After the wake at Angelo's myself, Ruby, Heath, Casey, Bianca and the other Riverboys headed down to the beach. Heath, Casey and the other boys were going to lay some wreaths in the water. I watched as they got themselves organised and I stood, one hand clasped in Ruby's and one hand clasped in Bianca's as they weakly smiled as they made their way out into the water…

"Brax would've loved this" Ruby sighed as we sat on the sand later that night

"Yeah, yeah he would" I replied, thinking over all the times me and him had sat on the beach together

"It wasn't your fault, you know that right?" she questioned

"I know darling. I just wish I'd got the call sooner" I admitted

"I know you do. Even though he's not here, he's still here, if that makes sense?" she enquired

"We're gonna head off" Heath informed us as I was about to answer

"Why don't you go with them Rubes?" I suggested, raising an eyebrow

"Are you gonna come too?" she asked

"C'mon Rubes, let's give your Mum some space" Bianca advised, placing a hand on my shoulder

I turned and smiled at her weakly as Ruby embraced me before standing up, walking away with the others. I sat for a few moments in silence before pulling a box out of my bag…

"What you got there?" Brax's voice asked

"Rose petals" I informed him

"Our flower" he replied

I smiled weakly and felt the tears begin to sting my eyes…

"I know you probably think all of this is soppy" I sighed

"No, it's beautiful" he admitted

"Yeah?" I questioned, turning to where his voice was coming from

"Yeah" he mirrored "go ahead. I'll watch"

I smiled and stood up, dusting myself off before making my way out to the shore before taking the lid off the box and tipping it upside down, the rose petals falling out into the water…

"I'm sorry" I whispered, wiping my tears away

"It's okay" he assured me

"No it's not. I'm meant to be strong but I can't be Brax" I admitted "I can't"

"You can and you will" he replied "it's just gonna take time"

"How much time? I don't think I can cope with this much longer" I questioned

"That's something I don't have the answer to" he sighed

"Makes a change" I chuckled lightly

He didn't answer. I made my way back up the beach and sat back down, watching the moonlight reflecting on the water as the rose petals made their way further out into the ocean…