After-Action Report: Re. Hades Gamma, Farinata System

Attn. Admiral Hackett

Lieutenant Commander Revan Shepard (Spectre)

1/30/2183, 2040 hours (Earth Standard Time/Greenwich Mean)

At 0700 hours while en-route to the Horsehead Nebula, Admiral Steven Hackett contacted the SSV Normandy to request assistance with a hostage situation in the Farinata System. Biotic extremists had kidnapped Chairman Burns from the Systems Alliance Parliamentary Subcommittee for Transhuman Studies and were holding him hostage aboard a freighter, the MSV Ontario, demanding reparations from the Systems Alliance to individuals suffering side effects from the L2 biotic implant.

At 1000 hours, I stormed the ship with Combat Specialist Garrus Vakarian and Staff Lieutenant Kaiden Alenko, eliminating six extremists in the cargo hold. We discovered Chairman Burns in the port-side bunk room being held at gunpoint by the leader of the biotics and two of his followers. We opened negotiations with the biotics, who again demanded reparations from the Parliamentary Subcommittee for Transhuman Studies for individuals suffering side effects from the L2 biotic implants. He further claimed that, without the reparations, the biotics had nothing left to live for. I responded by pointing out that, by taking the chairman hostage, they were simply reinforcing the public perception of L2 biotics as unstable dangers to society, and told him that if he wanted to help the L2s, he should surrender. His message had already been sent – all he could accomplish now was the death of him and his remaining followers. After a few seconds, he surrendered. I signaled to the Normandy, and eight soldiers from the Normandy's marine complement came to secure the vessel and the prisoners until a cruiser from the 5th Fleet could come to pick up the chairman and the prisoners. At 1600 hours, the SSV Beijing arrived, and the Normandy subsequently left the system.

While the Normandy waited for the SSV Beijing to arrive, Navigator Pressley took some scans of the system, which revealed a large deposit of thorium on Nepneu and a magnesium deposit on an asteroid (coordinates attached to report). Scans also showed a derelict freighter in orbit around Juntauma; after the SSV Beijing arrived, the Normandy flew over to it and sent a salvage team led by Chief Engineer Greg Adams to board the freighter. The salvage found a Prothean data disc aboard the freighter, but little else of value. The black box was stripped, and will be delivered to Alliance authorities with all due haste. Dr. Liara T'soni took custody of the data disc, and is attempting to salvage any useful information from it.

After the salvage team returned, we continued to the Horsehead Nebula, leaving the system at 1900 hours.


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