My goodness. I have no idea where this oneshot came from. I planned on finishing my Bleach chapter. And then this was born. Just a short little read. Or something that proves I shouldn't be writing past midnight. :|

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He watched her from the other side of the café, keeping a poker face on. His emerald eyes raked over her slim form. They started at the top with her long and silky black hair, slowly making their way down to her seemingly delicate shoulders. He almost laughed to himself upon thinking about it. She was far from delicate.

His eyes continued to make their journey south where they fell on her long torso and slender waist. The maid costume she was wearing did nothing to hide it either. If anything, her costume flaunted her figure.

His lips curved up at the different fantasies that came to mind. One might think he was thinking of something only a "perverted alien" would think about, but in reality, he was thinking of how many times she convinced herself that she didn't love him even when it was clear that she did. The girl was so adamant when it came to confessing how she felt. And that went for everything. She was so stubborn. It was one of the many qualities that he loved in her.

He loved how stubborn she was. How unwilling she was to let someone do something for her. Especially when she knew she could do it. She had certainly surprised him in many ways.

For one, she wasn't the typical helpless little girl who always needed to be saved. At times where he felt he needed to be saved, she saved herself, often making sure it would never happen again. She was certainly one tough cookie.

Another thing he liked was her determination. Of course, her determination had gotten her into a lot of trouble in the past, but it was something to be admired. A determined Misaki was a force to be reckoned with indeed. If facing a determined Misaki, you might as well have quit while you were ahead. There was no beating her. Ever.

Above everything, he thought her best quality was her heart. Her rough exterior was nothing like her uncharacteristically soft interior. She would do anything for the ones she kept close to her heart. It anyone for that matter. Having met him, she didn't discriminate by gender as much. Before she only had a special place in her heart for the girls who were always taken advantage of. He had helped her see that everyone was the same. Even if she didn't want to at first.

He propped up his head, watching her turn around. A smile was on her face, a very rare occasion. The smile made her look ten times more beautiful than she already was. It made her warm amber eyes twinkle. The smile lit her face up and she truly looked happy. It brought a smile to Usui's face seeing her happy. He tilted his head to the side when their eyes met.

The smile slipped from her face and she narrowed her eyes at him. She strode over, clearly not happy with seeing him at work. "Usui, what are you doing here?" she hissed. "Go home!"

He kept a straight face, wanting to see her reaction. "I like coming here, Kaichou."

He smiled seeing her blush lightly before whirling around and stomping toward the kitchen. He propped his head up again, staring in the direction she had walked away in.

"Your refusal to admit you love me, Ayuzawa-san," he said quietly. His smile grew as he spoke his next words. "Makes me love you even more than I already do."