This is the first part of a planned three-part series of after-action reports that follow Commander Shepard's missions throughout the Mass Effect games. While I hope that you enjoy reading this, this project is largely for me to improve my writing skills by practicing a technical writing format in a 'verse that I am intimately familiar with.

Background information for those who are new to this story:

Our hero is Lieutenant Commander Revan Shepard, a Vanguard/Spacer/Ruthless who has just been commissioned as the first Human Spectre in Citadel history. Although he has a Ruthless background, his character is not mercenary. His background means that Shepard has a strong sense of duty and honor, but is willing to do personally uncomfortable things if it means getting the job done. Shepard is extremely moral, and as such strives to avoid abusing his Spectre authority. He is a strong Christian, and sometimes makes references to his faith when writing in his personal log/journal. This especially comes into play when he makes a mistake or "takes the easy way instead of the right way". Shepard holds himself to an extremely high standard, and is very hard on himself when he fails to meet it. He does not always make the right choice, and does indulge in angst at times, but always pulls himself back to his feet with a strengthened faith and resolve. He is by no means perfect, and will not always make the best choice. When he acts in a seemingly contradictory fashion, I will attempt to justify it by means of a "top secret" communique or a glimpse at his personal log.

I hope that anyone reading this enjoys this experiment. If you have any feedback on how to improve my writing or a detail that I may have missed, I'd love to hear from you. I'll try to update at least once a week, but seeing as how I am currently teaching in China, I may lapse at times on the schedule. I've got a good buffer right now, so we shouldn't have to worry about me running out of material for a while.

At any rate, thanks for reading this. Take care, and God Bless!