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Kim woke up at the sound of her alarm clock and her mom's voice. "Kim! Wake up! You have to get ready for school!" No. Not today. Not after last night. Kim remembered the events of the previous night. Shego's visit was great but then everything went downhill. Breaking up with Ron was an awful experience. She had hoped that they would be able to stay friends but it seemed that Ron wanted nothing to do with Kim. She had never seen Ron be so angry at her. Kim snapped herself out of her thoughts and proceeded with her morning routine and headed off for school.

Kim dragged herself inside the school and to her first class. A part of her wanted to see Ron and try to smooth things over and another part wanted her to stay as far away from him as she could. It didn't help that she shared quite a few classes with Ron, including this one. Kim walked in the room to find that Ron was already there. The minute Ron had seen her, he shot Kim an ice cold glance. Yep, still hates me. Kim thought as she walked as quickly as possible to her seat. "Everybody sit down!" Yelled a large, short haired man. Oh no. Not Mr. Barkin. This day is just destined to suck.

"Alright everybody." Barkin said "Your normal teacher, Mr... Um. I had it on I sheet somewhere... Whatever. Your normal teacher is out with the flu so I'm going to be teaching today. I'm sure that all of you know who I am so lets begin." Barkin to his desk and grabbed a large book. "Today's lesson plan says we're doing a lab. There are 19 of you in here so we're going to have groups of two and one lucky group of three. Any questions?" Heads all around the room lazily shook as everybody seemed bored, tired, or both. "Alright then. I'll split all of you into groups. Rockwaller. You're with Mankey. Flagg. You're with Flores..." Kim zoned out when Barkin was listing off groups. All she could think off was... Please don't be Ron! Please, please, please! Kim started paying attention again when she heard her name called. "And that leaves Possible with Stoppable. Now get to work!" Kim loudly sighed as she slumped in her chair. How could this day get any worse?

After half a day of cold glances and awkward encounters it was time for lunch. A time when Kim could at least try to stay away from Ron. News of the break-up had gotten all over the school and that didn't make things any less uncomfortable. Kim got her food and walked over to the table that Monique was already at. "So..." Monique said awkwardly. "I heard you and Ron broke up." Yeah, so has everybody else. "Yeah, we did." Kim said in a dull tone. "Is everything OK between you and him?" Monique asked. "No. He hates me and..." Kim was about to go on when Bonnie walked over. "Hey Kim. Heard you and that Stoppable broke up. You're so pathetic that you can't even keep a relationship with a loser like Ron for more than five seconds!" Bonnie said with a laugh. "SHUT THE FUCK UP BONNIE!" Kim snapped at Bonnie who recoiled a bit and quickly walked off. "Jesus Christ Kim! You're lucky a teacher didn't hear you say that!" Monique said. "Still. That was pretty cool. I didn't know you had it in you." Monique said with a smile on her face. "I just can't do this today. Every second since I woke up this morning has sucked." Kim said as she looked down at her food. "Look on the bright side Kim. It's Friday! If anybody needed a weekend to relax, it would be you." Monique said as she tried to cheer up her friend.

Before Kim could respond her Kimmunicator started ringing. She quickly answered it. "Hey Wade. What's the Sitch." Kim answered in a flat tone. "Well I have a mission for you." At least it will get me out of here "What's wrong?" Kim asked. "I have reports that Shego is at a weapons lab outside of Denver. Looks like she's trying to nab blueprints for an experimental weapon that immobilizes it's target." Shego? Thank you god! Today might not be so bad at all. "Do you have a ride for me?" Kim asked with a grin on her face. "Of course. It'll be there in a few minutes. I'll just alert Ron for you and..." Kim cut Wade off in a panic. "Wait! Could you maybe... Not tell him about this. We're kind of... Going through some stuff right now." Wade nodded his head in understanding. "Alright. Just be careful." YES! "Thanks Wade!."

Where the hell is she? Shego thought to herself. I'm waiting. Any fuckin' day now. Shego was only kept company by the silence of the room. WHILE I'M STILL YOUNG! Finally, there was a bang as the red haired hero she was waiting for kicked the door to the room open. "About damn time Kimmie." Shego said as she turned around to see her opponent. "What took you so long?" Kim's face was lit up with a smile. It's only been a few seconds and she's taken my day from awful to great. "I thought you would be quicker since you don't have that monkey boy weighing you down this time." Kim sighed as she heard the mentioning of Ron. "Can we not talk about him right now?" Kim said in a depressed tone. "Why not?" Shego asked. "It's just that... Ron and I... Nevermind. Let's just drop this and get to the fight."

