Rachel's College Boyfriend?

By CollegeStar21


What if Rachel never got back together with Finn before Senior year and she met a guy name Brody Westen over the summer and they instantly hit off making it offical after she lost Nationals. She finds out that he goes to college at NYADA majoring in Musical theater How will their relationship work when her ex boyfriend Finn Hudson tries to win her back? And what happens when the Glee club members find out that she has a new boyfriend? Will they believe her or not?

Find out what happens.

I will be adding a few characters in this story aswell so Rachel will be making new friends but could make friends with the Glee club members.


17 year old Rachel Barbra Berry was standing in her bedroom in just her lace purple bra and matching panties, looking at her clothes and was so glad she went school shopping over the summer with her new best friend Kurt Hummel but she also made another best friend and her name is Vanna Westen who is her new boyfriend's younger sister. That's right Rachel Berry has a new boyfriend named Brody and they are very happy together. They started dating in June and made it offical the second week of July and have been happy ever since. Kurt has met him and he was impressed by how good looking he was and how he treated Rachel like she was a queen. He has dark brown hair,a nice fit body, tan skin, blue eyes and a wonderful singing voice.

"Rach stop looking at the closet full of clothes and put an outfit so we don't be late for our Senior year."

The voice of Rachel's newest best friend Vanna Westen says annoyed.

Rachel turns around screaming and hugged her. Vanna went to New York for a week last week and this was the first time she was seeing her.

"Oh my god I've missed you Vanna Charlotte Westen." Vanna smiles at her and stared at her best friend's smoken hot body.

"Damn girl did you seriously get a work out this summer and great breast implants?" Rachel shook her head.

"No I just stayed healthy and worked out but are my breast bigger since the last time you seen me?" She nods.

"Yes they are almost popping out of your bra girl! lets make you just as hot as me on the first day of our last year of high school." Rachel smiles and they pick out an outfit that was just perfect for Senior year and put a few more outfits in Rachel's slushie kit just incase she gets slushied and Vanna had her own packed aswell.

Rachel gets dressed and Vanna does her hair and makeup before they hop into Vanna's Audi car and drive to school.

At McKinley.

Finn Hudson walked into school with Noah Puckerman and they said hi to a few football players before making their way into school. Finn wondered the whole summer if Rachel was having a great summer since nobody from Glee club besides Kurt has seen her. He missed her and wanted her back.

"Hey Finn you look good this year." He heard his ex girlfriend Quinn Fabray and stared at her shocked to see that she had pink hair while wearing black skintight jeans and a gray and black top that was tied in the back so her stomach was showing. On her feel were black heels and her nose was pierced.

"Quinn what happened to you?" He asked surprised to see her like this. She just says she changed over the summer and walks off with a group of girls.

"Oh my god this is it, were finally Seniors guys." He heard his other ex girlfriend's voice and saw her looking hot in a jean mini skirt that was low cut and she had gray ugg boots on her fee. On the top she had a gray and pink v neck top that showed off a little cleavage. Her hair was still long like last year but it had a hint of red in it.

He walked over to them and smiled at Rachel. "Hey Kurt! Rachel you look great, who is your friend?" He says smiling at her then glanced at his step brother and the girl with short dark brown hair with blonde high lights. This girl had tan skin, a nice figure and she was slightly taller then Rachel and she had blue eyes.

Kurt and Vanna stares at him and she looked at Rachel wondering if this was the guy she use to date before Brody.

"I'm Vanna Westen, I'm new to Mckinley and Rachel's new best friend, you are?" Vanna says sticking her hand out and he shakes it.

"Nice to meet you Vanna. I'm Finn Hudson, me and Rachel use to date." He says awkwardly. He was happy that Rachel made a new friend besides Blaine and Kurt.

"Oh your the famous Finn Hudson. Rachel and Kurt told me about you. well I'll just leave you two to your awkward talk. come on Kurtie." Vanna said waving at Finn and walked down the hallway to the main office to get her schedule and locker combo.

"How are you Finn?" Rachel at her ex boyfriend. She knew she hurt him when she walked away from him on their work date in New York but she just couldn't get hurt anymore by him. She was happy with Brody.

Rachel looked up at Finn and smiles at him slightly before walking down the hallway.

"I'm good but I missed you this summer." She nods looking down.

"Do you think we can try again at being a couple?" He asked hopefully because he still wanted to be in her life even if they were broken up. He missed being her boyfriend.

"Finn can we talk about this at lunch?" She asked not wanting to hurt his feelings right now but knows that it's going to happen.

"Um yeah sure I guess Rach." She smiles at him and takes something out of her school bag.

"I made you banana bread because I know it's your favorite." He grins taking it from her and hugs her.

"Thank you Rachel." She nods patting his shoulder and walks off.

In Rachel's POV.

I couldn't tell Finn now that I was in a new much healthy relationship with Brody Westen who has made me the happiest girl in the world and I don't care if he's in college. Next year we will both be in New York but right now he's in New York at NYADA the school I'm planning on going to.

