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Kim's Bedroom. 10 P.M.

"Seeya later Princess." Shego whispered in Kim's ear and then proceeded to leave through Kim's open window as she vanished into the night. Kim stood in her room in stunned silence. When she finally came to her senses she dove onto her bed and started writing furiously into her diary.

November, 17th... Or is it the 18th? Screw it!

Dear Diary,

I'm never going to forget tonight! I KISSED SHEGO! Well, it was more like she kissed me but it doesn't matter. Me. Shego. Kiss. End of story. It was amazing! I just wish I knew what was going on earlier. I also wished she hadn't pulled away and ran off so quickly! And what was up with her quoting herself from back at the lab? What a tease. A sexy tease, but a tease none the less. I thought I made a huge mistake by telling her how I felt but it looks like she feels the same way... At least I think she does. Why did she have to run off so fast? Now all I want to do is talk to her and find out what "this" is. Then again I could just slow down and enjoy this. That sounds a lot better! Nothing is going to ruin this for me.

Kim laid her head against her pillow and rested her eyes. As he replayed her time with Shego in her head a smile grew on her face. Hurry up and commit a crime so I can talk to you. Kim thought to herself. Just then, She heard the familiar ring of her Kimmunicator. Kim answered the device and Wade's face lit up the screen. "Hey Wade. What's the sitch?" Kim asked in typical fashion. "Just wondering if you were up for a late night mission. Looks like an art museum is being broken into." Kim's couldn't keep herself from grinning like the cat that ate the canary. That was quick. Not that I'm complaining. Kim tried to regain her composure before talking again. "Any idea on who's robbing the place?" Drum-roll please... "I don't know but it's definitely not someone you or Ron usually fight." Kim was deflated by Wade's words and he noticed it. "You look a little disappointed I figured you would be happy since you don't need to fight a crazy Scotsman or a fireball throwing ex-hero." I was actually hoping for the latter of those two. "Can't the police deal with this one?" Kim asked as she had lost interest in the mission. "It would be easier for you and Ron to handle this then it would be for a bunch of local cops." Kim sighed. "OK. I guess Ron and I can take this one." Wade nodded. "Alright. A car will be there for you in a few seconds." Kim nodded back in response. "Thanks Wade." Said Kim as she hung up.

It was only after she hung up that she realized something was wrong. Wait... Ron? DAMN IT! There were rare instances in which Kim swore and this was one of them. After being so caught up in Shego and the rest of her life she had forgotten about her current "relationship" with Ron. She had been meaning to break-up with him for awhile. After the prom their relationship had fizzled out. There wasn't the spark that there was on prom night anymore and it wasn't from a lack of trying. Kim and Ron had been trying as much as they could to keep that spark from prom night alive but with no success. The only person who didn't seem to know was Ron himself. Either he was delusional or clueless and neither option would make this break-up easy on him.

"I can't drag our relationship out any longer when I don't feel the same way about him." Kim said to herself. "It's not fair to Ron." Suddenly Kim was startled by the honk of a horn. She looked out her window to see the car that Wade had sent. Kim walked downstairs and told her parents she was going to be out on a mission. With that she walked out the door and got in the car. "Hey K.P." Ron greeted as he kissed Kim on the cheek. "Hey Ron." Kim replied flatly. "So. Are you ready to go bust some bad guys?" Ron asked enthusiastically "Definitely." Kim said with a fake smile on her face. Ron smiled back as the car drove it's destination.

Art Museum 10:30 P.M.

Kim and Ron stepped inside the vast museum as their shoes clacked on the black and white tiles of the museum floor. It didn't take them long to find the criminals who were in the process of stealing a valuable painting. The two thieves looked like they stepped out of a bad heist movie complete with black ski masks. Kim and Ron both quickly apprehended the two them and turned them over to the cops.

"That wasn't as exciting as I was hoped for." Ron said as he watched the two criminals get hauled away by the local police. He then turned towards Kim. "Do you want to do something? Catch a movie maybe? There's this new Zombie flick and..." Kim cut Ron off before he could finish. "Ron, we need to talk." Ron seemed oblivious to what was about to come. "Go ahead K.P." Kim took a deep breath before she spoke again. "Look. We've been dating for awhile now and I was just... I... Ron. I don't think this is working out." Ron looked a bit shocked from what Kim had said. "But, I thought we were doing well? Was it something I did? Whatever it is, I can change..." Kim interjected before Ron could continue. "Look. I just don't think that we're right for each other. It's nothing that you did, it's just..." Ron was the one to cut Kim off this time. "Don't say that! That means that I did do something wrong! Look, Kim, I can fix this. Whatever it is, I'll do it!" Kim shook her head. "Ron this isn't something that can be fixed. When I think of you, I think of you as a friend. Just a friend." Ron looked like he had been hit in the gut. His sadness quickly turned to anger. "It's because I'm not good enough for you. Is that it?" Ron snapped at Kim. "Ron, I never said that." Kim defended herself. She didn't like where this was going. "You might not have said it but that's the way it's always been. I've always been your "sidekick". I'm always second to you and you don't see me as anything better than that." Ron was starting to walk away before he was stopped by Kim. "Ron, it's not like that. I understand that you're upset but you know that I don't think of you like that." Ron laughed bitterly. "Do I? Just leave me alone Kim." And with Ron chose to walk home as Kim took the car back home.

Possible Residence 11:20 P.M.

Kim walked opened the door and walked past her parents without saying a world. She dragged herself up the stairs to her room and shut the door. She laid down on her bed and looked at her diary. She reached over and grabbed the book and ran her fingers over the cover. Just a bit over and hour ago she was writing about one of the best experiences of her life in it. Now she was looking at it after having one of her worst. The high of Shego kissing her was replaced by the low of Ron being so angry at her. Kim tossed the book aside and thought about the last words she had written in it. "Nothing is going to ruin this for me." Nothing except for having her best friend hate her.

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