Numb and Hollow

Chapter One

-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-o -o-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-

Just finishing off his latest meal, draining the last of the chicks powers Harry realised he was stillhungry, but he wasn't ravenous anymore as he had been lately; the Hollows had started to avoid his territory like the plague after a while. The last hollow he had just eaten was pretty strong, almost a full Vasto Lorde, so his cravings were now at an all-time low; well except for that one time just after he had transformed. Just thinking about that time made his blood boil and his heart clench in pain. Noticing his reiatsu had started trickling past his skin again he concentrated and reined it in, pulling it back behind his carefully constructed shields. He couldn't let the other hollows know he was anything but weak. Now was not the time to be discovered, he still had one more person left on his list to extract vengeance upon. Albus Dumbledore.

Albus Dumbledore, Leader of the so called 'Light', Headmaster of Hogwarts,MasterManipulator and an All Round Bastard. The Old Coot had made him play his part masterfully, as if he were nothing more than a marionette on strings, rather than a living human possessing their own free will. Dumbledore had it all planned, he had his so called friends Ron and Hermione spying on him and subtly guiding him towards his demise, while the Dursley's kept him quiet and humble. But despite expectations that he would die together with Voldemort, he had lived…Well…for at least five more minutes. Then the traitors had come and pointed their wands at him. Finishing the job themselves before anyone had a chance to realise anything unusual had happened.


He had just finished decapitating the Dark Lord, which was rather anti-climactic considering how hyped up for the battle everyone had gotten…observing the battlefield with a detached hollow air as he stumbled around slightly, dizzy from the blood loss as he was bleeding from a number of wounds he had sustained sometime during the fight…it could have been from shock to…not that it was over, but by how pathetically old Volde had gone. The various wounds littering his slender body were not life threatening or too deep, he just had to get to the mediwitch to heal him as he didn't know many healing spells, and he had already used Episkey and Tergeo, despite making the wounds that hadn't clogged or healed begin bleeding anew; but he knew from Madam Poppy's long repeated lectures that it was better that a wound continued to bleed then left to become contaminated.

Now, with the Dark Lord dead he could finally begin to live his life the way he wanted. A soft small smile crept upon his face when he thought about all the things he wanted to do. He wanted to travel the world, explore other kinds of magic, and get a boyfriend. Yes he was very much gay, but he hadn't told anybody yet because he just knew Ginny would make a huge fuss about it, and then the press would undoubtedly splash it all over the front page for a number of weeks...It wasn't worth the bother of letting somebody know really and the fact that he didn't find anyone in the British magical community even remotely appealing defiantly helped matters exponentially when it came to hiding it...

The splashing sound of footsteps traversing threw mud and blood drew his attention from his musings on sexuality and the press. He looked up and saw Dumbledore and his friends standing around him; he hadn't realised they were there before. His smile quickly vanished when he took in their grim countenances. Something wasn't right.

"What's wrong?" He asked confusedly. Were they anybody else he would have entered a defensive stance the moment he noticed the hostility rolling off them, but they were his friends…It was probably just residue from fighting the Death Eaters...

"I'm so sorry my boy, but you should have died with Tom, but don't worry, we'll be rectifying that immediately."

"Wha..?" He hadn't even the time to finish his question before the unique neon green light of the killing curse slammed into him from four sides, causing his body to crumble to the ground, to him at least, as if hit with a Motum Tardumcurse.

When everything went dark he had expected to arrive back in Kings Cross Station again, only this time without the Dumbledore hallucination, but instead it was as if he were being split apart and reformed a multitude of times,enduring the excruciating pain for as long as he could, though it felt like hours. It was as if he was being forced into a transformation using a dark or incomplete spell…probably both. Losing consciousness shortly after the transformation had begun; as his mind shut down in order to protect itself. When he next awoke he noticed immediately some changes to his body had occurred; for one he was no longer wearing his glasses, yet he could still see the stars and tree canopy that reminded him of the Forbidden Forest above him in more crystal clarity then he ever had been able to before in his life. Bringing his hand from his side to his face he noticed a change there as well; his lacework of new and old scars had disappeared to leave behind perfect natural ivory flesh.

Knowing this sort of change wasn't natural, as Poppy had informed him early on in the war that his scars and eyesight had been left for far too long to ever be fixed. He decided to check his reflection in what he assumed was the Hogwarts Lake he could hear nearby to where he had ended was spot on with the guessbrier to his losing consciousness, about the pain being from some sort of transformation.

