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It took a while for Kuroko to realize what was going on. And when he did, he could only react by widening his eyes. But his whole body could not move; he was frozen in place, and he was sure his face was slowly burning up.

Akashi could sense the surprise pour out from his friend, and he understood why. But he refused to break the kiss.

Instead, he deepened it as their lips become fully locked. He pulled Kuroko closer to himself by wrapping his arms around the bluenette's neck and back. The redhead quickly found himself enjoying this, and all the more since the one who he's embracing is Kuroko.

After staying still for a few moments, he nipped at Kuroko's lower lip in a nearly forceful manner, and this earned him a soft noise from Kuroko. Pleased from this, he proceeded further by poking his tongue against the bluenette's closed lips, asking for permission to enter.

Kuroko tried to resist by keeping his lips shut. He thought that this was too weird; that he should not give in; that they should stop.

But for some reason, he couldn't find it in him to push Akashi away. He felt like he'd completely regret it if he did.

He continued in trying to keep his lips closed, but when he felt a cool and soothing motion against his back, all his muscles started to relax and so did his lips.

Akashi quickly took this chance to press his tongue deeper, making sure to explore every part of Kuroko's hot cavern. He silently probed his tongue everywhere in the bluenette's mouth, reveling in the feeling of the moist heat along with the mildly sweet taste of vanilla.

Kuroko felt like he would lose his sense of reality if he didn't fight back, but he let Akashi completely dominate the kiss for a moment before he fought back by clashing his own tongue with the redhead's in a fierce manner.

The latter was taken by surprise at the act, but he wasn't bothered and he let Kuroko try and battle to who would be the winner. Their tongues intertwined like snakes, and neither was willing to back down. But of course, the redhead won the fight.

Akashi tightened his hold around the bluenette, and Kuroko's hands clasped tightly around the former's shoulders. If he didn't do that, he was sure that he would fall down.

Minutes flew by and yet, Akashi did not break the kiss even for a mere second. He wanted to make sure that this was something that Kuroko would never forget. He knew that Kuroko's shocked from this, but he wanted to make it clear to the bluenette that this is all real.

And god, how it would kill him if this was just a dream.

"Mmph... nn!" Kuroko started to struggle when he could no longer breathe any air, and he tried to push himself away from Akashi. The latter refused at first by embracing him tighter with such strength that it seemed impossible for Kuroko to free himself from his grasp.

Akashi opened his eyes to see the look on Kuroko's face. For a moment, he was happy at the hue of pink on Kuroko's pale cheeks. But since he knew that Kuroko was merely human and would obviously need some oxygen, he let him go but the process of completely breaking his hold on the teen was painstakingly slow.

Kuroko was given some time to breathe, and he did with all his might. His lungs were burning from the need to take in some air, and he gasped loudly from his mouth as he exhaled all the tension that accumulated in his chest.

When he felt hands cupping his cheeks, he looked up and saw Akashi gazing at him with an affectionate and soft look in his mismatched eyes. Kuroko saw this look a million times back during their childhood days, but this time, the way the redhead gazed at him felt different from the previous times.

"Sorry, Tetsuya," Kuroko felt ice cold but soft fingers brushing his milky skin, and he felt goosebumps on his skin from the kind touch. "I just had to do that."

"But... that was a kiss..." he replied, his voice quiet and uncertain. "It's not... right..."

"I apologize again." he said. "But I'm happy that you're back. It's been," he paused to collect his thoughts.

"Eight years... I've been alone for those eight years without you. You should know how much it means to me that you're here again." While he said that, his lips were in the form of nothing but a blissful smile.

"I won't let you leave me again." Akashi gently hugged Kuroko, and the latter didn't resist, but he didn't reciprocate the gesture either. Akashi breathed in a sated manner; he could feel the cold of his skin meld with the warmth of Kuroko's, and the same went for the latter.

"But I never intended to leave you like that." Kuroko replied simply, burying his face in the redhead's shoulder. "I always thought about how you and the others would be doing while I was gone... and I hoped that you haven't given up on waiting for me."

"I'd never give up waiting, Tetsuya." he whispered with pure honesty in his voice. "Even if a hundred years would pass, I would always wait. Because I know you would come back, and because," He closed his eyes and recalled all the times when they would play. "You're my only friend."

And the one I love deeply...

"Hm." Kuroko nodded. He sensed the ache in his friend's words, and it was painful for him to hear how desperate Akashi was just to see him again. Even if he did it through kissing him, he knew that Akashi would never hold back with his emotions when it comes to the bluenette.

"I'm sorry I took so long to get back." Kuroko murmured. He sounded monotone, but he was hurting on the inside from this moment. Hearing or seeing Akashi in such a lonely state always made him feel like crying. But he kept his cool.

"I'm just relieved that you're still the same Akashi-kun I knew."

"Stay with me..." Akashi quietly bit his lip as his fingers clutched the cloth of Kuroko's shirt. He feared that if he didn't hold Kuroko firmly enough, the boy would vanish into thin air, like he was a presence that was never there. He won't allow that to happen. He won't let Kuroko leave him for a second time.

"Always be here, Tetsuya."

"I... I will."

