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"Akashi-kun! It's been ten minutes now. Where are you hiding?" Kuroko called in a loud voice so he would be heard better by his friend who he is currently searching for.

He heard a playful chuckle, and he looked upwards. Akashi smiled down at the young bluenette while sitting on one of the thick and sturdy branches of the tree, and Kuroko pointed a finger at the redhead.

"Hey, get down here. It's dangerous to be up in trees, you know." he chided in his monotone voice.

Akashi shrugged his shoulders with a light smirk on his face before jumping down from the tree and landing on the ground safely. Kuroko felt like he was going to have a heart attack at the moment that Akashi jumped down, because it's so high and yet... the redhead landed like it's no big deal for him.

"There's no need to be scared, Tetsuya." Akashi assured, like he read the blue-haired kid's thoughts. "Heights won't ever harm me."

"Acting overconfident isn't good, Akashi-kun. I'm really worried. You often do dangerous things, and it's lucky that you're not hurt in every single time you do something reckless." Kuroko said, dusting off Akashi's shirt for him. The redhead lets him do so, and he flashed a warm smile towards his friend.

"I'm happy." he admitted through a gentle whisper.


"I'm happy that you always play with me, Tetsuya." His face turned slightly sad. "No one else does, and it makes me lonely."

The tone in his voice matches what he's feeling right now - loneliness, and for some reason Kuroko's eyes start to shine with tears that he prevented with all his strength from falling down.

Akashi became concerned and walked closer, cupping the boy's face in his hands. They're of the same height, so it makes it easier for the young redhead to look at Kuroko eye-to-eye without bending down or tiptoeing up.

"It's okay, Tetsuya. As long as you're my friend, I don't feel lonely anymore." he comforted, and Kuroko's tears disappeared in a few seconds as the bluenette blinked them away. Akashi smiled at this, and he doesn't care that he smiles even if it's not usual for him since it's Kuroko. He can always be like this to Kuroko and to no one else.

"Ah, come here. I have something to show you." he grabbed Kuroko gently by the hand and intertwined the fingers together before walking to a certain direction. Kuroko walked along and doesn't mind the hand-holding. They stop by a garden and Akashi lets go of his hand, walking to a patch of blue-lavender flowers and bending down.

"You know, these flowers remind me of you." Akashi said and Kuroko just listened with silence. "Delphiniums, they're really pretty. They're poisonous, as I read, but it's like roses. If roses have thorns, delphiniums have poisons, so the best thing to do is just look." He looks up and his gold-red eyes meet Kuroko's.

"Tetsuya, I know you'll leave one day. But before that, can I keep on looking at you like I would these flowers whenever you're not here?"

Kuroko raised an eyebrow. Akashi stifled a chuckle.

"I want to remember every single detail of you. Like I would of the delphiniums. As I remember what exact delphinium among the twenty I like the most, I wish to remember your face which I love above everyone else's, even mine myself." he smiled and their lips are close by only a few inches.

Kuroko is innocently unaware of the moment, but Akashi doesn't mind and they stay like that for a long time. No words are spoken, and the fact that they stay like this makes Akashi happier than a child on his birthday.

For some reason, I can't find myself to understand what Akashi-kun's saying when it's about me. I know he cares for me since I'm his only friend, but all his words can be very confusing sometimes.

"Ohayo, Kurokocchi~"

"Ah! Tetsu-kun, you're back!" Momoi squealed as she leaped forward to glomp the bluenette at the same time Kise did. Both their arms encircled around the young teen, but Kuroko stayed blank as they continued hugging him like a big pillow.

When they let go of him, a hand ruffles Kuroko's light blue hair. "It's nice to have you back here, Tetsu. Eight years is surely a long wait." Aomine greeted with his usual grin. Kuroko may not like being patted on the head since it makes him feel like he's just a kid, but since it's his best friend he decided to let it slip.

"Kuro-chin, here's some 'welcome back' snacks for you." Murasakibara drawled in his lazy, childish tone as he dropped several kinds of candies on Kuroko's hands. The bluenette held out his hands to catch them, and he bowed his head to the purple head as a greeting and as thanks as well.

Midorima did not greet Kuroko verbally, but only through a nod of his head. Kuroko returned the gesture and he took his seat. His friends follow him as they start to ask a few questions.

"So, where have you been again, Tetsu-kun?"

