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Chapter 1

It was ridiculous. Completely and utterly ridiculous, for Ginny Weasley to even think that the little raven haired Gryffindor belonged to her was laughable. Marcus Flint allowed a smirk to curve his lips. Little Harry was fifteen, and he could not be more pleased as he stood up and made his way to the Lion's table.

Those beautiful green eyes looked up with curiosity as Markus came to a stop in front of him. He held out a piece of parchment, and those dainty fingers closed around it as his smirk grew and he turned to walk away. By the end of the day everyone would know that Harry Potter belonged to him. There would be no escape from what he wanted.

Chapter 2

Harry stared down at the opened bit of parchment, his mind whirling with the information. It was a betrothal contract between Charles Potter and Mingard Flint. It was binding and Harry had no say. From what little he could understand Dorena Black had been betrothed to Mingard Flint when she had fallen in love with Charles, afraid to upset the Flint family she had pleaded for him to choose a different bride. He had agreed but with a stipulation. Their families would join, thus the betrothal contract.

"This can't be legal!" Hermione shouted after reading the contract.

"I…" Harry stated as Ginny snatched the parchment from his numb fingers, a look of rage on her heart shaped face.

"How dare he! That slimy little death eater!" Ginny hissed with fire in her brown eyes.

"Calm down, please." Harry stated with a tortured look on his face as the hall grew silent to watch the spectacle. He had always hated being the center of attention.

"Calm down? Don't you dare tell me to calm down Harry Potter! How dare he think he can take you away from me!" She screeched and a frown furrowed Harry's eyebrows.

"Ginny." Ron stated, a serious look on his face as his sister turned her blazing brown eyes to him. "Shut up." He stated, his voice brooking no room for argument. He gently wrapped his hand around Harry's arm and led the stunned fifteen year old out of the hall, his sisters screeching ringing in their ears as her displeasure was made known to everyone in the Great Hall.

The moment they stepped out Ron was forcefully moved from Harry, a look of pure rage marred Markus's face as he stepped between his bride to be and the other male. His wand was aimed at Ron's neck.

"Keep your hands off of what's mine." Harry bit his bottom lip as he placed one hand on Markus's bulging arm, gaining the Slytherin's attention.

"Ron is my best friend Flint." Harry stated with his eyes blazing in anger.

"It is inappropriate for an unmarried man to have his hands on you." Markus stated with narrowed eyes.

"Harry!" Hermione's voice called as she stepped from the great hall only to narrow her eyes at Markus. For a moment it looked like she was going to give the taller, cruller boy a piece of her mind but thought better of it and opted to pretend he wasn't there.

"Come on, we have research to do, if the contract is legal, no matter how barbaric that might be, then we have to see what being married to Flint would mean for you and if there is a way out of it." She stated, and Harry knew a list of books that might be useful was swimming through her mind.

Harry allowed his slender had to fall from the older boys arm as Hermione grabbed his hand and began to pull him away, her other hand grabbing Ron's who simply smirked and shook his head.

"There is no way out of it." Markus's voice drifted behind them, and Harry knew that if he turned around the onyx eyes would be burning in furry.

Once they were in the Library Hermione turned to face Ron, her face serious as she went into 'research mode.' "Tell me everything you know about pure-blood tradition." She ordered as she drug out a muggle notebook and a pin.

"Not much, my family doesn't really practice the pure-blood traditions; you know were not big on any of that." He reluctantly admitted with a grimace.

Hermione's shoulders slumped as she gave a nod of acceptance, "tell me anything you do know." She stated and Ron nodded.

"Well, betrothal contracts are usually held between the upper-class families like the Malfoy's, Blacks, Potter's and such. There really isn't a legal way to break the contract." He stated after a moment, a thoughtful look on his face.

"Can you think of any way to get Harry out of it?" Hermione asked after a moment and Ron began to shake his head only to stop.

"If there was an older contract then Harry could put that forth and the contract to Flint would be null and void." Ron stated with a look of excitement when a voice interrupted them.

"That would normally work, but Potter has a supplementary contract, the only way out is to find two older supplementary contracts from both the Potter and Black lines to the same family since it was Dorena Black and Charles Potter who agreed that one of their descendants would marry into the Flint family, but I wish you luck with that."

"Why would we need luck Greengrass?" Harry asked as he looked at the Slytherin. Her blue eyes were alight with amusement.

"The Potters were a light family, the Blacks a dark family, usually dark families only married into dark families and light families married into light families. Any contract that was between a dark family and a light family was usually carried out immediately, it would be one in a million chance of finding a contract between the Potters and a dark family, much less a supplementary contract and Flint most likely did his homework before bringing the contract to light." She paused as she let the words sink in.

"If by chance you did find a supplementary contract in both families to the same family, you still have the issue of the house having a contract already that would supersede your contract. Not many families would willingly take a bride from the Flint's and would have no issue bringing in an older contract." She stated as she moved over and sat in one of the unoccupied chairs.

"Why are you telling us this?" Harry asked suspiciously.

"The Flints hold a lot of sway in our world, so when they ask you to teach their soon to be bride our traditions and educate them in our ways you don't say no." She stated after a moment.

"You're saying that trying to find a way out is hopeless." Hermione stated after a moment and the blond sighed as she looked at the three Gryffindor's.

"Not hopeless, but irrational. Think about it from a Slytherin perspective for a moment alright." She stated and the three friends shared a look before nodding, they would hear the girl out.

"Markus Flint is the heir of the Flint family, are you with me so far?" She asked and the three nodded. "Very good, now before the Ministry was created the Flint family was considered royalty among both the elite and the commoners alike. They have hundreds of families that have sworn fealty to them. There are those who still see the Flints as the ruling family, and even the ministry will often bow to their wishes." She stated calmly and the three nodded to show they were following.

