first Destiel fanfic. BE EASY ON ME! xD

Dean Winchester was eight years old when he first met his best friend. His friend with the never-ending blue eyes and the intense gaze, who spoke oddly for his age and wore strange clothing. The first time he met him, Dean and his younger brother Sam were at the park while their father was on a hunt. It was a nice day, if anyone were to ask, the sky was blue and there werent many clouds in the sky, save a few lone fluffy tendrils. The park they were playing at had four swings, a yellow slide, and a merry-go-round. It was very simple, and thats why Dean loved it; simple things meant there was a lesser chance Sammy would get hurt. And thats all Dean Winchester wanted to do - keep his little brother safe from any harm.

But just because the eldest Winchester son kept a watchful eye on the four-year-old, and took him to a secluded park, didnt meant the boy wouldnt get hurt. And thats exactly what happened on that day in March, while Sam sat on a swing, bouncing in excitement, as he waited for his older brother to exit the restrooms. He had given Sammy a hug and told him to stay on the swing and wait for him. Sam had nodded and given his brother a wide, toothy grin, grabbing the chains tightly in his chubby fingers and leaning his head back to look at the trees.

That was the precise reason Sam Winchester didnt see when four older boys walked up to him, surrounding the swing set. He wouldnt have noticed them if it werent for the sudden push that sent him flying backwards off of the swing and onto the hard dirt below with a quiet oof! He refused to cry, though, instead looking up at the boys with wide eyes as he held his bleeding elbow and prayed for Dean to just hurry up already! It was then that he noticed another boy, a fifth boy, watching him with wide blue eyes. The blue-eyed boys' eyes darted behind him and Sam turned. Dean's green eyes were darting between Sam and the four boys, then to the fifth boy. He had an angry expression on his face that Sam hated seeing. So he turned his head back toward the fifth boy, who was still looking up at Dean with wide eyes.

And Sam couldnt exactly tell you what happened, though surely both Dean and the blue-eyed boy could, but one moment there were four boys standing in front of him, threatening to kick him if he didnt get up, and the next they were running off screaming for their mothers. Sam smiled his wide smile and stood up, right as Dean rushed over and pulled him to his chest. "Did you see that?" Sam asked, bouncing slightly on his toes as Dean released his hold on him. "It was like magic! I made them go away, Dean!"

Dean looked behind Sam, at the blue-eyed boy, then back to Sam, nodding at him with a forced smile. "You sure did, Sammy!" Sam's smile grew at his brothers' praise. "I'll be right back, okay? Then i'll push you on the swing!" Sam nodded in excitement as he hopped back on the swing, gripping the chains once again.

Dean walked over to the boy and shoved one hand in his pocket, the other going back to rub awkwardly at the base of his neck. He was never good with thanks, but for some reason felt he should thank this stranger. "Um, i;m not sure what you did," he started. "But I know it was you." The blue-eyed boys' eyes widened impossibly larger and he took a step back from Dean, raising his hands defensively. Dean laughed and reached forward, grabbing his hand to stop him from moving any further. The boy froze and looked down at Dean's hand on his own. "Oh, uh. Sorry," he said, pulling his hand back and shoving it back in his pocket. "I wanted to thank you. For helping my brother, I mean." He shrugged and offered up a smile to the slightly shorter boy. "Im Dean, by the way, and thats my brother Sam."

The stranger looked between Dean and Sam before resting his eyes back on Dean. "I am Castiel," he answered with a curt nod. Dean thought it looked odd on the boy; he had only seen adults nod at one another in that manner before. "You do not have to thank me, Dean. I am here to help." Castiel smiled up at Dean, raising his arms slightly by his sides before dropping them once again. Dean smiled back at him.

"Do you live around here?" he asked, glancing back at Sam quickly to make sure he hadnt run off. He turned back to Castiel with a smile.

"No," he responded shortly. "I am not from around here. I live a very long way away. I am from Heaven." He quickly regretted his response as confusion and disbelief flitted across Dean's freckled face.

"Um, yeah. I'll see you around, Castiel. I gotta get back to my brother," he threw a hand over his shoulder, gesturing with his thumb at the younger boy still seated patiently on the swing. He barely had time to register the hurt in Castiel's eyes before he was jogging back over to Sam with a murmured apology as he began to push him. He was just about to call Castiel over, to see if he wanted to join him, but when he turned back, the boy was already gone. In his place there was a single black feather. Dean walked over, glancing back at Sammy, before picking it up. He inspected it for a moment. It was too soft to be a raven or a crow, but too black to be any other bird he'd seen around there before. With shrug, he stuck the feather in his jacket pocket and made his way back over to Sam.

"You hungry, Sammy?" he asked as he approached his little brother. Sam nodded enthusiastically, his long hair bouncing on his shoulders. Dean smiled and ruffled his hair, helping him down as he hopped off the swing. He grabbed his brothers' smaller hand in his only slightly larger one and started back toward their motel room. "PB and J or... McDonalds?"

Sammy laughed and elbowed Dean lightly. "PBJ!" he exclaimed.

"Alright, Sammy," he said with a smile, looking back at the park once more, shrugging before turning back ahead.