HTTYD sex Drables

1 Bite marks.

Hiccup stood in the Shine rock Mirror. Ever since one faithful day, Hiccup and Astrid took their relationship a little more serious. But Astrid loved to leave certain little marks all over. Usually on his shoulders of neck. Sometimes on his back. This also included long claw marks down his back and Suckle marks on his neck. But tonight was a special night. The gang decided to go to a special secret hot spring the Ruffnutt found own her own. They split in two and it was the perfect temperature for baths. The teens decided it's be perfect for some secret night hang out times. Provided everyone kept something to themselves when in the bath. Hiccup heard the familiar loud snoring of his father rumbling the house. Hiccup left the sleeping dragon alone and took a bag that contained a few extra towels. Hiccup quietly snuck down the stairs and out the back door and around the side to the village. He was met with an Astrid already waiting for him. Astrid was greeted with a very hungry kiss. Astrid wrapped her arms around Hiccups's waist. He noticed the lack of her armor on her person. He shrugged it off as Astrid nipped his ear sexually.

"How is this gonna work with them." He growled in her ear, sending shivers down her spine. Astrid gripped a firm hold on his butt cheek. Hiccup grinned as he traced a pattern on Astrids' turn on point on her back. The two melted into another wet kiss. Fighting each others' dominance. Their hands roming each others' bodies again. The two clung to each other with need. They were practically half way to just doing it right there. Hiccup pulled away but clearly wore a look of lust.

"We really should be seeing the others" His face was flushed and her lips were swollen from kissing. Astrid nodded and they laced their fingers together as they walked through the streets looking for their friends. Soon after wondering over to the twins house the couple found the rest of the gang excluding Fishlegs who was out on a fishing trip with his family. The five teens hiked through the forest to the hot spring. Once there the two sex's separated to get undressed. Snotlout made remarks that were driving Tuffnut crazy about her sister and how she was a goddess when naked. Hiccup laughed along as he took off his tunic and boot.

"Hey is your uh leg gonna be okay in the water?" Tuffnut asked.

"hm? oh yeah it's mostly water proof that and I'm also changing it tomorrow to better fit some...uh daily activities. But I'm gonna keep a towel over the connecting joint so I won't freak you guys out." Hiccup explain as he turned around to remove his pants. He undid the knot in the front and slipped the brown material down. The other two males stopped when they saw Hiccup's back and neck.

"Holy shit Hiccup what's up with your back?" Hiccup looked back at the took for a moment before grabbing the custom towel for his as he wrapped it around the connecting joint. Hiccup shrugged.

" got a bite mark on your ass." Tuffnutt pointed out. Hiccup froze then tried to see what the fuck he was talking about.

"When did she give me-" he stopped himself. The other two teens grew curious as the three finished tied towels around their waists.

"So when how often do you guys do it."

"More than you Snoutlout" Hiccup replied dryly as he headed off to the springs. The teenage boy dipped into the warm water till they realized someone was missing.

"Where did Tuffnutt go?" Hiccup asked. Snotlout shrugged and mumbled something about probably taking a piss. Hiccup let the warm water massage his aching muscles. He felt a pair of familiar hands wrap around his neck. He reached a hand up out of the water to rub her forearm. Astrid giggled and glided over to sit on his lap.

"Did you know I have a bite mark on my butt." Hiccup asked. Astrid nodded with a slight seductive purr that only Hiccup could hear. snotlout was too busy flirting with Ruffnutt and no one knew where Tuffnutt was. Until he sat down with a huge grin on his face and giant hicky. No one asked.

Best idea so far they thought.

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