19, the wedding fiasco

In all honesty Hiccup should try to control his impulsive self now. Snotlout had married just last week to Mythra and was still enjoying his honeymoon. Not that Hiccup even considered his cousin to be his best man it was just the clean up from it. The Jorgesons were definitely known for their wild parties but usually it took weeks to clean up afterwards. Mainly because of the hangovers everyone would have right afterward. His wedding was in two nights and they hadn't been able to even put up the decorations. Hiccup scrubbed the boar's blood stain from the floor. Toothless was still finding pieces of meat that even he wouldn't eat. Gobber brought in a new table to replace one of the many that were smashed to bits.

"Dammit Snotlout, couldn't you have at least tried to keep from going completely out of control. Look at this mess!" Hiccup dumped more water on the stain.

"Aye, The Jorgesons always have parties like this. It'd be nice for them to tone it down once and awhile. But we all know that won't happen." Gobber commented as he dragged out the smashed table bits. "I mean, who smashed a table?" He grumbled to himself. Hiccup finally had managed to scrub out the last boars blood stain from the floor. He stretched his back and dropped the bristle bush into the water pale.

"I would look up son," Stoic pointed to the roof that had somehow managed to gather a bench, a boar carcass, Gobbers pants and a few Nadders. "How did the Boar up there? It's at least fifty feet off the ground!" Stoic scratched his beard.

"How did they get a full length bench up there?"

"How did my pants get up there?" The two Haddock men looked at Gobber the Belch. "What? I don't remember! Why do you think I'm askin'?" He shrugged and placed the new table in place. Toothless trotted into the great hall, looking a little hysterical. Hiccup was questioning his dragons action until Fishlegs burst in, looking frantic and scared.

"Hiccup! We have a problem!" He panted as he straightened his silver helmet before being roughly pushed aside by a berserker warrior. 'Well this can't be good' Hiccup thought to himself as he motioned Toothless to get behind him in case of conflict. The Berserker tribes leader, Dauger the Deranged strutted proudly into the mess of the great hall. Not currently paying attention to the disaster that was of which Snotlout's entire fault.

"Dauger...How nice it is to see you," Hiccup smiled and greeted him with clenched teeth. "What are you doing here...old pal" The politeness was killing Hiccup. Right now he would give his other leg just so he could be a savage viking and kick out of berk. Dauger eyed the night fury. The Berserker tribe had reluctantly come to the terms that the hairy hooligan tribe didn't foster dragons for a massive army but more of a domestic occupation.

"Well Hiccup I have come to offer a proposal to the next great chief of Berk. I say that we unite our tribes, with a marriage..." Dauger smiled, something about the smile just felt like a knife to Hiccups gut. Toothless sat on his hind legs, giving Dauger a hateful glare with a low threatening growl. Hiccup pondered the idea, honestly he didn't like the idea one bit. But it was his duty to be diplomatic about things and hear the full side of each story.

"Who would this marriage be to? I assume you'll be the one marrying." Hiccup eyed the young chief.

"To Astrid Hofferson. Last I heard she wasn't to be wed."

"No" Hiccup flat out rejected the offer. Dauger scoffed and his face contorted into rage. His hand flew to his sword but a loud roar from the night fury quickly cancelled the action. "Astrid Hofferson is already engaged by her choice of man" Hiccup felt his own fists tighten. Delighted in the idea of punching Dauger in the face.

"Oh really? She would turn down a chief of a tribe, a man who could bring her honor, glory, wealth and anything she desired for some boy she has a fleeting fancy for?" Dauger spat. Hiccup now knew what Astrid felt when Heather's father accused Hiccup's feelings to be temporary. He noted the blonde viking they were discussing walking towards them.

"That is who I am marrying to with the added benefit of his love for me." She had an unamused look on her face as she took her place beside Hiccup. Her blue eyes turned icy at Dauger. Warning him to not press the issue. But he blatantly ignored the silent warning to gawk at the two with a disgusted face.