"Now you have a dark lord out there running amuck with some of those families that have sworn themselves to the Flint line, a newspaper who is slandering your name. Flint would never allow anyone to harm his bride; he can call in his ready-made army. The dark lord would lose most of his followers, all but the weakest. The newspaper would not dare mention your name and the ministry would listen to what you have to say without thinking of you as a child. You can be well on your way to destroying the Dark lord and wouldn't even have to move a muscle." She stated as she sat back with a satisfied smile.

She watched as Harry Hermione and Ron shared a look, but then she noticed something she had never seen before. The three didn't speak a single word but they were talking all the same. Harry lifted an eyebrow, Hermione shook her head and frowned as if to discredit something and Ron rolled his eyes before shrugging making Hermione turn and glare at him and Harry scratch the back of his head as if embarrassed by something.

"What we need is time." Hermione stated after a moment. "This is not something you just jump into, marriage is a permanent thing in our world and I would feel better if we knew exactly what it would entitle."

Daphne opened her mouth to speak when Harry interrupted her. "I agree, I'd feel better about this if we knew what was going on." He stated and Daphne sighed.

"Flint is not going to like this, but I will tell him your decision." She stated as she stood up and made her way from the Library.

Chapter 3

Daphne found Markus sitting in the Slytherin common room. His blazing black eyes demanded an explanation as to why she was there and not following his orders.

"I found them in the Library." She began before explaining everything that had taken place, including the silent conversation and ending with them needing time.

Silence rang for a long time after she had finished her explanation. "Time?" He asked after a moment and Daphne nodded. "Perhaps we can use that to our advantage." He stated as he stood up, his hands clasped behind his back as he moved, his eyes narrowed in contemplation.

"Tell them I wish to meet with them; they will be having dinner with us this evening." He stated and Daphne gave a curt nod and a slight curtsey as she left.

She found the three where she had left them, Harry, Ron, and Hermione were both pouring over books. "What about…" Hermione began only for Harry to shake his head.

"Page 374 says…" Harry stated

"I forgot about the…" Hermione sighed as she scratched out something in her notebook.

"Page 572….Ron began but was cut off by the other two.

"Discredited in…"

"What about…" Ron began again

"Annulled in…"Harry stated and Daphne stared incredulously at the three. How in the world did they do that, they never finished a sentence and by the looks of it didn't have to.

"Scary isn't it." Lavender Brown stated coming up behind Daphne, a smile twined her lips. "Everybody believes Hermione is the brains behind the trio, truth is there all extremely smart. They understand each other better than any set of twins I have ever seen."

"If they are so smart then why hide it?" Daphne hissed out the demand.

Lavender shrugged her shoulders. "It was like they all agreed to play a part in a well written play; they try to stay beneath the radar only coming into the light when it's their turn to shine. Harry plays the part of the innocent Jockey, who really only does well in Defense, Ron plays the part of a jealous lay about who has no decorum and no brains to speak of, and Hermione is the girl genius who outshines everyone in all but Defense." Lavender stated as she studied her nails.

"Why are you telling me this?" Daphne demanded.

"Markus Flint has chosen his bride, and his bride is one third of the Gryffindor trio that leads the pride. He is the queen, Hermione is the castle, and Ron is the knight. Ginny hopes to be the king, the piece all three would protect, but she is simply a pawn." Lavender stated as her eyes went to the trio.

"If Harry is the queen then who is his king?" Daphne asked and Lavender smirked.

"There has never been one worthy of the queen Greengrass." She stated before walking away, leaving Daphne with more questions than answers. She paused only a moment before squaring her shoulders and moving towards the trio, she had a job to do after all.

"Flint would like for the three of you to join him at the Slytherin table for dinner." She stated when she was beside their table; she kept her face blank behind a well-constructed mask.

Harry looked up from his book before glancing at the other two. "That is acceptable." Hermione stated after a moment as Harry nodded his consent.

Daphne gave a curt nod as she made her way back to the Slytherin common room. Her mind twisting and turning as she went over what she had heard, knowing she would need to give Markus every detail of the conversation.

Chapter 4

Markus dressed in one of his finest made robes for dinner, his own mind going over what he had learned about his soon to be bride, but the information did not deter him, if anything it proved him right, Harry Potter would make him the perfect bride. Once down in the common room he looked at those present and smirked.

"This is a joke right?" Draco Malfoy stated with a scandalized look on his pale face and Markus turned to him with a cold look. "You can't be serious about marrying Potter! He's a mudblood loving Gryffindor!" He called out and the room went silent as the spectators looked from Draco to Markus.

"You would do well not to insult my bride Malfoy." Markus snarled as his eyes went dark with barely suppressed anger. "His friends and he will be dinning with us and any who insult them will be dealt with." His eyes took in all of those in the room, a warning in his eyes and voice. "Greengrass, you will be seated on my right tonight. Zabinni you will sit on my left. My bride and his entourage will be sitting across from us." Not waiting for a response he swept from the room, Blasé Zabinni and Daphne Greengrass following close behind.

Five minutes after dinner begun Markus felt his anger bellowing in his stomach, his bride had yet to show and Markus was growing furious as being stood up by his bride in front of his house. Ten minutes in and the whispers began just as the trio walked into the Great Hall, unaware of the trouble they had already began to cause. They stopped to say something to Longbottum and Markus's eyes burned with fury as his little bride placed a dainty hand on the boys shoulder as he spoke with a look that was far to intimate.

"Looks like Potter has his eyes set on Longbottum." Draco sneered with a haughty expression. Markus's eyes flashed as he gave the Malfoy heir a cold look before turning back to look at his bride who gave a small smile to the other boy before walking away with his friends trailing behind.

Harry slipped into the seat across from Markus, Granger on his right and Weasley on his left. "Sorry were late, we had something to take care of before dinner." Hermione stated but Markus did not dignify her excuse with an answer, his eyes laying only on his soon to be bride.

Harry was dressed in a midnight blue robe, his inky black hair just barely brushed his shoulders and his killing curse green eyes were hidden beneath long lashes giving him an ethereal beauty.

