, Sasuke turned around 180 and kicked the hooded man, he fell as the Uchiha took his kunai and stabbed him.

They were now left with four others.

Naruto smiled. "Maybe you should try rapping, you'll be much better at it then this, I have a friend named Killer Bee who raps! Maybe you guys should meet him, I'm sure he'll teach you!"

The boy confused them, like seriously, what the heck was rapping? They never heard of it before, whatever it was. It sounded awful, even worst then having to eat their mom's soy bacon, god that was awful.

"No I mean it, seriously you should." Naruto then took his kunai and threw it towards them once again, he ran towards it at high speeds, grabbed it and kicked them causing them to land it a rock.

"Naruto, what was that?..." Sasuke asked him.

The Uchiha heir told the Namikaze heir. "So, what was that rap thing?"

"No seriously, what was that rap thing." Sasuke wanted to know, it sounded weird but it might help him become powerful, whatever rap was, he wanted it. No matter how long it took, he needed to learn how to rap, he needed to defeat Itachi.

"Sure Sasuke! I'll give you a book on how to rap once this is over!" Naruto assured him.

With rapping, I CAN FINALLY DEFEAT ITACHI! Sasuke yelled to himself mentally.

They then got ready to attack the four others.

Omake; Rap Kills

"'Ey Itachi, ya here, ya there, ya everywhere!," Sasuke started out one of his famous lines. "'Ya idiot can't beat me, you're even worst then sharky!"

"What was that little brother?..." Itachi asked cluelessly.

Sasuke then stopped and pointed to the sky.

"Here's my partner, Lord Jinchuuriki and Lord Eight-Tails!" Sasuke announced.

"Bakayaro, konoyaro!" The weird man started with then turned red. "With da rap, you can't beat us, cuz we so tight and you so light bruh!"

"Mah rap, and your rap, we'll beat Itachi into history!" Sasuke tried to rhyme but failed like always.

Killer Bee frowned. "Hey jank, ya gotta learn the moves before you do the grooves, ya get me? Cuz you gotta do the funk before you funk the gunk."

Not that Killer Bee was good either but still, they were trying.

Itachi was paralyzed. "Destroying the clan turned him into this... I can't live with myself anymore, goodbye Kisame." The older Uchiha said his last words as he stabbed himself to death and fell down a cliff.

Omake Over

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