Tauros Tauros!

It was a normal morning on the ranch. Pidgeys flying sky high and cheerfully cheeping a soothing melody. Rattata's scurrying down below my toes and Dugtrios grinding through miles of thick dense dirt! Then father bellowed "Millie! Go check on the Tauros! I heard them roaring a second ago!" I nodded and replied "Of course!" I hated going to see the Tauros they would always be violent and snarl at me! I only want to check on them and I mean no harm but they don't know that. Shame to know all they see is anger.
So I plodded along holding a thick stick incase they charged at me. Not to hurt them but to twirl it and flail it in the air incase they did try to buck me up into the air!

Suddenly the ground shook! I dug my feet into the mud for a sense of grip! It felt like a thousand crackles of lightning had struck the ground! Tauros! Tauros! Loads of them charging and roaring past me none of them giving me looks but all of them where charging away from something! I saw it! It was...