"Daphne, Blasé, Flint." Harry greeted and Markus narrowed his eyes. If he didn't know better he would think his little bride was purposely trying to get a rise out of him.

"Potter, Granger, Weasley." Daphne greeted with an incline of her head. Blasé mumbled the same greeting, his eyes locked on the trio sitting across from them.

"Harry," Markus greeted, ignoring the other two. "It is inappropriate to show up late when ones soon to be husband require their presence." He stated coolly.

"As I have already informed Daphne, Flint, we need time, and my world does not revolve around you, we had a pressing issue within our own house to deal with and it could not wait." Harry stated evenly, not at all intimidated by the older boy.

"Eat," Markus ordered as he prepared his own plate, his eyes glued to the trio. He inwardly grimaced at the thought of dinning with Weasley. He knew that the red head had no manners to speak of.

He watched as the three made their plates and much to his surprise the red head did not shovel his food like a barbarian, but rather ate at a sedated pace with manners he had never shown before.

"And here I was under the impression you could only eat like a cow Weasel!" Draco called with an uproarious laughter. Instead of retorting with his mouth full like he was known to do Weasley swallowed, whipped his mouth with his napkin and turned to the blond.

"And here I was under the impression your insults couldn't get any lamer, seems we were both wrong Malfoy." Ron stated before turning back to look at Markus.

"Was there a particular reason you asked for us to come to dinner Flint, or did you simply wish to give your house a chance to use lame brained insults that a toddler could top?" Harry asked with a smirk playing on the edge of his lips.

Markus paused, taking a sip of his pumpkin juice before responding. "Greengrass has informed me of your wish for time, and I am willing to grant you this under several conditions." He stated making Harry blink and he watched as Harry turned to Hermione. He watched as he raised an eyebrow, Hermione's eyes narrowed, her lips pursed. Harrys head tilted before both looked to Ron who raised an eyebrow before inclining his head to an agreement of some kind.

"What might those conditions be?" Harry asked after a moment, his eyes turning back to Markus.

"You will agree to meet with Greengrass and Zabinni to learn about our customs and traditions for one hour three days a week, your friends may join you in this venture. You will share dinner with me, and attend the Flint Yule Gala as my betrothed." He stated silkily.

"I can agree to the first one, but the other too I can't so easily agree to. There are times when I have more pressing issues to deal with than eating dinner and I do have friends in my own house and in the other houses who I enjoy sitting with for dinner. Not to mention agreeing to going to your gala as your betrothed would defeat the purpose of telling you I need more time." Harry stated as he placed his fork down and crossed his arms.

"You will have dinner with me on Monday, Wednesday, Saturday, and Sundays and if you cannot make it you will tell me beforehand. As to the Gala, you will come as my date; your friends may come as well." Markus conceded after a moment.

"I will have dinner with you on Mondays Wednesdays and Sundays, if you wish to dine with me on Saturdays you will have to come sit at whatever table I find myself at that night. In exchange you will not bring up betrothal, contract, or marriage until I am sixteen." Harry countered but Markus shook his head and frowned.

"I can give you until the end of the school year, but I plan to have you as my bride the week after I graduate and if you bring up marriage, the contract or the betrothal the term is voided and we marry during the yule holidays. In which case your things will be moved to my dormitory and you will spend the remainder of the year with me in the dungeons." He watched as the three shared another silent conversation.

"If you bring any of them up then you will void the supplementary contract and renounce any claim to me or my line. You will never approach me for any type of relationship and will leave me to wed anybody I choose to." Harry countered.

"If I violate the terms I will give you until you graduate to find a suitable husband, if you are still unwed by then I will be claiming you in all ways as mine, I am not nearly foolish enough to give up what is mine so completely. That is the best I can offer you." Markus stated with narrowed eyes.

"Then I will be allowed to talk about the contract and the betrothal to Hermione, Ron, Daphne, and Blasé; without breaking the terms of our agreement.

"And I will be allowed to speak of the contract and betrothal and our upcoming nuptials with Greengrass, Zabinni, Montague, and my parents without violating the agreement. I will also concede to allow you to speak about them to those in your house, but I will have the same leeway." Harry nodded after a moment.

"If you will excuse us Flint, I have other places to be tonight." Harry stated after a moment.

"You should get used to using my name Harry, I have every intention of making you scream it during Yule, and you should remember my sweet that you said nothing about alluding to it, and truly I will enjoy the chase." Markus stated with a dangerous grin on his lips as Harry stood. Harry didn't respond as he left the great hall, Markus's eyes following him.

"You will do everything in your power to convince my bride that marrying me during yule is for the best." He ordered Daphne and Blasé, his eyes dark with a hunger that food could not satisfy. He took a sip from his goblet, as his eyes danced with a predatory gleam that had caught sight of its prey.

He stood and left the great hall, he would not allow his petite bride to get away from him. Not when he was mere months away from claiming him.

Chapter 5

Boy who Lived betrothed

Sources say that Harry Potter, the Boy who lived has been betrothed to Markus Owens Flint, the heir apparent of the Flint line. One source has this to say: "Oh it was so romantic, Flint walked straight up to Harry the week after school began and handed him the betrothal contract in front of everyone. That night Harry sat with him for dinner, they looked so in love!"

Another source had been quoted saying "I heard they plan to marry at the Flint Yule Gala!"

Our happy couple was unavailable for questioning, but one thing is for sure, wedding bells are in the air for the Potter and Flint heirs and this reporter pans to be their every step of the way!

Rita Skeeter, Daily Prophet

Harry read and re-read the article as fury blazed in his eyes as he looked up from the article, his eyes locked on a smirking Markus Flint. What made it worse is he couldn't confront the Basterd without bringing the betrothal or the contract up.

"Well he didn't break the terms of the agreement." Hermione stated softly as she looked at Harry. "You made no such deal with the rest of his house, and it's not beyond him to goad you into breaking the agreement." She stated and Harry glared as he stabbed his eggs. A petite Hufflepuff third year walked up to the enraged teen.

