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"Hey Ma," Dorothy said, "Can we talk?"
"Sure Pussycat," Sophia said, "What's on your mind?"
"We used to be so close," Dorothy said, "Now it seems like we argue all the time. What happened?"
"Look Dorothy," Sophia said, "I love you. I'm your mother and I will love you forever. The problem is that you treat me like I'm a child and I'm not. I'm an 82 year old adult."
"But ma you're... old."
"Really. Tell me something I don't know pussy cat."
"You want to go around acting like you're young and that's not safe."
"Dorothy do you remember when Kate got cancer," Sophia asked, "She was 9. Michael was 5."

"Yes I know that," Sophia said, "But my point is that you were determined that she would be like a normal child despite having something against her. You didn't treat it as if she was a disease but rather that she had a disease."
"I'm not understanding the point," Dorothy said.
"The point is that even though I am old you have to stop treating me like I'm incapable of living. Look Dorothy one day I am going to die. Everyone does. But before I die I'd like to live. A person doesn't stop living just because they get old."

Dorothy thought that over. She realized Sophia was right.
"I'll back off a little," she promised. Just then the phone rang. Sophia picked it up.
"Hello. No this is Sophia. You want my daughter Dorothy." She handed the phone to Dorothy.
"Hello?" Dorothy paused.
"OH MY G- OF COURSE WE'LL BE RIGHT THERE!" Dorothy hung up the phone.
"Ma we have to go," she said, "It's Kate."
"Dorothy that was a male on the phone and a doctor. Kate is neither a male nor is she a doctor."
"KATE IS IN THE HOSPITAL MA. She had a heart attack."