~AUTHOR'S NOTE~ Welcome to my newest fic! This idea came to me as I was listening to "The Mob Song" from Beauty and the Beast one night. It is my second crossover, but much more large scale than my first! Before every chapter, I will list characters and their descriptions for any new characters in the story. I hope you all enjoy!

~MAJOR DISCLAIMER~ Wow…so many stories in here. And I don't own one! I don't own anything Disney, don't own LotR, don't own Psycho, don't own Buffy…get my point? I own nothing but the insane concoctions of my brain!


Aragorn Aragorn is the heroic hidden heir to a King in Lord of the Rings. He is a member of the Fellowship of the Ring and a deadly swordsman.

Legolas Greenleaf Legolas is another member of the Fellowship of the Ring in Lord of the Rings. He is the Prince of the Wood Elves of Mirkwood and has lethal accuracy with the bow and arrow.

LeFou Short and stupid, LeFou is Gaston's puppet in Beauty and the Beast. Therefore, when Gaston asks him to help attack the Beast's castle, LeFou doesn't refuse.

Gaston Gaston is jilted by Belle – the woman he thinks he loves but really only loves her beauty – when she refuses to marry him in Beauty and the Beast. He is setting out to attack the Beast, whom Belle loves.

Belle The most beautiful girl in the village – and also the most spirited. Belle despises the man who wants to marry her. Instead, she finds love in the Beast in Beauty and the Beast.

Maurice In Beauty and the Beast, Maurice is Belle's father. He loves her completely, but is a bit strange in his own ways.

William the Bloody "Spike" Buffy the Vampire Slayer's Spike was once one of the baddest vampires in the world. At least, he'd like to think so. But when an implanted chip in his brain stops him from his vampiric activity, he must learn to be a good guy?

Norman The quiet motel owner in Psycho seems like the nice, normal type. And he is – it's his mother you need to worry about…


William the Blood "Spike" Spike's character speaks in a British accent.

Norman Norman has two voices: a normal man's voice and the "creepy old woman voice," which sounds like a crotchety old woman with a deep alto voice.


*an angry mob forms at night in a small village*

*they continue to sing a rallying song*

Angry Mob: *singing* It's a beast, why as tall as a mountain.

We won't rest till he's good and deceased!

Sally forth, tally ho –

Grab your sword!

Grab your bow!

Aragorn: I have a sword!

Legolas: And I have a bow!

*two smile at the mob*

LeFou: Who are you? You're interrupting our march against the enemy!

Legolas: Enemy?

Aragorn: *excited* Like, Sauron?

*confused looks*

Gaston: We're marching against THE BEAST! You must help us!

Aragorn: And why must we help?

Gaston: The beast is evil. You must help us kill it, or we'll use our influence in this town to imprison you!

*Aragorn and Legolas start laughing*

Gaston: What's so funny?

Aragorn: *still giggling* You! You have no influence over us. Legolas is an Elf Prince and I'm heir to the throne of Gondor!


Gaston: Uh…are you on drugs?

Legolas: How dare you insult my Royal Bloodline! At least, I think that was an insult…

*Legolas reaches for an arrow but Aragorn stops him*

*Gaston doesn't notice*

Gaston: So come help us kill the beast!

Aragorn and Legolas: Ok.


*inside a basement of some kind*

Belle: We have to warn the Beast! Oh Papa, this is all my fault! What are you going to do?

Maurice: Now, now, we'll think of something!

*a figure emerges from the shadows*

Spike: How 'bout we just break down the door?

*Belle gasps*

Maurice: *frightened* Who are you? What do you want?

Spike: Come on now, if I wanted to scare you, I could. But I don't. I just want to get out of here!

Belle:W-well, they bolted the door from the outside.

Spike: Not a problem!

*Spike breaks through the door and turns back towards the two in full vampire face*

Spike: There!

*Belle screams and faints*

*Spike feels his forehead*

Spike: Oh, whoops, didn't mean to scare her.

*turns back to human face*

Spike: How's that?

*Maurice screams and faints*

Spike: Bloody hell!


*Aragorn and Legolas have insisted on leading the mob*

Gaston: I thought I was leader here!

Legolas: Are you a Prince? No. I thought not.

*Gaston sulks*

Angry Mobster #1: We should stop and rest!

*Aragorn turns and reads the man's nametag*

Aragorn: And why should we do that, Norman?

Norman: Because Mother's tired! *creepy old woman voice* Yes! I need rest! *normal voice* See?

*Aragorn and Legolas exchange looks*

Legolas: Ok. We'll all take five.