Location: Walking to a lake

Time: shortly after fighting Ichigo

I am walking along towards the lake. As soon as I see the others I feel something begin to cut through my body.

"Legion" Yells Sakura.

I grin as I regenerate and flash step in front of Ichigo.

"Stay back Sakura That was a wound I will live from" I say.

"Legion it's time to finally die" Ichigo says while charging a Getsuga Tensho.

"Fine then feel the true power of my Fenice" I say while flipping my sword upside down "Bankai" then I drop the sword and it falls through the ground. Then Blades begin to forms from the ground "Shatter Senbonzakura Kageyoshi" then the blades shattered into 100-million cherry petal like figures.

"No way" Ichigo says.

Then I put my hand forward towards Ichigo and the blades go at him

"For the past 100 years you asked what is my Zanpakuto's true power well here is your answer," I say coldly as the blades are about to cut him.

Then Black spiritual pressure made the blades move backwards and as they cleared I could see that Ichigo has his hollow mask on. So I put my hollow mask on. Ichigo goes to strike me but his Zangetsu is met with a small dagger still holding a Getsuga.

"Getsuga Tensho" Ichigo yells

Then when the Getsuga went to leave his sword my dagger adsorbed it. I grin as the dagger began to crack Zangetsu.

Then I tell the blades to hit Ichigo in the back and when they about hit Ichigo flash stepped out of the way. So I stop the blades.

"Senkei Senbonzakura Kageyoshi" I say

Then the many blades begin to form cherry colored blades and form a huge oval like structure with the blades floating around.

"I will not hold any more back Ichigo Shakei Hakuteiken" I say

Then the blades form into one single blade, then pure white wings form on my back, and as well as a halo-like circle behind me.

"Now die," I say as I stab Ichigo who is stunned by the display of power. Then the blades dissipate and Fenice's hilt is in my hand and the blade reforms. Then Ichigo's dead body falls on to the ground and becomes reishi. Then I put Fenice in his sheath.

"Legion are you ok," Sakura asks as she runs up to me.

"Yes I think," I say.

"Well let's get back to the village," Sakura says.

At the village in my house

"I am leaving," I say.

"Why" Sakura asks.

"I need to find a way home," I say.

"Well make a new one instead," She says.

"I don't believe that will work to well," I say.

"Give it a shot" Sakura says.

"Sure" I say.