My phone starts ringing and I see Brody's picture on my iphone screen. I answered it smiling.

"Hey there handsome." I said as I stood at my locker.

"How is my gorgeous girl this morning on her first day of Senior year?" He says in his smooth deep voice.

"I'm good just got finished talking to Finn. man was it awkward to see him." He knew all about my past relationships and was glad that we met.

"Well I hope you tell him that you've moved on to better things. Guess what baby?" I blushed because I loved when he called me baby. Finn and Jesse never called me that.

"Hey Dwarf I see your taste in clothes as finally changed into something good." I roll my eyes at the once again insulting name Santana Lopez calls me. I mean I don't have Man hands or a treasure trail. I'm not a tranny or rupual. I know I'm short but there is no need to call me a midget, Dwarf or Hobbit.

"Did some girl just call you Dwarf?" Brody asked me and I don't want him getting angry. He starts his fall classes tomorrow.

"Yes that was Santana Lopez but I'm just going to ignore it." I tell him wishing he was here to hold my hand and tell me that I have nothing to worry about my last year of high school.

"Anyways like I was saying before she said that, I'm planning on coming to spend the weekend with and my annoying sister but mostly you." I smile loving that that I get to see my handsome boyfriend.

"I can't wait to see you see and it sucks that your in New York while here in boring Lima Ohio. look I have to go but I call you later." He says okay before we hang out.

"Since when did you get bold Hobbit?" Santana asked glaring at me and I ignored her opening my locker.

"Look Santana I feel now that it's our Senior year, that we should put the past behind us and start being nice to each other! I have no clue why you hate me but I don't hate you or Brittany." She stared at me and sighs.

"You know what Berry? I don't like you and I will never be friends with you so get it through your head that nobody wants to be friends with you or date you." She tells me in her bitchy tone.

"Rach are you ready to go because I know we have homeroom together." I heard Vanna say as she walks up to me.

"Who the hell are you?" Santana asked Vanna.

"The girl that's tell you to back off my brother's girlfriend and my best friend." Santana stares at me raising an eyebrow."

"Wait Finn doesn't have a sister, only a step brother! Are you adopted or something?" Brittany asked.

"I'm nowhere near Finn Hudson's sister. I'm Vanna Westen." Santana rolls her eyes.

"Wow Berry you making up fake boyfriends and making a friend for the first time? how lame of you but remeber what I said before. Nobody wants to date a hobbit." Vanna pushed her off.

"Look here bitchy cheerleader! your days of messing with Rachel Berry are over or I'll your ass." Santana scuffed walking off with Brittany.

"You know she's just going to order slushies on both us now right?" She nods rolling her eyes.

"Don't care because I know for a fact that your man is coming home this weekend." I blushed just thinking about Brody having his arms around me.

"Lets get to class lover girl." She laughs grabbing my arm after I put my phone back in my purse and grabbed my books.

Rachel kept getting angry stares from Santana and pleading stares from Finn. She just wanted it to be lunch soon so she can spend as much time as she could with Brody before she has to be back in this place and finish the day before Glee club practice.

"Hey Berry I heard Finn is dating Quinn again, does that piss you off?" Rachel ignored her because everybody knows that Quinn has changed.

"I didn't tell you to ignore me Berry." She whispers.

"Miss Lopez is there a reason your bugging Miss Berry who is clearly trying to leaen the the things i'm teaching?" Everybody stared at Santana.

"Um I guess not." She says feeling embarrassed.

"Alright then be quiet and listen you don't fail your senior year." The teacher tells her firmly. Rachel looks at Santana and saw how uncomfortable she looked.

The bell rings a few minutes later and everybody walks out with their stuff.

"Hey Rachel are you ready to talk now?" Rachel sighs.

"Look Finn we both know that our relationship wasn't good and we would fight alot! I don't think it's best if we get back together but I hope we can be friends." She says hopefully. Her phone starts ringing.

"Hold on Finn." She answers it and smiles hearing Brody say that he can talk for a few minutes before his next class.

"Hold on for a second." She say to him then looked at Finn.

"Yeah we can be friends but just so you know I'm going to fight to get you back." She nods saying that she needs to go but she will see him around and walks off.

With Rachel Talking To Brody.

As soon as Rachel got away from Finn, she walks into the choir room.

"Was that Finn's voice I heard?" Rachel says yes.

"I promise to tell him soon about you, I just miss seeing you and our summer together was the best summer I've had in a long time." He sighs.

"Baby I know that its not easy for us to be apart but i'll see you friday night and we can spend as much together as we want." She likes the sound of that but its not the same as seeing him because he will be gone again.

"I can't wait to see you and Dad and Daddy love you around." She says pouting.

"Well I was hoping you would love me around?" He says smirking.

"Don't you smirk at me, I need to let go but I'll be counting the days until I see you again." She tells him.

"Have a great rest of the day beautiful." They both say I miss you before hanging up.

Find Out What Happens Next.