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In every relationship there are ups and downs and for some couples that comes sooner than later. Unfortunately when it happens later in life the heartbreak always hurts more especially when you've been together for 4 years and unfortunately for Cody today was going to be the day he would experience that. Cody was visiting Noah at college just like he managed to do every month.

Every since the show ended Cody and Noah returned to their normal lives and still had contact and a steady relationship where they called each other every day and would visit each other at least once a month. Eventually they graduated and that's when they both had tricky schedules.

Cody wanted nothing more than to be a teacher. In his free time to make money he worked at a coffee shop just 5 minutes away from his dorm room. While Noah went to school at a completely different college about 3 hours from Cody to become a pharmacist and in the little time that he had left over he would tutor other idiots who couldn't seem to pass the class. It seemed like Noah and Cody were having less and less time for each other and soon the daily calls would become weekly instead and the online chats they had frequently seemed to come to an end as the two of them could never manage to be online at the same time.

One thing that never seemed to change was the monthly visits to see each other for a weekend. This month it was Cody's turn to visit Noah and Cody wasn't exactly looking forward to it. Noah had been distant from him for awhile and Cody knew Noah so well that he knew something was up before he got there so when Noah answered his door and invited Cody in, He wasn't surprised at what Noah was about to say.

"Cody, You and I need to talk" Noah sighed and sat on his bed "I needed to do this in person"

"I missed you so much" Cody faked a smile "I'm glad we can finally talk in person! We have so much to talk about"

"Cody, You know I love you right?" Noah asked him

"Yes" Cody faked a smile knowing what was coming

"I think you and I need to take a break" Noah sighed "There is no one else I just can't do this anymore"

"You want to throw away 4 years?" Cody's eyes were watering "How could you even say that, Noah?"

"It wasn't an easy choice" Noah told him "I'm not throwing away anything! I still think we can be friends! I really do! It's just with how my college life is and how your college life is we don't have time for each other like we used to and I can't stand not seeing you! Having you as a boyfriend is almost like not having you as a boyfriend at this point"

"I don't know how you could do this to me" Cody told him while trying to hold back tears "You know I'll always love you right? You were my first love"

"You were mine too" Noah kissed Cody on the forehead "I'm really sorry"

"I love you so much" Cody told Noah "But I don't think I can forgive you for this"

Cody quickly got out of there as fast as he could slamming the door behind him leaving Noah all alone just like Noah wanted.

You may be thinking one of two things...

1. What the hell just happened?

2. That was a really sad Noco fic!

Let me clear something up! I just felt the urge to write this, This was based on a true story about myself and my ex boyfriend who broke up with me awhile ago. We are now still really good friends in case anyone actually cares. I didn't speak to him for like 4 months but eventually we realized we could actually be friends. I was totally Cody in this story and yes, That was the whole conversation we had and I was like "WTF just happened..." and I felt the urge to finally write it out in a story!