"Is it true? Are you and Flint getting married on Yule?" The excided third year asked and Harry opened his mouth before stopping himself. If he said it wasn't true he would still be talking about the contract, meaning he would be violating the terms of agreement and then he would be painted a lire when he came back married to the smug bastard.

He stood up angrily and walked over to the Slytherin table just as Flint stood up to face him. Harry reared his hand back and went to slap the smug look from the prates face when Markus caught it, twirled him around until his back was connected with Markus's hard chest.

"You shouldn't be so upset my sweet. I will use every available resource to make you break the agreement. It's the Slytherin thing to do after all." Markus stated with a smirk, the words were whispered into Harry's ear and he had no doubt what the older man was doing. The rest of the school would see their stance as Markus saying something to placate Harry as a lover would.

"I hate you." Harry snarled and Markus let out a laugh of amusement.

"No you don't, and it pisses you off. Now off you go, you don't want to be late for Potions." Markus stated as he released Harrys arms.

"Unless you would like me to walk you to class, in which case that can be arranged, keep the Puffs and Ravens away from you." Markus stated with a dangerous smirk, a dare for Harry to accept.

Harry hissed as he stormed off to where Hermione and Ron stood, both looking amused and slightly worried.

"You need to have better control on your emotions Harry, if you nearly break the agreement after one day how are you going to keep from breaking it until the end of the year?" Hermione asked as she passed Harry his bag only for a large hand to snag it away and a smirking Markus to be standing there as he deftly lugged it over one shoulder.

"I don't want you to walk me to class." Harry hissed, his face flamed with embarrassment.

Markus didn't respond, he simply raised an eyebrow, his free arm wrapping itself around Harry's small waist.

"Unless you wish for the whole of Hogwarts to hear what I have to say my sweet you will lead the way." Markus stated as he began walking with a reluctant Harry beside him.

"Your first lesson will be tonight after dinner in the Slytherin common room." Markus stated once they were outside the potions class room. "To keep you from breaking curfew I have asked for a bed to be placed in my dorm, if your friends decide to join you in your lessons there is a bed set up for Granger in Daphne's dorm. As for Weasley you can be the sweet little hero and give him your bed, mine is big enough for two." Harry glared as Markus walked off with a smug smirk.

Classes were hell. Harry was sure the world was out to get him. Two hours with Snape was bad enough but he kept most of his barbs to himself, instead he kept giving Harry odd looks. Then he had an hour with McGonagall whose looks kept switching between curious and pitying, then he gets a leader from the headmaster saying to come see him after lunch.

"Come with me?" He asked Hermione who nodded.

"I'll take notes in Bin's class." Ron stated making Hermione smile at him. Harry barely touched his lunch, not noticing the frown on Markus's face as he watched the younger boy. Harry looked as if he were walking to his doom as he and Hermione made their way up to the headmasters office.

Surprisingly, or perhaps maybe not so much surprising, all four heads of houses were in the Headmasters office when they entered. "Good after noon Headmaster, professors." Hermione greeted as she tightened her grip on Harrys arm in hopes of comforting her friend.

"Ah Miss. Granger, I was unaware of you coming to this meeting." The headmaster stated with a twinkle in his eyes.

"I'm afraid it may be necessary if this meeting is about what I fear it may be about sir." Hermione stated diplomatically.

"Indeed?" The headmaster stated, confusion rolling around in his eyes as he indicated for them to take a seat. Hermione just hummed.

"I asked her to come with me sir." Harry stated as he flopped down in one of the seats, Hermione rolled her eyes as she carefully lowered herself into another.

"I am guessing this is about the Daily Prophet article sir?" Hermione asked, getting straight to the point.

"You would guess right Miss. Granger." McGonagall stated evenly making Hermione nod.

"Then I was right, I do need to be here." Hermione stated as Harry sighed and slumped down in his chair.

"Why might that be?" Snape asked his voice dark and silky.

"Harry's not allowed to talk about it to anyone outside of our house, Or Blasé Zabinni and Daphne Greengrass. The five adults blinked.

"Perhaps you should start from the beginning Miss. Granger." The headmaster stated after a moment and Hermione let out a giggle.

"The beginning would take all day professor. May I give the shortened version of events and then answer any questions you have?" The headmaster thought on it for a moment before nodding.

"That may be for the best." He agreed.

"Alright then, Dorena Potter Nee Black, Harry's grandmum was betrothed to Mingard Flint, she was six years younger than Mingard and while at school she fell in love with Charles Potter by the time she was of marriage age Mingard had already taken over as the head of the Flint family. She pleaded her case to her betrothed and begged him to allow her to marry Charles, he agreed so long as a supplementary contract was made." Hermione began in what the Gryffindor's affectionately called her 'lector mode.'

"Yesterday Mingard's descendent Markus Flint brought the contract to lite as Harry is of marriage age by our laws he has no choice but to marry Markus Flint, the heir apparent of the Flint line. Last night we were asked to join Markus for dinner where an accord was made between Harry and Flint. Basically the terms are Harry will agree to be taught pure blood customs and traditions, he will accompany Flint to the Yule Gala as his date, but nether may mention the betrothal, marriage, or the contract. If both have met these terms they will be married the week after Flint graduates." Hermione stated as Harry slumped even lower in his seat.

"If this accord is broken, then what are the repercussions?" Snape demanded and Hermione sighed.

"It depends on who breaks them. If Flint breaks them Harry has until he graduates to find a husband and marry or he will have to wed Flint. If Harry breaks them then on Yule he will marry Flint and spend the rest of the year in the Dungeons as Flint's wife. Flint is allowed to tell anyone in his own house, and his parents of the betrothal, and Harry is allowed to talk with Ron, Zabinni, Greengrass, myself and our house about it." She stated as Harry muttered under his breath.

"What about the daily prophet?" Sprout asked with a look of worry in her eyes.

