Ian Signa

My head is whizzing, everything around me is a blur and the Justice Building is just poking above the hills of our power plants

"Ian?" i hear my name, and i turn around only to bump into the Head Peacekeeper

"Well come on then!" he starts to budge me to move but my feet stay still

"IAN!" he yells picking me up by my legs and swings me over his shoulder

I lay on his shoulder thinking about what will be my fortune? Will i get reaped, is the most popular one!

"Thanks!" i say jumping of the muscular man

"No problem,son?" my dad walks of past the Justice building and across to a shed where everything is kept

I walk with my mates to a little spot and we talk silently about...Nothing?

"Would any one volunteer for a 12 year old?" i say gritting my teeth

"Nope" a tall skinny lad called Steve answered

"But they are so-" i'm automatically cut off from the voice of our escort this year

"WOAH!" i say making the rest of my gang giggle

A fat woman, twice the size of my father wonders in. She is in a wheel chair and it hovers up upon the air making us go 'Wow', although i just think it's pathetic!

"Welcome boys and girls, to the 1000th Annual hunger Games!" everyone is silent, no claps, none at all

"Well lets get going!" she tries to clap except fails by smacking he round belly

"Girls first!" she says in her deep bulgy voice

"Aaliya-...How do you pronounce it" my mind ticks, i know that girl!

When everything is quiet a tall lanky man ponders to her and reads out the card

"Aaliyah KingSpot" the people around me stare to a pretty girl around the age of 17

"And..." the lady hovers over to the bowl

"Ian Signa!" i close my eyes and look up

My hands starts to shake, my father then smiles weirdly at me and starts to give me a weird gesture?

"WellDone?" he murmurs

I finally realise what he's been trying to do, he has been training me up!

Aaliyah KingSpot

Is it a surprise? Is this Hunger Games much surprise? They pick the weak? They have rigged everything!

"Aaliyah KingSpot!" my name is heard, i turn like a meerkat and see a fat woman hovering on a little weird thingy

"Yes?" i say back, getting a few gestures from the crowd

"It's you're time to shine honey?" i finally realise

"I'm...the...Tribute?" the fat woman shakes her head and i start to walk

When i start to walk up i see the Head Game Maker? He starts to shake his head too and he shows me a piece of District rubble at the window of the justice building. What? i wonder what he is on about when finally he shows me 12 little pieces of rubble?

"Huh?" i murmur loudly

When finally i have got the answer the fat woman shakes my hand

"Ow!" i say feeling my throbbed hand while she giggles, eating a few crumbs of her pink dotted dress

"Ian Signa!" the boy who's father is the Head Peacekeeper, no way!

When i see the boy look up he looks more 19 than 18 to be exact. Until it finally ticks in my mind, his father was training him because he will be the oldest one there!

"He is going to win" my face is a frown and i have finally figures out my fortune!

-Authors Note-

So the Arena is getting pieced together and Aaliyah nearly got the answer! Ohh Damn it! Oh well at least we have the Tributes sorted out and the Best Mutt Ever!