"You and the runt chief? Look at him! He is all...this!" He gestured to all of Hiccup. Hiccup rolled his eyes. "You are seriously going to choose Hiccup the useless, the one can't lift a war hammer or tackle a groncle? He only had one foot!" Dauger pointed at Hiccups metal leg.

"Hiccup tamed a night fury before any of the tribes considered the fact of making peace with the dragons. He is much better than you!" Astrid hissed.

"Not to mention I have worked in a forge for my whole life as an apprentice so I can indeed lift a war hammer. I have defeated the outcasts numerous times and I lost this foot protecting my tribe from a giant dragon." Hiccup boasted a little and wrapped an arm around Astrids waist "And I do believe in Hooligan tribe customs the lady has a right to refuse a marriage of which she isn't fond of" Hiccup stated.

"Then we shall duel for her hand!"

"What?" Astrid gasped.

"You're on!"

"Hiccup!" Astrid shouted as Toothless dragged her back from the two men. Dauger swept Hiccup's fake leg out from under him, causing him to fall on his bottom. He then planted his boot in Hiccups face.

"Now if you would be so Hiccuply to surrender and hand over my new bride that would satisfying. Unless you want this foot to go up somewhere else" He threatened and used Hiccups name as an insult. Hiccup was sitting cross legged on the floor with Daugers foot still pressed flat against his face.

"It'll be extremely painful" He said through a muffled voice.

"That's the idea" Dauger sneered.

"Didn't say for me" Hiccup struck his knee cap and pulled his leg down to the ground. With a quick hand the blacksmith drew Daugers own sword and pressed the tip to the Berserkers neck.

"Now!" Dauger called out. Hiccup looked up briefly to see two burly men tackle Toothless to the ground with a third grabbed Astrid by her stomach with a hard squeeze. Dauger took the opportunity and threw Hiccup off balance again and snatched his sword away. "I always get what I want. Because I take it by force" He laughed as he ran out of the great hall behind the man who had Astrid. She kicked and screamed for Hiccup to save her. As if on cue the table that was perched on the roof's rafter came crashing down and a large ax that was stuck in it broke free. Hiccup picked up the ax and headed for the door. Toothless leaped after him, offering flight. Hiccup mounted the dragon and burst out the doors. Ax in hand and blood lust pumping through his veins. He spotted them, already at the docks. Toothless fired a plasma blast at the bridge between the dock and boat. Destroying it and pushing the boat off into sail. Dauger looked up to see Hiccup jump down from the black dragon with a weapon in hand. Hiccup swung the metal ax down, Dauger moved just in time to avoid the attack. Astrid finally squirmed out of the soldiers grip and to the aid of Toothless. Dauger scurried to the edge of the docks, his boat at least five feet out in the water. Hiccup kicked him off making him plummet into the water.

"Stay away from Berk!" He yelled.


The rest of the week went off without a hitch thankfully. The wedding was peaceful and the after party was wild like usual for thee viking village. Hiccup carried Astrid into the chief's house. His father taking shelter in the second Haddock house so he didn't need to hear the consummating their marriage. It wasn't part of their contract. When they reached the bedroom Hiccup encircled his hands around her waist. Pulling her to his body and nipped at her skin. Astrid giggled and felt his hands climb up her body and unhook her dress. Slowly pulling the thick white material off her body. She pulled the red scarf from her neck, exposing more flesh for Hiccup to nip at. Astrid slid her hands behind her, searching for Hiccups belt until she found it and tore it off. Hiccup had a small glimpse of Astrid reached up and unpinning his cloak as he sucked on her neck and cupped her breasts. Her dress hung over her belt, the gold thread that was weaved into it shimmered from the candle light. Astrid was vaguely away that Hiccups mouth left her neck, going to a new task. Hiccup used his teeth to pull out the thread the kept Astrids hair tied. Letting the shimmering ore colored hair loose like liquid. He pushed her to the bed, like he was possessed by a demon. Astrid whirled around as Hiccup pushed her on her back. His mouth already encasing a pink nipple. Astrid cried out as he nipped it slightly.