"A rather ingenious move on Flint's part, if it weren't so back handed I might have applauded him. I am sure he had several of the Slytherin girls write to the Daily Prophet, because Harry allows his anger to get the best of his judgment. If Harry had confronted him he would have had to mention the contract and the betrothal, thus making Harry his wife. Not to mention the article gets rumors circulating which Harry can neither confirm or deny without breaking the accord, and since most people mistrust the Slytherin's they are bound to badger Harry until he loses his temper." Hermione stated before a smirk spilt across her lips.

"Like I already said it is a rather ingenious plot. Of course it will take a plot just as underhanded to trap him in the same manner." The way she said it had the professors looking at her and Harry who both shared a rather Slytherin smirk.

"It should be fun." Harry stated after a moment of thought.

"Harry, the Flints are a very old, very powerful family. It is not a good idea to antagonize them." The headmaster warned gently making Harry and Hermione both grin.

"Headmaster," Hermione stated drawing the professors gazes to her. "Flint is asking for a good game and in this case the winner takes all. Flint moved first, he captured a handful of pawns in one fell swipe, but has yet to capture our queen piece, now it's our move, but we intend to take his bishops, castles, and Knights. We already knew this would get out, he underestimates us, once we have a plan in motion he will be well on his way to ether losing or drawing." She stated and worry entered the headmasters face.

"What plan might that be?" McGonagall asked and Hermione shared a grin with Harry.

"It's Harry's idea really, he's brilliant somedays. We plan to turn the rumor mill in our favor. Lavender and Parvati are going to make the next move, placing several rumors in motion and poor Harry is going to be heart broken, when word gets out that Flint was tired of waiting for Yule and took comfort from some unnamed, and faceless woman in Hogsmead only for poor Harry to catch him, and so shortly after Flint had allowed his friends to shout the joyous news of the impending wedding when Harry had begged him to wait until their marriage was a bit closer. It will be such a tragedy." She let out a laugh as she stood and Harry got to his own feet.

"Well we best be off, we have Harrys heart to break, and all of that." Hermione stated as she linked arms with her best friend. The moment they were out of the office the headmaster placed his head in his hands as his body shook.

"Albus?" Minerva called softly only for his laugh to be let loose.

"I am afraid Harry has played his part very well, I often forget that boy was supposed to be in Slytherin." The aged headmaster stated when his laughter had died down, getting incredulous looks from everyone. It was well known that Harry Potter was the epiphany of Gryffindor.

"I did say he would do well in Slytherin, but the boy had to argue. Asked me who is more the snake; the one that is in the snake pit or the one who could hide in the lion's den." The hat stated from where it sat on the stool in the corner.

"He would never have survived in my house." Severus snarled.

"I have not seen one more fitting for the Slytherin house since Salazar himself, that boy is pure trouble when he allows his Slytherin side to show. You can be sure this is going to be an interesting year." The hat stated with a chuckle.

Chapter 6

Markus was impressed, he had not expected Harry to actually come to his bed and give the red headed Gryffindor his, but Harry had done just that. "This means nothing." Harry stated as he slid beneath the covers, as the snores of the fifth year red head filled the room.

"Whatever you say my sweet;" Markus grunted as one arm went around the petite waste to pull his young bride closer to himself. He fell into a contented sleep only to be awoken by a highly amused Mortaga Montague who smirked.

"I didn't think you would get him in your bed so soon." Montague stated with a soft laugh, his eyes dancing with mirth.

"Neither did I." Flint stated easily but was disinclined to move from the beauty he held.

"Well come on, if you don't get a move on you and your little bride are going to miss breakfast." Montague stated as he went to rouse the rest of their dorm mates.

"Wake up." Flint stated softly to the petite teen.

"Five more minutes Mia." Just as the brunet muggle born entered, seeing Harry still in bed she screeched.

"Harry James Potter, and Ronald Weasley get your asses up right now or were going to be late to potions!" Both boys shot up like a lite and tumbled from their beds, scrambling to get dressed, not seeing the smug look on the brunets face as the Slytherin boys stood staring at the scrambling boys.

Harry tossed a shirt which Ron deftly caught, throwing back a sock. Nether boy had their eyes opened as they moved. The smug witch sat down in one of the chairs to watch before the two stopped, opened their eyes, and glared at her.

"Must you do that every time you cow?" Harry snarled before the witch stood up and narrowed her own eyes.

"Stupid bint!" Ron called out "Damn you!" Ron stated icily.

"Well if you two would get your lazy asses out of bed at a decent hour I wouldn't have to. You stupid immature harlots." She snapped back and before any of the seventh year males knew what was happening both boys had jumped up and tackled the girl.

"Mudblood!" Ron called out harshly.

"Weasel!" Hermione crowed back.

"Waste of space, good for nothing know-it-all!" Harry snarled from the tangle of limbs.

"Sleep deprived moronic scar head who can't tell his ass from his head!" Hermione shot back.

"Ron! Your girlfriend is insulting my ass again!" Harry said in a whiney voice.

"Hermione! That's a low blow, Harry has a lovely ass!" Ron stated before all three burst out into raucous laughter.

"Come on you two idiots, your heavy!" Hermione stated as they began to untwine themselves and get to their feet. "You have five minutes to get dressed before I take the coffee."

"You wouldn't." Harry stated with a look of horror on his face.

"Try me." Hermione stated and both boys scrambled to get ready.

"What the hell just happened?" Markus demanded wide eyed.

"I woke them up." Hermione stated as she checked the clock. "Two minutes and you can say bye, bye coffee!" She said in a sing song voice as both boys came out, Harry was jumping on one leg to put his left shoe on and Ron was putting his arm through his shirt. Both reached for a robe to put on, only they grabbed the wrong robe, noticing it wasn't there's they tossed them to the other.

"One minute to spare, a record time." Hermione stated.

"You Miss. Granger are an evil witch." Harry stated seriously.

"Do you know what we do to dark witched Miss. Granger?" Ron asked with his arms crossed.

