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I wrote a little out-take from the third book of the fever series, faefever! Please read it ! :)
Mac bought a birthday cake for Barrons, and he reacted not as she expected..

I know, I know.

It was very stupid of me.

Why the hell did I buy this cake?

Barrons eating a pink birthday cake! Don't make me laugh!

I don't even like him. He also doesn't ..

Meanwhile I was thinking if I should put some candles on it, until I had an idea. What about some wine? Thats it.

After 20 minutes, I got some bottles of wine in a market and were laying on the couch hearing music with my iPod.

It was his birthday, and I wanted to be nice to him for once. But maybe he would laugh about me?

Whatever! Then I would eat the cake myself.

My eyes were closed when I suddenly smelt him. Because of my loud music, I haven't hear him. I smelt his aftershave and his masculine smell. So I wasn't scared, when

he touched my hair carefully. Maybe he thought I was sleeping. I didn't move and pretended to sleep. I felt him. Electrical. Wild. He came very close to my face and his

lips touched my ear. His closeness was mind-blowing.

"I know you're awake, Miss Lane, stop pretending you aren't", he whispered and I shuddered.

I sighed. Of course he knew. I opened my eyes and looked into his face, wich was still very close to mine.

"Sorry, it was just a test, Barrons", I said and grinned at him.

He rolled his eyes and turned away.

"Are you expecting someone for Dinner, Miss Lane?" he asked and looked at the cake and the wine.

"I do", I answered and looked at him still grinding.

He raised an eyebrow and looked very amused.

"What' so funny?" I became angry. Typical Barrons.

"Is this supposed to be a date?" As I moved deeper into the room, his gaze dropped to my feet, and worked its way back to my face. I wore a tight blue jeans and a

black backless top. No, it was definitely not a date.

"Damned, I wanted to be nice today, you know why, but you misunderstand me, as always! Why am I even trying?" Now I was angry.

"I don't know Miss Lane, ask yourself. I stopped to celebrate my birthday since years. But a glass of wine can not hurt, you agree?"

He took the wine and waited for my answer.

I was surprised. I thought he would just go and laugh about me, as I thought. Or maybe he would kill me. That was typical me! I laughed about myself.

"All right, one glas".

Maybe I can forget the Sinsar Dubh, the Unseelie and the whole world-saving-thing for a moment. And maybe I can forget how many lies Barrons hides from me, for a


I raised my glass and said: "Happy Birthday Barrons." Or Bastard, I thought innerly.

He rolled his eyes: "Just drink, Miss Lane".

And we drinked. And drinked..

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