Location: Hueco Mundo

Time: about 100 years after the Muramasa incident

I am wearing a common Shinigami uniform. I am sitting on the throne where Aizen once sat look over the table that is currently empty. The soul society is in chaos because of a strange portal opening to an unexplored world. The Vizards have joined me. Ark has come back to train his inner hollow that has recently appeared to him. I am worried about this portal becoming a problem so I am taking Ulquiorra, Tia Harribel, and Hiyori through the portal. The soul society may try to stop us but I am sure they don't have much choice but to let us.

So I get up pick up Fenice from its leaning position on the right chair. I put Fenice on my back like Toshiro does.

"Legion we will meet you inside the new world" Ulquiorra says

"Fine I'll see you three there," I say while opening a Garganta