"H-hiccup...I don't wanna play around...please I need you" She begged. His head rose so he could meet her eyes. He nodded and in a flash his fur coat, leather vest, navy tunic and brown pants were gone. As was the rest of her dress. His tongue trailed her body length, turning her on to point that she was dripping from excitement. He drove himself into her without warning. Astrid cried out in pleasure, nails already on his back. He moved slowly at first, just to tease her, taunt her pleas to go fast but soon he found himself complying in his own greedy lust. Hiccup hoisted her legs onto his shoulders and sucked on her breast again. Astrid screamed as he pumped into her, her hands in her hairs as he drove her into a frenzy. Erotic moans past her lips as she came. Squeezing his length, but he wasn't done yet. Hiccup lowered her legs to his waist and met her lips. Groaning and moaning at her feel into her mouth. He hadn't given Astrid time to recover from her orgasm, he rolled his hips against hers pushing deeper. Astrid cried out pulled his hair and raked her nails down his back. All encouraging him to go harder into her. He hungrily kissed her, sucking her tongue and swirling his around her mouth.

"Hiccup...I'm going to...again ohhh Hiccup!" Astrid moaned as the sweat of their bodies mixed together. Her hardened nipples rubbed against Hiccups chest fiercely. He groaned as he felt his time coming. He continued to kiss her feverishly, only parting for second to catch his breath.

"Me too...I'm c-" Astrid's walls tightened around his hard cock, the ridges chafing his sensitive organ. He exploded inside her, his hot see pouring into her as she screamed in ecstasy. His hands had clung to her hips, steadying himself as he emptied inside her. A few more thrusts and felt spent. Hiccup pulled out of Astrids warmth and collapsed next to her. Snuggling up to her as she threw the fur over top of them. They panted, energy gone and entangled with each other. Hiccup was the first to speak.

"Congratulations, you are now officially a Haddock" He chuckled. Astrid snickered and curled into him. "Gods, I'm tired...we still never managed to get Gobbers pants down. None of the dragons would go near them" Hiccup pulled the fur up, already feeling the cool draft of the house. Astrid laughed against his skin. Her body felt exhausted from the cleaning, decorating, the wedding, after party and well...this. Why did they have to do almost by themselves again? Oh right, the weeklong hangovers.

"Astrid Haddock...hmm...I like it" She kissed his nose and he smiled as he placed his hand on her bare butt. A question sparked in his mind. One that had been unanswered for three years, ever since they went to hot springs.

"Hey, how did I ever get that first bite mark on my butt?" He asked


Well...I'm sad to say that this is the end. I originally planned to have a chief ceremony and a epilogue to see everyone's live with their children and such but I'm just not feeling the dragon vibes that much...Okay okay...Stop looking at your screen like that I'll tell you why in a second.

When I was little I was introduced to anime (bare with me on this) and since then I have loved it far more than anything in the world. In eight grade I attended an anime club meeting at my old school and it introduced me to my all time favorite series...Soul Eater...Of course I'm in love with SoulxMaka...Honestly I'd turn gay for Maka in general but that's not the point (Yeah screw you Soul...you and your...sexiness) We all have that all time favorite obsession that you will always come back to and never get bored of it. That is what Soul Eater is to me...now don't just blame Soul eater...I was watching a lot of anime in this little Hiatus of mine. Point is I love How to train your dragon and yes I will continue the Night Rider series but it is being put on hold until I can finish a lot of anime fan fictions I have promised to people and have had put on the back burner because of this story Go check out my other fan fiction, who knows, maybe we both like the same anime! Thank you for reading and it depends if I get in the mood for it, I might make an epilogue...DO NOT COUNT ON IT. Just don't...especially don't count on it to have lemon in it


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