Mystical Twilight

A/N: Hello guys and gals! Welcome to the sequel to Charming Twilight where pretty much nothing is what it seems. Special Thank you to DeathDaisy for taking time from her busy school life to read this for me :D

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"We dealt with Victoria. You could at least be grateful. You are the first human we gave our hearts to and you stomped on them. Stay away from us"

That was written and left for me at the Cullen house. I was upset but not enough to actually look for them. Instead I busied myself with vanquishing every little demon around Forks. In my defense, I didn't look for them, they all found me!

I was so bored... I had enrolled in College, major undecided, and had gotten a job as a barista and waitress at a club in Port Angeles (much to dad's chagrin) thanks to a glowing recommendation Victor had written me after working last year at the P3. As soon as the college let out for summer, I invited Angela for a night out.

Just my luck though. A warlock tried to get fresh with Angela even after she kept saying 'no'. He sensed me, I sensed his intentions and sex was not one of them. I told Angela I'd go to the ladies room and vanquished the guy with a simple spell. No pound of flesh required, thankfully.

'A silver SUV goes off a bridge. The plates read Virginia.

A guy with light brown hair dives after it fast. Too fast. He comes up with a girl. He performs CPR. The girl wakes up and he leaves her there calling 911. He never goes back. He walks away.

Another girl, looking identical to the unconscious one shows up.

"My boys"

She snarls. From her hands escape little electricity bolts and she kills the girl. Sirens are heard. Throwing the girl's body away she takes her place.'


I gasped when vision returned to me. I panted. A hand landed on my shoulder

"Bella, are you okay?"

Angela asks and I can feel her alarm. I nodded and remembered my vision.

"I'm going for a trip"