The TV turns on and then appears President Autumn in her lime green dress with some white high heels making her looking fabulous.

"Welcome, Ladies and Gentlemen, to the Millennium MeltDown!" Her voice echoes all around Panem and she smiles largely while the crowd applaud.

"I would like to say a huge thanks to the Game Makers in helping us with the ideas. And I especially present our Head Game maker!" The crowd roars as the lady points to the new head game maker making his way towards her.

A smart looking man looks at President Autumn and kisses her on the lips and bows down to the public as they clap and applaud at his comedic side. The President smiles weakly and whispers something carefully. The public are quiet and the both look in shock…

"Sorry for the delay everyone!" The president says walking to a bowl.

The bowl is large and full with notes all saying the number 1000 and with a little stars around them.

"I would just like to say a speech to Panem before I do this" The crowd is silent and the pale faced lady stands a podium.

"When I was young just like you I dreamed for this. Every year of every day went past and my father would never let me do anything like this due to 'it was to un- ladylike'. As the time went by my anger grew and grew until I heart spread against him, his day was gone and I was informed of a job. This job was to be a Head Game maker! I took the job for 12 years until I left that, and that's when I got offered as to be the new President of Panem. I would just like to say that ANYONE can be a victor and this year it may not be a career or an intern, it may be a District of where lies the Under Dogs." The crowd is astonished and they gasp at her speech.
The pale faced woman walks over to the bowl and stares down to it looking nervously cold and scared.

"This year for the Millennium MeltDown the twist is…" Nothing is said and she grabs a piece of paper which was left at the bottom.
Everything is silent when suddenly the President doesn't look so happy and she has her serious face on. The lady stands on her podium and opens the opens the note revealing something serious!

"This Millennium MeltDown's twist is…" Everything is silent except a child crying in the background.

"This Millennium MeltDown twist this year is that all Districts have to choose both boy and girl to compete in the Hunger Games." Everything is silent and then suddenly a roar from the crowd blasts her away.

The President laughs softly when suddenly the Head Game Maker says something nasty to her as she falls silent and yells something at him.

"No; I will not be part of your stupid rigged Games I will choose on whatever I want, Hunter…" The President turns to the crowd.

"YEAH!" screams the crowd.

The humble man walks over back to his spot as the President gets back in his spot.

"I would like to say a big thank you again to the Game Makers and remember… And may the Millennium be your MeltDown this year." The dog whistles brings the emblem of the capitol and its anthem.

-Authors Note-

A big thanks to my Beta -Vuraanga-

Thanks very much