"From America. We came there to visit a relative, but I guess the trip lasted longer than we thought. It's only supposed to be for a year, but I guess I spent half my childhood in a different country."

"Eh? So what's it like in America, Tetsu?"

"It's nice and very urbanized with lots of beautiful places. It's just really hard to speak English, and the people there look so different from us. But I've already gotten used to speaking English."

"Can you try speaking English to us, Kurokocchi?"

"Okay. Ahem." he cleared his throat. "How do you do? I'm feeling alright, thanks."

"Whoa. You speak it so fluently, Kuro-chin. Speaking English is such a pain." Murasakibara complimented while sucking on a huge lollipop.

Kuroko stayed quiet for a while as he placed his candies inside his bag. Then he remembers something. He looked at his friends again.

"By the way, is Akashi-kun here?" They raise an eyebrow at his question. Their eyes showed confusion.

"Akashi? Who's that?" Midorima asked while adjusting his glasses. Kuroko becomes confused.

"Eh? It's Akashi. My friend. He goes to this school, remember? He took middle school in here, and we're classmates, so I'm sure that he's still here, right?"

Silence took over the air for a few minutes. Then Midorima breaks it by saying, "You mean the one with red hair? Akashi Seijuurou?"

Kuroko nodded. "Yes. That's him."

Kise started to remember as well and added, "He doesn't attend school anymore. Ever since you left, he stopped attending school and just stayed at his home."

Momoi agreed with a nod. "If I remember right, you always play together when you were young before you left for America. But I wonder Tetsu-kun, I know you're a very nice person but why did you play with Akashi-kun?" she asked with curious eyes. "He's strange and very... out of the ordinary."

Kuroko knows that. He knows why others tend to avoid the redhead. But he's not mad at them. Even he has to admit that he always senses something about Akashi that's very different.

"He is different, to be honest. But he's not a bad person. He's just misunderstood. I learned that when we became friends. But seriously? He doesn't attend school anymore?"

"He stopped attending classes since the day you left for America." Aomine answered.

Kuroko looked down with a slightly sad look on his face. "Is that so? I guess I have to pay him a visit to let him know that I'm back." he muttered.

They sighed and Kise patted Kuroko's back, making the latter look at him. The blonde-haired teen smiled.

"Well, since it's been a long, long time since we've last since each other, let's go hang out in the mall after school ends. Okay, Kurokocchi?"

The bluenette smiled, "Sure. I miss you all as well."

A week passes since his return, and since he has a lot to make up for with his friends in school after being gone for eight years, he didn't get enough time to go to Akashi's house and visit him.

But on a peaceful Sunday, he finally gets his chance to visit his friend.

He remembered where the house is, and he took a long but steady walk there. Once he saw the familiar large iron gates, he stopped and his eyes take in the image of the house that looks more like a rich mansion than a simple house.

"It looks exactly like the last time I was here." he breathed out. He remembers the past.

Whenever he would stop by the gate, Akashi would immediately open the gates for him and say hi with a smile on his face. The redhead would always be happy when he would be there to visit his friend.

They would play until such time that Kuroko has to go home, and Kuroko recalled one night when Akashi played with Kuroko for too long and when he decided to leave, Akashi suddenly grabbed his hand like it's his lifeline and begged him to stay with him for the night.

That showed how lonely Akashi is.

And since it's been eight years since they last saw each other, in addition that no one else visits Akashi, Kuroko hoped that Akashi had not become insane from being so lonely.

A knot formed in his throat. He swallowed it as quickly as he could before he pushes the gates open. There's no need for a key. The gates opened up for him, making a noise while doing so.

He stepped inside, and he sees the trees still full of life with green leaves. The grass remains soft and full, and the house still looks grand and clean.

Kuroko reached his hand for the door and slowly twisted the knob. The door opened quietly, and silence greets him. He doesn't see Akashi anywhere. Something dreadful gripped at his heart, but he enters the house nonetheless.

"Tetsuya." Akashi said in a soft tone, giving the bluenette a nudge on the shoulder. Kuroko did not reply, and just breathed quietly in his sleep. Akashi chuckled but he still tries to wake up Kuroko. The latter finally woke up after feeling air blowing into his ear, and Akashi laughed from the reaction he got.

Kuroko slightly blushed from the tickle he got in his ear, and Akashi has to be honest that the bluenette looked so adorable all the while being irresistibly beautiful.

