"So I got an interesting call from an old friend not too long ago." Jeff spoke from across the bar. Two a.m hadn't come quickly enough and Anna was thankful when she could flip the neon OPEN sign off. The girl had spent the last hour wiping down the bar and making sure everything was spotless, which included the spots of blood from the incident with Darby.

"Oh yeah?" Anna pressed.

"Yeah." Jeff stopped directly in front of the girl, causing her to meet his gaze. "Anna, Darby is scum but the Sons are a completely different story." Her questioning expression said it all. "The fellas to helped you out." He answered. "They're good guys, the whole lot of 'em. SAMCRO keeps the peace in Charming, though some will disagree. They deserve respect. I know you were mad, but just watch it next time." Jeff warned.

The girl's perfectly sculpted eyebrow rose slightly. "Now don't get me that look." The middle aged man chuckled. "Consider what happened with Darby dirt under the rug. You handled it better than I probably would of. See you tomorrow at six?" He smiled.

"So you aren't going to give me some long lecture and send me packin'?" Anna joked.

"Nah. I like you, kid. It'll be nice to have you around." Jeff patted the girl on the back before returning to his office. For the first time in a long time Anna was content with how her life was going.

"So how do ya know 'em?" Anna chirped, suddenly a little interested.

"The President, Clay Morrow, and me go way back. Jax, the VP, I've watched him grow up. He's the VP. It's just hard not to know someone when you've all grown up in the small city. I call it small-town syndrome." Jeff laughed.

Keeping the peace? President and VP? "Are they a gang or something?" Anna inquired.

Jeff seemed amused by the girl's questioned. He smirked. "I wouldn't say that. But hey, get out of here and get some rest."

Juice watched from the shadows as the dark haired girl exited Riley's and headed towards a 1967 Impala. Hiding in the bushes to the side of the small parking lot made the biker feel like a cowardly stalker. Something in his gut urged him to stay, to make sure the bartender got to her car without any problems.

The girl reminded him of a younger Gemma. He'd be lying if he said he wasn't a bit intimidated by her presence. How small her frame felt when he intercepted her fall brought him back to the reality of how small she really was. She stood several inches shorter than his 5'10 form, her black hair ran down her to her mid back in waves, and her sea-foam green eyes held an intense array of emotions. Juice watched as she walked to her car, her hips swinging in an hypnotizing motion. He'd also be lying if he didn't admit how attractive he thought she was.

The tension in the air lessened as she fumbled with her keys, unlocked the door, and slid into the drivers seat. The engine of the old car roared to life.

Juice sighed to himself as he wrapped his head around the past few week's events. Between dealing with Eli, Mile's death, and him failing to take his own life Juice felt lower than low. His fingers trailed over the new patch adorning his cut. Men of Mayhem. Juice wasn't worthy. Tears pricked his eyes once again. How the hell was he going to get out of the mess he had put himself in? The club was all he had.

He had been an emotional wreck lately. It was almost as if he lost control of his own life. He'd give anything to get that control back. He felt in control when he intervened in the fight. If he hadn't been there she would've hit the ground. He shuttered to think of what the outcome would've been. An all too familiar emotion flashed across her eyes as she was yanked across the bar; fear. It was an emotion Juice was beginning to know all too well.

Juice watched from the bartender's driveway as she struggled with the chunk of leaves in her hand. His mood had dramatically improved upon realizing the girl was his new neighbor. Something about the girl just put all of his problems at ease, even if it was only for a few minutes. "Well, here goes nothing." He whispered. He chuckled to himself as he watched her attempt to stretch her arm further down the gutter, which was obviously out of reach. He would've been amused of the ladder didn't look so shaky.

"You've got to be fucking kidding me. Who doesn't clean gutters before selling a house!?" Anna cried in frustration while trying to ignore the fact she was suspended ten feet in the air. The girl huffed as she tried to maintain her balance and scrape the gunk from the metal gutter. "Un-fuckin-believeable." She groaned.

A chuckle from the ground below startled the girl, throwing her off her perfect balance and hurdling toward the concrete. Arms wrapped themselves around her torso, pulling her into a hard chest instead of the hard ground. "Whoa there." A voice huffed, blowing hot breath down her neck. Anna pushed herself off of her savior before turning to give him a hard glare.

She was surprised to see the tan skinned man with the mohawk from the bar. Juice, if she remembered correctly. "We have to stop meeting like that." His big goofy smile lit up his face.

Anna's eyes turned into narrow slits and her full lips pursed into a tight line. "What are you doing here?" She snapped.

"Hey, you should be thanking me. If I weren't here your head would probably be busted open." Juice meant it as a joke.

"I wouldn't of fucking fallen if you wouldn't of scared me you fucking moron!" Anna yelped. Her patience was wearing very thin.

"I'm sorry." He dark eyes focused on hers. "I was just coming to properly introduce myself. I'm Juice. It seems we're neighbors." His toothy grin threw Anna off. Even after insults had been thrown at him, his smile remained bright and sincere. "I could clean those out, you know." He gestured toward the gutters.

Anna looked at the man skeptically. "I think I have it handled just fine."

"I didn't catch your name." Juice realized.

"Because I didn't give it to you." Anna huffed, turning back to the mess of gunk that now littered her driveway.

Almost as if he read her mind, "I'll clean that up. Since it was my fault and all." Juice chortled. Lifting the plastic bag off of the ground Juice began scrapping gunk into it's rightful place.

Sighing to herself, the dark haired girl decided to tone down her attitude for the time being. The guy seemed pleasant enough and if they were going to be neighbors then she might as well give him a chance. She cleared her throat softly. "I'm Anna, by the way. It's, uh, nice to meet you."

March 1996

The dark haired girl tuned out the conversation around her. Her focus on the old, tattered doll in her tiny hands. It had been her only companion for as long as she could remember. Tears brimmed her eyes, a few sliding down her milky white cheeks onto the dirty white fabric of the doll.

She didn't notice the dark skinned boy that was standing in front of her until he spoke. "Hi!" He chirped happily. "I'm Jake and I'm five. What's your name?" His smiled from ear to ear, revealing a few missing baby teeth.

"I'm Anna." The girl's voice was barely above a whisper.

"Well, Anna. Why are you crying?" Jake frowned.

Anna's brain didn't know how to process the question. She wasn't even sure why she was crying. "I-I don't know." She answered honestly.

"Well, you don't need to be sad anymore. My daddy says you're gonna be my new sister." The boy grinned.

Anna could almost feel the the happiness radiating off of the boy. She had been in the orphanage her whole life. She never knew what having a brother was like, or any sort of family at all. Her heart jumped in her chest.

"So no more being sad. You're my family and my family isn't allowed to be sad!" The boy spoke confidently. He gave another signature toothy grin before intertwining his fingers with Anna's. "Let's go play!" He cheered.

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