"Only if you can catch me!" Hermione called as she took off with the two Gryffindor boys giving chase.

"Don't lose her Ron!" Harry's voice rang through the common room as the seventh years followed the mayhem to find Hermione on one side of the couch and the boys on the other.

"My, you boys are slow this morning. Surely you don't think you can catch me! Ickle little Harrykins hasn't even had his coffee and Ronnie is wasting away from starvation." Hermione stated as the first spell came from Harry only for the witch to dive, bringing up her own wand and casting a spell, leaving both boys to roll out of the way.

Within moments spells were flying until the three were breathless and smiling. Hermione landed the first hit, and Ron was knocked back and tied up.

"Get her Harry!" he called from where he had fallen, a spectacle of Slytherin's had gathered to watch.

"What's wrong scar head? Can't save your little boyfriend from a few spells?" She mocked as she cast another spell at Ron who let out a loud laugh.

"Torture him mudblood, I'll give you your due, just you wait." Harry snarked back.

"Oh I'm hurt; your insults do so sting." Hermione stated as she faked swooning giving Harry an open shot as he cast a tickling charm at her.

"I…I…give!" She hollered out through gales of laughter and Harry stood.

"Damn right!" He stated as he canceled the spells, his hair falling in his face making him grimace.

"Really Mia, pink hair? What did I ever do to you to deserve such a monstrosity?"

"So breakfast?" Ron asked as he stood up, each linking arms as they moved from the snakes nest, leaving the Slytherin's stunned Markus and the others followed after, staying silent as they listened to the three Gryffindor's talk.

"Pink of all that is un-wholly why pink?" Harry's voice demanded with a pout.

"Well I couldn't very well do green, the last time you pranced around the common room like a loon for an hour, skipped breakfast and everything so that you could keep your hair that color for a lit longer, and really you can take it off any moment if it bothers you that much."

"Well you should try something more original then, I mean you've used this spell three times this week alone, what happened to the hexes and the curses, couldn't you try some of those? Harry deadpanned.

"I could, but you never know, the Gryff's know better than to interrupt our battles. But the Slytherin's don't and what would of happened if a first year got hit by a stray hex? You want to explain that to McGonagall or worse to Snape?" Hermione stated with a shrug.

"Well we wouldn't have to duel you if you wouldn't threaten all that is good and wholly." Ron stated carelessly.

"Coffee is not all that is good and wholly, really you two can't go one day without coffee?" She demanded and Harry and Ron shared a look before speaking in unison.


"Hopeless." Hermione stated as they made it to the great hall.

"So who won todays battle?" Lee Jordan asked with a wide when they reached the doors, he stood looking at them with a grin.

"I did of course, Hermione was being an evil little witch and threatened the goodness that is coffee, and I had to stop her before she let such evil loose on the world." Harry stated solemnly. "She took Ron out first, poor block was so in love with her that he never saw her treachery coming, and I couldn't stop it." Harry stated with a pitiful look as the older Gryffindor's shoulders shook with suppressed laughter.

"The hair?" Lee asked when he was under control.

"I was hit, I was sure I was a goner, never even saw it coming, but I was able to pluck up the little strength I had left and disarm her. It was a very near call." Harry stated his face straight and his voice sad and sorrowful as he spoke.

"Damn, I feel your loss Harry. We Gryff's shall mourn your loss and help defend Hogwarts against such evils as Coffee snatchers.

"You're a good man Lee; I knew I could count on you." Harry stated seriously as he walked into the great hall.

"Markus, I think I may like your little bride." Montague stated once the Slytherin's had taken a seat. They watched the Gryffindor's antics from their own table; they had never paid attention to the Lion house before.

"So are you taking your little bride to Hogsmead this weekend?" Montague asked after a while.

"Nobody else is if they know what's good for them." Markus stated after a moment. At dinner that day Markus walked up to the Gryffindor table and peered down at Harry who looked up with amusement in his eyes.

"Can I help you Flint?" Harry asked innocently.

"I wish for you to attend Hogsmead with me this weekend my sweet." Markus stated evenly.

"Sorry, I'm going with Ron and Hermione." Harry stated as he turned back to what he was doing, Markus never saw the smirk on his face or even the glint in his eyes that would have warned him of trouble.

Markus let out a growl as he left to his own table.

Chapter 7

Before the trio knew it Hogsmead was upon them, it was time to set their plan into motion. "Lavender, you and Parvati know what to do, yes?" Harry asked and the two girls grinned evilly as they nodded.

"Angelina has agreed to drink the potion and is prepared to kiss Flint when you come upon him." Katey Bell stated as she walked over.

"Just remember to be broken hearted Harry, no maniacal laughter.

"Broken hearted, got it." Harry agreed as they made their way out of to Hogsmead for the day. At 12:45 precisely Harry made his way up to Madam Puddyfoots only to spot Montague.

"Hey! Mortaga!" Harry called to the older boy who turned around and grinned when he spied his best friends soon to be bride. "Have you seen Flint around?" He asked with a smile.

"Yea, come on and I'll take you to him, I'm sure he will adore seeing you Potter." Montague stated as Harry ran the last few feet to catch up. He was led the rest of the way to Madam Puddyfoots only for Montague and Harry to both stop dead at the sight of Markus kissing a woman who looked almost exactly like Harry. Inwardly Harry crowed with dark amusement.

"F…Flint?" Harry forced the name to come out as a half chocked sob. His smile fading into a look of hurt and confusion as Hermione came up to gasp in shock and Flint pulled back, his eyes going wide as noticed it wasn't Harry he had been kissing. Harry dropped the bag of sweets and took off at a run. He ran all the way back to the castle and didn't stop until he was in Gryffindor tower where he let out peals of laughter.

Montague had walked into his trap perfectly; it had been too good of an opportunity to pass up.

A part of him almost felt sorry for Flint, but he should have known better than to have the snakes speak to the Prophet about anything. Now all that was left was for him to mope around the castle in a hurt filled haze of delirium and avoid the older male to the best of his abilities.