"No. You're acting like your goldfish just died. Whatever's bothering you, you're going to talk to me about it." Shego said as she sat on the floor. She patted a spot on the ground, signaling for Kim to sit down beside her. Kim laughed as she lowered herself on to the floor. "When did you become so caring?" She asked. "Who says I care? Maybe, I just want you to be on top of your game when we fight. Besides I can't be around you, or anybody when they're like this. You being depressed is going to make me depressed." Kim laughed again. Of course she would say something like that. "You care. Admit it. Big Bad Shego cares about little old me." Kim said with a smile. "If it gets you to talk, then fine, I care. Happy?" Shego said as she rolled her eyes. "I'm overjoyed." Kim responded "Great. Now that that's all over. What the fuck is up with you and Ron." Kim sighed yet again. "We broke-up, and now he hates my guts. I had been meaning to do it for a while and I did last night. I thought we could still be friends, but he got mad and told me to leave him alone. Now he wants nothing to do with me." Shego had a blank look on her face. She had no idea what to say.

"Jeez. That sucks." Kim laughed bitterly. "You're tellin' me." There was an awkward silence before Shego spoke again. "Look. Kim. Don't worry about this. It's just some high school bullshit. In a few days, Ron is going to come apologize to you and things will go back to normal. You two have been friends for your entire lives. Something stupid like this isn't going to change that." Shego said as she rested a hand on Kim's shoulder. "I'm not so sure." Kim said quietly as she stared at the floor. "Trust me Kim. This will work it's self out. Just give it some time." Kim smiled a bit. "Thanks." Kim didn't know why but after talking to Shego she felt a lot better. "Anything else you want to talk about? I've got all the time in the world." Shego said as she laid down. Kim thought for a while before she decided to bring up what was on her mind. "Yeah. I was thinking about what happened between... Us, and..." Kim was about to continue, but was cut off by Shego. "About that. If you want to just forget the whole thing, I understand." Kim was a bit shocked by what Shego had said.

"No, actually. I was hoping that we could... Do something." Kim said nervously "You mean... Go on a date?" Shego asked. "As much as either of us would like to, I don't think It's possible." Shego said as she sat up. Kim turned to look her in the eyes. "Anything's possible for a Possible." Shego just laughed. "I knew you were going to say that. Kim, I don't think you get it. If we did this, and it got out..." Shego drifted off before talking again. "Just think about what would happen to you. You're everybody's favorite world saving hero now, but if people heard that you and I are "together"... People would be all over you. You would be a pariah. I don't want that to happen to you." Kim just shook her head. "I don't care. I want to try this. I don't want to throw away what could be. Besides, if anybody says anything, I'm sure you and I could deal with them." Shego just smiled. She's too damn stubborn for her own good. That's Kimmie for ya. "Fine. You and me. Saturday at 8 P.M. I'll pick you up." Shego said as she got up and pulled Kim up to her feet. "Also, wear something nice. My idea of a date doesn't include going somewhere like Bueno Nacho for dinner." Before Kim could respond she felt a hand on the back of her head and Shego's lips on own.

Shego quickly pulled away and started to leave. "Seeya later Princess." said Shego, but as she reached the door she felt Kim pull her back into the room. "You're not getting away that easily." she said. "I'm still supposed to stop you from committing crime. Now are you going to hand over those blueprints?" Shego just smiled. "Not a chance 'Kimmie-cub'." Shego said with a laugh. Kim buried her face in her hands to hide her embarrassment "You heard her call me that?" She asked. "Yep, sure did. I think it's pretty cute. I'm going to have to ask your mom if she has anymore gems like that. Assuming that she doesn't get a restraining order on me when I come to your house and ask if you're ready for our date." Kim laughed a bit as her face returned to its original color. "So. Since you're not giving me the blueprints, I guess that I'm going to have to kick your butt until you hand them over." Shego laughed in response. "In your dreams, Kim."

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