Hey guys..im here with my new story. I'm so excite to be writing this fanfiction for you all. I hope you guys like it! This story will kind of be like the show,but I add things to it..lease give it a chance.

Alek: Oi..You saying she owns this here show? I don't think so *pulls toothpick out of mouth*

Me: Stop trying to act all 80's like xD

Paul: So..Do you guys like...You know..sit down and eat out of a bowl?


Chloe: Alek..calm down..I'm trying to sleep *rubs eyes and falls back on bed asleep

Alek: Awww...shes so cute when she sleeps..

All of us:..awww!

Chloes POV

"Chloe! Time to get up! If you don't get up,I swear im not driving you to school!" I heard my mom yell from downstairs.

"Im cominjjfkiwlm" I yelled back. I just wanted to sleep! I got up and sighed. Walking downstairs I couldn't help but feel different.

"Happy 16th birthday sweety!" My mom,Meredith, told me. I smiled at her as she sat down and put a plate of pancakes with whipped cream on the table for me. I thanked her and ate them in record speed. I walked back upstairs and went to my closet. Finally I chose a gray shirt with a half hoodie and skinny jeans. I smiled at my reflection and decided against make-up today. I ran downstairs and hugged my mom.

"Hey..Tell Amy and Paul I say hi." She said winking.

"How'd you know?" I asked her in disbelief.

"Hey, this is why im in charge." She said smirking at me. I smiled and rolled my eyes.

"I'll text you later!" I said as I went out to meet Amy and Paul at the beach to celebrate my early birthday. I wasnt going to school today.

"Happy early birthday Chloe!" Amy squealed as I got there and hugged me. I hugged her back.

"Thanks,and thanks for the cupcake!" I told them both bringing them in for a hug.

Later on we went to a club. This place seemed pretty cool. Lights everywhere,kind of giving me a head ach,but I could handle it. I smiled at Amy and Paul. They were dancing together,they were cute together I have to admit. I shook my head smiling as I looked around me.

"Hey pretty lady." Came a voice behind me. I turned and gave a tight-lipped smile.

"Um...Hi." I said awkwardly.

"How bout you and I go have a bit of fun." He hinted winking. I looked at him disgusted and shook my head and walked away. Little did I a british blond boy was watching me from the bar making sure I was safe.

Next day

"Amy! Where did you go yesterday?" I asked her. She giggled and looked around.

"Sorry but it was a very..crazy time...ME AND PAUL KISSED!" She squealed. I laughed,and looked at her shocked.

"Well...how was it?" I asked not really knowing if I wanted to know.

"At first it was kinda wierd but then we started getting into it.." She trailed off and looked behind me.

"Ok ok ok..." I laughed out.

"London calling three o' clock!" She said in a low voice. I looked back and rolled my eyes.

"Ok..thats your crazy obsession..not mine." I told her. He started,Alek that is, bouncing his basket ball on the wall right behind me. After the 2nd time I got annoyed and grabbed it.

"Ok..some people are trying to have a conversation,so go play look-at-me somewhere else." I told him then threw the ball. I looked at it in shock,it wasnt a human move..infact,it wasnt humanly possible. I looked at Amy.

"Ok...time to go!" I said and pulled her out to the next class ignoring the looks from Alek and his team mates.

So! I know that this chapter REALLY follows the story..but here soon..i swear it wont *wink* just please read and tell others to please! LOVE YOU ALL!