Growing up he had always been a rathershortandslenderboy due to the many years of abuse and malnutrition he had suffered in the hands of the 'loving' Dursley families care, plus he had alwayskind of looked a bit now he was quite a bit more feminine looking than what was natural for a male was looking more like one of the submissive male Veela's he had glimpsed at the Triwizard Tournament a few years had changed; there was no denying it; what had once been a gangly looking and war battered teenwas now a very…cute feminine looking boy with wiry muscles, the type you'd see on dancers, and what others had once described as sickly pale skin had turned into a healthy looking creamy white. His previously short unruly black hair had turnedinto a long deep black with the odd white or blue strand reaching down in gentle waves and ringlets to caress the top of slender hips, and his previously passionate Killing Curse eyes had become an even deeper and passionate fractured Emerald. His slender but strong body was encased in a White Hakama that had a beautifully unique butterfly patternemerging from the hem, making it appear as if the butterflies where emerging to take flight from the silky material, that pooled out elegantly in the arms and from the waist down, but hugged his torso oddest of all was the small holehe noticed located in the wrist of his wand hand, sticking a finger through the hole caused a cold chill to run up his spine in an unpleasant strange also wearing some kind of bone chockerwith a pleasant green andsilver droplet design. Trying to twist it a bit he found that it was also attached to his skin. Feeling something brush the top of one thigh he looked down to find a bone white mask with red,gold and black markings hanging from his hip. Making his way to Hogwarts he noticed as he was passing the bodies of the fallen and the dying that when he passed, nobody looked up or even seemed to be able to hear him when he tried to ask if they were alright, then it hit him; nobodycould see him. Then he remembered what Dumbledore, Ron, Ginny and Hermione had done to him; they had KILLED him.


He had been furious and betrayed and sought his revenge the moment the mist had been lifted from the valley of his memory. He had gotten them all, except for Dumbledore, who had hid far from the castle as soon as the screaming had begun. The great hall had been painted red; guts and grey matterwere artfully arranged untilthe hall resembled a scene even muggles like Hitler would have trembled in fear at the sight of. They just shouldn't have had the gall to celebrate his death and disparage his parents' sacrifice. After finishing his little…project he had quickly emptied all his vaults from Gringotts but didn't close his business accounts, as the earnings he received from his various business would go there and be a sort of start-up account for Teddy,just in time too before the Goblins records had time to register his death, he was lucky he had set a will beforehand leaving all his vaults and possessions to Teddy; the look the Goblinsat the tellers had on their faces when they had realised what was happening as he was walking out the door was priceless. After concluding business of a similar nature, but this one in the purchasing of some very rare British Magical Books, hefinally left Britain for good. He had up and left, changed his name to Rune Infra Black and, listening to his instincts along with his new powers, opened a portal to a dimension he had later found out was called Hueco Mundo. If his Spanish was correct, the name was oddly fitting. An empty world, bathed in night.

So far he had only encountered the occasional Hollows wishing to prove themselves by venturing into his forest, but if he extended his awareness beyond the boundaries of his territory he could sense the numerous powerful entities concentrated to the north all grouped together, he found this odd as the Hollows he had encountered so far would be hard pressed to associate for long periods of time with non-family members, as the Hollows in the north were rumoured to have done for years. For now he had no intention of attracting their attention, so he had toned down his own apparently considerable power to the point he would not be considered a threat even to lower class hollows, just like he had done when he was a wizard. If they underestimated him, he had far higher chances ofremaining alive. Wether by not being considered a threat to their own power or by underestimating him in a fight: Discounting the fact he was already technically dead that is.


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(New Author) A/N: Slight alterations but nothing major. Originally the original Author had Harry's new name as JukugoAtsuyabut I changed it to Rune Infra because I need to be able to remember what Harry's called. Sorry. But it should translate roughly to 'secret lore of the underworld'

Infra is a Latin word. One of its meanings is: of the underworld. While Rune means Secret Lore (this stuff is from a baby naming site)


Episkey - spell to treat mild to moderate injuries including split lips and broken noses.

Tergeo - spell for clearing up dried blood from a bleeding wound, similar to the Scouring Charm.

Motum Tardum - slow motion

Harry's outfit looks like a cross between 5th Division Lieutenant HinamoriMomo's and Lieutenant KusajishiYachiru'shakama only with reverse colouring and tighter up top with tiny silver, gold green and black butterflies emerging.

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