Chapter 28 – New beginnings

Five Years Later

The Mystic Park was full of life. It had been built four years ago and was as big as a city block. It had many flowers including bushes of vervain among the roses and poinsettias and white oak trees were standing proudly next to more conservative apple trees. In the middle was a white wooden gazebo with benches and beautiful colorful lights were wrapped around the railings. Children of all ages were playing tag and cops and robbers while their parents watching amused or talking among themselves.

"I can't believe it's been five years"

Elijah breathed sitting on one of the benches next to his sister. Rebekah smiled before biting her lip, a habit she had picked up from spending too much time with Bella.

"Do you think he will like the changes?"

She asked her big brother.

Klaus had been taken by the Angel of Destiny for a five year long duty to guard the Hollow along with a whitelighter with no communication to the outside world. It had been a rough sentence, but Klaus had admitted he deserved it. Meanwhile Rebekah and Elijah had undaggered their remaining siblings and made peace with them. Finn, who quite enjoyed modern life, had teamed with Elijah and the two ran a business together while Kol chased after skirts. Neither had been too sad about the loss of their parents but were happy they had a home and were a family once again.

Elijah snorted

"I'm sure he will be happy that we are happy. Although he might not appreciate your out-of-wedlock little bun of joy"

Rebekah's eyes bugged slightly and her hands were immediately placed on her protruding belly with tears staining her cheeks. Elijah signed realizing he had said the wrong thing. He immediately calmed her down inwardly chastising the Angel of Destiny for not warning them how magically turned to human for a year, pregnant, vampire women could be.

That was the present the Angel had presented Bella with five years earlier the day the latter had defeated and vanquished their father for good. A simple spell that would turn a vampire to a human for a full year. No one wanted to try it at first until Emmet had drank a bit by mistake, had human sex with Rosalie, transmitted it to her who in turn had been surprised by finding out she had also gotten pregnant. No one had bothered to say that human-vampire sex would also result with the vampire turning into human.

Kind of a three-in-one deal.

The next year had been hell on pretty much everyone as the moody and snappy Rosalie was even worse during her pregnancy until she popped out her baby girl name Joanne after the friend she had gone to visit the night she was changed.

"Shouldn't we get some kind of magical deal, like shorter pregnancy length?"

Human Emmett had confided in Bella once. She lad laughed and reminded him that real life wasn't a Sims game where a pregnancy lasts three days only. Yeah, Emmett had discovered Sims since and had decided to open a gaming facility filled with arcade games figuring he had to provide for his family as both Carlisle and Esme had died the same day Mikael did. His shop was full of people!

Edward and Rebekah, who had finally declared their feelings, had taken Rosalie's little girl for the duration of her parents transform back to vampire and by the time they gave her back (immediately after her parents' first feeding) they both had wanted a child of their own.

Edward wanted them to get married first and asked Elijah's permission. Elijah gave them his consent but reminded him that he should ask Klaus for Rebekah's hand. Rebekah reminded them both that Nik could, and probably would, tear him limp from limp and use him as firewood.

Edward gave in, took the potion, and the two were expecting their baby boy, named Henry after his long lost uncle who had been the beginning of all, just in time for Klaus to come back and be unable to do anything about his nephew.

Renee and Liz had spent the length of their pregnancies together, becoming fast friends with Charlie as he and Renee moving to Mystic when Liz decided to lessen the hours she worked not wanting her second child to be without her as much as Caroline had. Instead she and Charlie co-sheriffed the town with him breaking every speed limit the town had to rush both women to the hospital to give birth one day.

Both Liz and Renee had boys that were friends from the moment they shared a tiny bed in the hospital. Little Billy and Josh never wanted to be apart making Charlie warn Liz on the boys' first birthday party.

"If your pup imprints on my son, I will him"
"And I will kill you"

The blond sheriff had replied making the brunette sheriff laugh and shake on it.

"Do you think you might want one of these?"

Jasper had asked Caroline on the boys' second birthday from his spot under the Christmas tree. She had looked down from her perch on the couch where she helped her little brother had ornaments and said

"I thought you'd never ask cowboy"

The senior year Miss Mystic Falls had replied laughing. They had gone straight to Bella to get vials of the potion and nine short months later Peter Whitlock had been born to the world.

Bella was lounging on a blanket her back flat against Damon's front watching her friends chat happily around.

"What are you thinking?"
"How harmonious and beautiful this is"

She replied stroking her husbands palms. He laughed

"I have to admit, I never thought this would actually happen"

Bella's eyes followed his to the blanket where Josh and Billy were helping Giussepe, Stefan's son, and Richard, their son, build a castle with their blocks while Marie, their daughter, was showering them all with flowers using her magic publicly.

"You never thought you'd have children or that they would be so quiet?"

She joked lightly making him laugh and bite her slightly on the shoulder.

A year ago, right on their anniversary her waters had broken at the same time as Lexi's had. The house was on a magical lockdown and the babies had been delivered by Diana Salvatore. Damon and Stefan's mother who had only visited a few times as a ghost had taken temporary residence in order to get her grandchildren to be born passing them on her husband before she helped with Bella's second baby.

Ever since Jeremy had been accidentally shot and saved just barely escaping permanent damage since his brain had remained without oxygen for over 10 minutes, he had come clean about his ability to see ghosts.

The more children were produced by vampires-on-sabbatical, the more easy it was for ghosts to be visible to the point where Giuseppe Salvatore had had a long sit-down with his sons until the three worked out their differences and Diana was their usual babysitter.

All children were humans and would remain so until they wished to be turned, if they wished to be turned.

No Cullen was left. Emmett had returned to his human name McCarty, Jasper was back to being a Whitlock and Edward a Masen. Nothing but graves and memories remained to show the existence of Carlisle and Esme Cullen.

At twelve on the dot the sky gave a sudden lightning that had both Edward and Elijah on their feet, helping Rebekah stand as well.

At 12:01 in the middle of the gazebo Klaus was standing with a redhead Paige next to him.

At 12:02 he had blurred in front of his siblings, hugged them close, took in the human statues of his sister, noticed her pregnancy, her engagement ring, the nervous look on Edward's human green eyes and had broken his nose with a punch before dropping on his knees and introducing himself to the belly.

"Hello little one. I'm your cool uncle Nik. I don't know how you can exist but I will show you how to get chicks"

A head slap had him face planting on the belly

"Scratch that. I'll compel girls' fathers to definitely like you"

he finished. Paige smirked

"Much better, O husband of mine"

The dark blond vampire smiled pleased and wrapped an arm around the white lighter

"Something you'd like to tell us brother?"

Elijah smirked.

"Five years locked in a room alone. Do you need me to draw you pictures big brother?"

Another head slap from Henrik this time.

"Momma said to respect women, Nik"

Klaus' eyes bugged at the faintly transparent fourteen year old boy.

"Mystic Falls: The town where everything can happen"


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