"What fun!" Harry stated when the Gryffindor's returned from Hogsmead and they all shared a knowing smile. The golden trio was pure evil, none would ever deny it. It was one reason no one in their tower would ever go to the Prophet about anything to do with the three. Gryffindor secrets would never be spilt because no one wanted the wrath of trio to be turned to them.

"Well that was a plan well executed, nice work on bringing Montague with you." Hermione congratulated him with a smirk.

"Why thank you Miss. Granger and the shocked look on your face was well carried off. Angelina, I thank you for your troubles." He stated and the older girl blushed.

"Have you kissed him Harry? That man might scare the crap out of me but Merlin can he kiss!" The words set Gryffindor tower into uproarious laughter.

Chapter 8

Markus didn't know what had happened. One minute he was kissing his beautiful soon to be wife, and the next Harry was standing with Montague, a look of pure pain on his lovely face and the body he held was one of a small female woman who could have been Harry's twin if not for the fact that she was obviously a girl and not his Harry. He watched as Harry took off back to the castle and would have given chase if not for his best friend who roughly grabbed his arm, rage in every muscle of his face.

He was dragged back to their dorms where Montague went into a rage about what the hell he had done. He couldn't explain his actions, when his friend finally sat down Markus ran a hand through his windswept hair.

"I know who I was kissing Mortaga, she was Harry one moment and the next she wasn't! I would never endanger my betrothal to him by kissing some stupid little chit!" He exclaimed angrily.

"Did you see the pain on his face Markus? Can you imagine the rumors that are going to circulate now? Fuck! You had better make this right Flint!" He snarled before storming out.

By that night all of Hogwarts knew that he had been caught kissing some chit by his little bride. The Gryffindor's wouldn't let him anywhere near Harry, and they didn't tell him where the other boy was, because he as sure as hell wasn't at dinner.

The next day an owl arrived saying Harry couldn't make it to dinner. It wasn't signed but it didn't have to be, everyone knew who the white snow owl belonged to. Monday was the same letter. The Slytherin's began whispering, the puffs and claws both took to glaring at him. Montague wouldn't talk to him. Greengrass and Zabinni had given Harry his lessons but it wasn't in the common room and they refused to say how he was.

He had screwed up, surprisingly it was the muggleborn who had taken pity on him. "If Harry or Ron knew I talked to you there will be hell to pay. And I don't mean just for you. Do you want to marry him Flint? Tell me right now if you were serious about the contract or I swear I will hunt you down and kick your ass." She stated icily and Markus opened his mouth to tell her that he had been when a dark voice interrupted them.

"Flint, you're late for your detention." Snape stated, darkly with a glare and Markus was about to tell him to fuck detention when he caught the glare Granger sent at the man. Without a word he made his way to the Potions classroom.

"Idiot boy!" Snape snarled as he stalked into the room, the door slamming shut behind him. "You fell straight into their trap." He sneered as he folded his arms and faced Markus.

"What are you talking about sir?" Markus demanded, his own anger rising as he looked at his head of house.

"Think! Who are you allowed to talk about your betrothal to? Does Grangers name come up on that list? He snarled and Markus blinked.

"That's enough Severus." The headmaster stated as he came out of the fireplace with a smile on his lips.

Snape backed off, his faced still contorted with anger. "You are just upset that Harry is more Slytherin than you would like to admit." He stated with a chuckle and Markus looked between the two in confusion.

"I didn't think that foolish Gryffindor could actually pull it off Albus." Snape stated after a moment.

"No, I would think not. You see Mr. Flint you laid a trap and Harry side stepped it masterfully. The prophet was a wonderful idea, very underhanded. Perhaps you would like to talk about this in my office, hum. Miss. Granger, Mr. Potter and Mr. Weasley are all waiting." The old man stated as he stepped through the fire place back into his office, soon followed by both Snape and Markus. Harry sat with his arms crossed and glaring at the floor.

"Harry," Markus called but Harry turned his head away from him.

"Ignore him, he's sulking." Ron stated with an amused laugh.

"Sulking?" Markus asked with a raised eyebrow.

"Yes, Professor Snape ruined a perfectly good plan. It took us a week to get all the players set up just right and it was executed perfectly and we nearly won but then the professor stepped in and now Harry is sulking." Hermione stated with an amused laugh getting a glare from Harry.

"Perhaps Miss. Granger you would like to enlighten Mr. Flint of the chaos you three have caused this past week.

"A brilliant plan should be admired, especially one that was well executed. You see after you decided to play underhanded and have the Slytherin's go to the prophet Harry here came up with an even better plan.

You see we let you move first, your article captured a handful of pawns in one fell swipe, but failed to capture our queen piece, but now it's our move, and we intend to take your bishops, castles, and Knights. We already knew the betrothal would get out, and you made a dangerous mistake. You underestimated us, so we put our plan into motion." Hermione stated before Ron took over with a grin.

"It's truly was Harry's idea he's brilliant somedays. We planned to turn the rumor mill in our favor. Lavender and Parvati were rather helpful with that. We placed several rumors in motion and poor Harry was heart broken, when word got out that you were tired of waiting for Yule and took comfort from some unnamed and faceless woman in Hogsmead only for poor Harry to catch you, and so shortly after that lovely article had shouted the joyous news of the impending wedding. Of course Harry had begged you to wait until your marriage was a bit closer. It was such a tragedy."

"Then of course it fell to me to get you to mention the betrothal, and I damn well nearly had you but somebody had to interrupt. Such a waste;" Hermione deadpanned and Harry grinned from his seat.

"Did he really nearly break the agreement Mia?" Harry demanded sounding excited. She nodded her head and grinned.

Markus scowled as everything became clear in his mind. Harry and his friends had played him and he had fallen straight into their trap like a fool. "Don't scowl at me Flint. If you are going to use everything at your disposure then I am going to use everything at mine and I'm really not very nice when playing mind games. If you had not gotten the Slytherin's to go to the prophet I would not have gotten the Gryffindor's to set the rumor mill in motion." Harry stated with his own smirk.

