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Title of the series: OH, MY GOD!

Summary: This is a series of one-shots that resolves around people discovering that Sam and Jack are finally together after season 8.

Genre: Romance, and humor

Season/episode: After the end of season 8.

Spoilers: Stargate: SG-1 and Atlantis (all seasons)

Pairing: Jack/Sam

Rating: T (If anyone disagrees please let me know)

Warnings: Sexual innuendo, and not explicit sexual situations

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Acknowledgements: Big thanks to my beta wackyjacqs :D

Summary 2.0: After the events of "Threads", Jack and Sam had a long honest talk, and deciding that they wanted to be together, they devised a plan. While Jack was still the CO of SGC, Sam got transferred to Area 51 to be out of his chain of command. That done, they got married before Jack was promoted to Major General and put in charge of HomeWorld Security, thus getting around the pesky frat regs.

This story will show us how different characters of the show reacted to the news. Each character will have a chapter. I'll do my best to put these chapters in a somewhat chronological order, but they aren't really in order which is why you needed to read summary 2.0.



Prologue: Earthlings' debilities (Teal'c)

Season/episode: season 8 – After the events of "Threads" (episode 18) and "Moebius I and II (episodes 19 and 20)

The events of this chapter occurred approximately a month after SG1 returned from their trip to Jack's cabin.

Since our victory over Anubis, and the end of the war against the false gods, great changes have occurred, both in a galactic scale and in our personal lives.

I am now part of the Jaffa Free Council, and the liaison with the Tau'ri. These new duties force me to travel between both worlds frequently, but also allow me more time with my son, and Ishta. I am happy with this development, and excited to see our free nation being born.

However, this is not the time to talk about the Jaffa, it is time for more earthly topics. The Tau'ri feel an almost unhealthy and obsessive need for gossip, and for betting. I should forgive this weakness on this occasion, as finally, a very old bet was settled.

It is also proving to be quite entertaining.

Finally, after too many years of repressing their feelings O'Neill and ColonelCarter had decided to pursue a relationship. I never understood the reasoning behind what O'Neill calls frat regs, as for me, passion is a powerful drive for a warrior. I have observed that O'Neill is also driven by his passion, so his adherence to such rules has always puzzled me. Even though I have always respected his decision, and his honor when adhering to the rules imposed by his country.

I digress. I apologize.

Returning to the issue at hand, O'Neill and ColonelCarter are finally in a relationship. Everyone knows this, and the basics of how it happened, but I will tell you.

After Anubis was destroyed, and Jacob and Selmak died, ColonelCarter at last saw that PeteShanahan was not a worthy mate for a warrior of her class. She terminated her relationship with him, and talked with O'Neill about their feelings for each other. Like the great warriors they are, they devised a plan to obtain their objective. ColonelCarter transferred to Area 51, therefore leaving O'Neill's chain of command, and they started dating, as the Tau'ri would say.

Not even a month has passed, and they are already engaged to be married. This makes them extremely happy, but it is also part of their plan. Once they are married, their legal union could not be contested by anyone, not even their superiors. President Hayes, who declared himself a closet romantic (I do not understand what a closet has to do with being a romantic, but as it played to my friends' favor, I will not argue), promised to promote O'Neill after the wedding. Yes, O'Neill will be rightly promoted and put in charge of all the things related to the Stargate, replacing GeneralHammond when he retires, something that the General also promised to do only after the wedding.

DanielJackson and I found about it immediately; we even helped them in their path to happiness. We were also witnesses of their bliss during SG1's trip to O'Neill's cabin. Not even the mosquitoes seemed to bother the couple.

On our return, they settled in a routine. ColonelCarter worked in Area 51, and O'Neill directed the SGC. They would call each other every day, and the Colonel would come to Colorado Springs to visit on the weekends. They are, if an old Jaffa can say it, as happy as they were in the cabin. Everyone has, in fact, notice how O'Neill's humor has improved with this development.

Still, we know how private our leader is, and we had all respected his privacy…. No, I am not being truthful with you. Again, my apologies. Everyone, with the exception of DanielJackson, had respected O'Neill's need for privacy.

Yet, as I was saying before, the Tau'ri have debility for gossip, and this was a much expected piece of gossip. They all wanted to know how it happened and when, and the base had ran insane with the need for answers for a full week.

Fortunately, ColonelDixon, who is another old friend of O'Neill, decided to talk with the General to obtain the needed information to satisfy the personnel's curiosity, and to solve the bets around the couple. The bet over when O'Neill and ColonelCarter would get together dated back to the origins of the SGC. Majors Kawalsky and Ferretti started it after their first meeting; and it came as a surprise that the winner was Kawalsky. No one chose the right date; however, O'Neill's old friend and comrade bet that 'they would get together the very same day she leaves his chain of command'. As O'Neill and ColonelCarter had their first date not even an hour after her transfer to Area 51 was official, everyone deemed the major the winner. Or at least, everyone in the SGC did, as it was decided to keep the result of the bet a secret until the wedding, something that only worked for outsiders because gossip traveled extremely well within the base.

After ColonelDixon obtained the information the personnel wanted everything returned to normal. Only DanielJackson was not satisfied with this information, and required more. He was quite annoying in his pursue for gossip, to the point that O'Neill decided to 'mess with his head', in his own words. He informed me of his plan so I could reassure everyone else, and then proceeded to convince the archeologist that he and ColonelCarter had broken their relationship. I informed Walter of O'Neill's intentions – he controls the bets and the gossip waves in this base – and soon everyone knew about it too. For a full week, the personnel stopped their conversations or changed them when DanielJackson was near to contribute to O'Neill's endeavor. During this time, DanielJackson called ColonelCarter daily trying to convince her to 'get back with Jack'. I know through O'Neill, that the Colonel is having a hard time not laughing at the archeologist.

DanielJackson is quite anxious about the issue, at the moment. He even informed me this afternoon of his intentions of convincing O'Neill to travel to Nevada to talk with ColonelCarter. He is now on his way to O'Neill's house. Someone should have told him that ColonelCarter is visiting him too.

I can only imagine the stunned expression on DanielJackson's face when he finds that everything was a trick…

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