"You had a good sleep?" Akashi asked as he sat beside Kuroko. The latter nodded and they sat in silence for a few moments before the former spoke up. "You know what blood is the most delicious?"

Kuroko innocently shook his head.

"It's virgin blood. Virgins are clean and fresh, and so are their blood as well." Akashi answered like it's a normal thing to talk about. Kuroko felt slightly uncomfortable at the sudden topic.

"I don't understand exactly what you mean. Can you even eat virgins?"

Kuroko received no answer. Akashi just looked at him like he's a divine figure, and since the redhead usually does that the bluenette let him look.

"Akashi-kun, if ever you won't be able to greet me when I visit, where can I find you in the house?" Kuroko asked out of the blue.

Akashi stayed quiet for a while then he responded, "If ever I'm still asleep or busy with something that I can't greet you by the gate or by the door, find me in the basement. There lies a coffin. Open it and you'll find me."

"I'll remember that."

A pause occurred. Kuroko could see that a very sad but genuine smile was on the redhead's lips, as his eyes looked at the blue-haired boy as if he's there but he's so far away. It looks so painfully distant, and it hurt Kuroko in a way.

"Hey, Tetsuya. Do you want to play tag?" Akashi asked with a teasing smirk after the very short but also long silence.

Kuroko nodded hesitantly, since he knows that he'll always be it whether he's one being chased or not. He knows that Akashi knows he's slow and weak in running.

And that's exactly why tag is Akashi's favorite game, because he wins all the time. Like a few minutes later, Akashi won again and Kuroko is already panting from being out of breath. But even with his satisfaction of his yet another victory, Akashi was still concerned for Kuroko and he swiftly prepared a glass of water and gave it to Kuroko.

The latter accepted the drink and gulped it all, and he slowly felt a bit better and thanked the redhead, who blushed at the small words of gratitude. He tried to hide the pink hue on his face by looking away, but failed as Kuroko noted out loud the abnormal red color on his cheeks.

"Akashi-kun, why are you blushing?"

"I... feel kind of feverish." Akashi lied, his voice shaking from the fluttering feeling in his chest. Kuroko raised a hand and pressed it against his forehead, and the touch made Akashi flinch, but he softened towards Kuroko's gentle hand and closed his eyes.

"Okay, so this is the basement, huh?" Kuroko said out loud as he twisted the small knob that lights up the lamp plastered to the wall.

"I've never been here before even though I always visit Akashi-kun." he sighed before walking further and seeing a long rectangular piece of wood - a coffin, to be exact. It's closed, but not locked. Kuroko dusts off the surface with his hands before blowing the dirt away from his fingers.

The designs on the lid are intricate and elegant. Kuroko traced his fingers over the lines and curves as slowly and smoothly as he could, before his fingers clutch the edge of the lid.

He hesitated for a few moments; he could hear his strong heartbeat resonate in his ears. But he decided to go on with this, and so with all his strength he opened the lid.

Again, there's a creaking noise made as he opened the coffin but Kuroko didn't pay attention to that.

Before him lies the person who he hasn't seen in eight years.

Akashi has grown taller and his features have matured, but Kuroko can still tell that he's Akashi. He still has his bright red hair and his pale skin. He still has everything that Kuroko can recognize. The red-haired teen lied there in the coffin. He's still as a statue, and his eyes are closed perfectly to hide the gold-red orbs beneath.

The bluenette could only watch the person in front of him, lying in the casket peacefully and beautifully.

He knows that Akashi is not dead, but for some reason, even though his mind would normally give out questions to why is Akashi lying like that and so on so forth, he just can't help but look at his red-haired friend and admire the hauntingly enchanting sight.

The few minutes were like hours for the bluenette, and all of a sudden, Akashi's eyes slowly opened. Kuroko flinched and made a few hasty steps backwards from surprise.

"Tetsuya..." he spoke slowly, his voice hoarse. His body rose up as he moved his head to look at Kuroko in the eyes. His red bangs covered part of his forehead, but Kuroko can see the gold-red eyes that would always make him chilled to the spine.

"Akashi-kun..." was the only thing that could come out from his mouth.

A soft yet pained smile crossed the redhead's cold and pale lips. "Finally, after so long... you're here again..."

Before the azure-haired teen could react, Akashi quickly moved until he's standing on the ground, then he held out a hand to caress Kuroko's soft cheek before leaning very close and claiming his lips in a tender but passionate manner.

Until part 2...

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