"Just like back then, let's be together like back then; when we would always play." His grip on the shirt grew stronger that the garment would have already been ripped in two should he had not any self-control.

"Please, Tetsuya." His voice cracked with need and emotion. Kuroko didn't fail to notice that, and to try and comfort the redhead, he lifted an arm and placed it on Akashi's back.

"I won't do that again, I swear. I'll keep you company." he assured but Akashi just kept on running his lips, the bluenette's name leaving them.

"Tetsuya." He didn't stop saying Kuroko's name. Instead, he repeated it like a mantra, like saying it would keep him alive. The more he said the name, the fainter his voice became and he started to choke on his own words. His hands shook and he felt faint. "Don't leave me again."

He felt something wet and ice-cold go down his cheeks. "Eh?" he raised his right hand and touched his cheeks. When he pulled it away, he saw that his palms had gone damp.

"Tears...?" he murmured in disbelief. He never cried his whole life; it was absurd for someone like him to cry. He stared at the wet drops on his hand, then he sighed. Even if it was uncharacteristic of him to cry, he knew that he can't stop himself from showing signs of sorrow after being away from Kuroko for years.

"I was really lonely the whole time, Tetsuya." he confessed as he broke the hug, and instead just held Kuroko's hands as he decided to speak his feelings. "You said you were going to leave because of family matters, and you'd be gone for a while but you would be back soon."

Kuroko remembered saying exactly that to Akashi the last time they saw each other. And from what he remembered, Akashi did not beg him to stay or the like. But he was sure that the redhead was definitely upset from the news.

"So I waited. Even though I don't know how to get in touch with you, even though I haven't received anything from you, I kept on waiting. And now, you're here. So please, don't leave me again. I might..."

His throat suddenly tightened but he forced himself to finish. "...lose control if you vanish like last time. I know I keep saying it, but I don't wish for anything else. I just want it to be like in the past, before you left."

Silence followed, but before Kuroko could make his answer, Akashi started to fall. Kuroko caught him but he was brought down to the floor. He knelt while supporting Akashi upwards, and the redhead quietly shifted himself to rest his head on the bluenette's chest.

Kuroko couldn't see what the red-haired teen's face looked like due to the long, carmine bangs covering Akashi's face, but he knew for sure that Akashi was closing his eyes to sleep. Their current position may be awkward, but the blue-haired teen didn't mind that.

Akashi murmured into Kuroko's chest, "I remember... doing the same thing to you a few times before..."

He didn't say anymore as he was once again in a deep slumber. Kuroko made a genuine smile and ran a hand around the bright red locks in a slow manner, intending to wait as long as he likes until Akashi wakes up again.

"Don't worry, this time I'll always be here..."

Akashi opened his eyes a while later. He stifled a chuckle when he saw Kuroko resting his cheek on his head, the blue-haired teen snoring softly while holding Akashi in his arms.

The redhead looked at his friend's sleeping face, wondering how Kuroko could still look so adorable like in the old times. It was as if nothing about his looks changed at all. Kuroko might look a bit more mature, but that's the only change that Akashi can see.

He moved slowly, careful as to not wake Kuroko. Freeing himself from the bluenette's hold, he lifted Kuroko with much ease and carried him like a groom would his bride and he vanished from the basement in a second's time.

The next second, he was in a room that was abnormally spacious for a bedroom, and he looked at the place. Even though people always sleep in their beds, he never ever rested on one. He would always sleep in the coffin in the basement, and nowhere else. He felt a bit sad that the bedrooms in the house seemed to be only for design, since no one else would visit but Kuroko. And Kuroko would always insist to sleep in the living room out of politeness.

He dropped Kuroko on the bed and sat by the edge, his eyes focused on the younger teen. He smiled warmly, his hand stroking the baby blue hair. "He's just like the child he used to be. If only it would stay like that..." he thought dreamily.

When he would be this close to Kuroko, he felt his dead heart beating - although that was merely an exaggeration to how much he treasured the teen for being by his side since his childhood. Kuroko kept him from completely sinking into loneliness

He flinched when he caught the scent of something intoxicating and he slightly pulled down the collar of Kuroko's shirt to find the cause of the scent. He felt horrified when he saw a drop of fresh blood trickling down Kuroko's neck.

He bit his lip when something inside him stirred. Bloodlust filled him to the core as the scent of Kuroko's blood continued to waft in his nose, clouding his senses. But he kept control. He looked away and pondered to himself.

He had been in a deep sleep for eight years, waiting for Kuroko. He had not taken a single drop of blood for a long time. Of course his hunger would arise. But never, he would never hurt Tetsuya just to satisfy his bloodlust. And he would definitely never let Tetsuya find out the truth of who he really was.

Something in him twisted in pain at that last thought. He sighed wearily and rested his forehead on the palm of his hands.

By keeping the truth from Tetsuya, I'm only betraying him. In fact, I've been lying to him since the day we met. He doesn't know what I really am. But if I tell him the truth, he might be afraid of me. And... he might avoid me. And I can't have that. I can't lose him. I don't want to lose him.

Oh, what do I have to do? And I thought that my reunion would him would be pleasant. Why am I wallowing in these dark thoughts? Why do I have to be a monster? And why do I have to be in love with him?

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