"That was a very Slytherin tactic my sweet." Markus stated with narrowed eyes.

"Yes, I should never have let you talk me into placing you in Gryffindor; no doubt Salazar is rolling over in his grave and cursing me for keeping you from his house." The hat stated loudly from its corner. Harry simply shrugged.

Chapter 9

Markus was impressed, the more he thought about Harrys plan the more impressed he became, and even Montague had been wide eyed when he had learned of the trio's deception. It didn't help that the more he thought about the plan the more he wanted his little bride. Harry had resumed eating with him on the assigned days and had even resumed taking his lessons in the Slytherin common room.

When the announcement was made that a Halloween ball was to take place Markus had smirked. "You will attend the ball with me my sweet." He stated during dinner making Harry look at him with a raised eyebrow.

"Is that a question or a demand Flint?" Harry asked as he tilted his head. Markus was about to reply when Ginny Weasley stormed over.

"I have had enough of this Harry Potter!" She stated furiously. "You," she pointed at Markus, "are going to leave us decent people alone death eater, and you" she pointed at Harry, "are going to man up and go with me to the ball and quite eating with the death eaters and talking with them as if there your friends." She stated as she folded her arms.

"Well, get up and go sit at the Gryffindor table and wait for me like a good boyfriend!" She demanded and Harry let out a sigh as he looked at her.

"Ginny, I've told you several times before. You are not my type and I am not now, nor have I ever dated you." Harry stated as if talking to a small child. "I like eating with the Slytherin's just like I like eating with the Ravens and puffs. Now go sit back with your friends and gossip about whatever it is you gossip about and leave me alone."

"Everybody knows were meant to be together Potter! It's a well-known fact that Potter men like girls with red hair!" She snarled at him and Harry gave her a look that plainly called her insane.

"Ginny, my mother had red hair, my grandmother had black hair, and in point of fact most of the Lady Potters had black hair. As far as I know there has only been two Lady Potters with red hair and both were centuries apart and I have no idea where you would get the idea that anybody cares about hair color." Harry stated rolling his eyes.

"Ginny!" Ron stated as the girl opened her mouth to retort. "Go back and sit with your friends, I've told you before to get rid of those delusions you have about marrying Harry, for Merlin's sake mum's told you to leave him alone!"

"Shut up Ronald! He's mine, were going to marry and that is all there is to it!" Ginny stated heatedly.

"Where in the hell do you people get the idea that I am property? I don't belong to anyone!" Harry stated in irritation. "Ginny you could never handle me; I'm not a nice person. I enjoy mind games, and I love a good battle of wits, something you clearly don't have much of. I don't love you, hell; I don't even really know you. You're my best friend's sister that is all. Now if you don't mind Flint was about to properly ask me to the ball." Harry stated as Ginny left in a huff of fury.

"So Flint, were you asking or telling me that I'm going with you." Harry asked turning to the older male.

"Telling." Markus stated evenly as Harry turned to Montague.

"Mortaga, would you like to accompany me to the Halloween ball? It seems I don't have a date." Harry stated sweetly making Markus growl.

"I would love to, but as you can imagine I would rather not wake up and find my body and soul have disconnected due to a rusty blade being plunged into my chest." Montague stated with a smirk.

"Coward." Harry stated with a pout. "Very well, Mia has Ron asked you yet?" Harry asked innocently to which the girl smirked and shook her head.

"Then would you please not be a coward and fear the wrath of a dastardly Slytherin and your boyfriend and accompany me to the ball?" Harry asked with a sweet smile.

"Since you asked and Ronald still has not, I would love…" She began but was interrupted.

"No you don't scar head! Hermione will you please turn scar head over there down and go to the Halloween ball with me?" Ron asked sending glares at Harry.

"Sorry Mr. Potter, I'm afraid I must take the cowards way out and agree to go with Mr. Weasley who was so kind to ask me."

"That's alright Miss. Granger, I understand, Mr. Weasley is a very inept date and will need all the help he can get. If you will excuse me I must now wonder the lonely path to the Ravens." He stated as he stood up and dodged Markus's hand as it reached for him only to come back with a dejected look after talking to Luna.

"No such luck I take it?" Hermione questioned.

"It would appear that the rouge Neville Longbottum has beaten me to it. I fear I shall never find a date to the ball." Harry stated and Hermione grinned.

"Why don't you show Mr. Flint how to properly ask someone to the ball?" Hermione asked pleasantly making Markus scowl deeper.

"I get it, fine. My sweet come with me to the ball." He stated before tacking on a please.

"Nope, don't think I will." Harry stated with a laugh as Markus scowled at him.

"Why not?" Markus demanded icily.

"I have not yet gone through all of my options Mr. Flint, and since asking me was too much trouble for you then agreeing is too much trouble for me." He stated before looking aver at Daphne.

"Greengrass, will you come to the ball with me?" He asked making Daphne roll her eyes as she avoided eye contact with Markus.

"Are you trying to upset Flint Potter?" She asked and Harry smiled and nodded.

"Very well, as your Slytherin confidant it is my duty to help you in that endeavor. Pick me up at seven and don't be late." Daphne stated before turning back to her conversation.

"I wouldn't dream about being late, I like my body parts attached thank you." Harry called and Hermione laughed as Ron grinned.

"Harry." Markus stated his voice low and filled with danger. "This is a dangerous game you're playing my sweet."

"Then you should have asked me instead of thinking you can order me around." Harry stated as the trio stood up. "I'm off to bed." He stated before leaving.

"Greengrass." Markus called, his voice held malice and danger.

"Yes Flint?" She asked sitting stiffly.

"Are you trying to earn my wrath you foolish girl?" He asked as he turned his dark eyes to her.

"Better I go with him than someone who would try to take advantage." Daphne stated evenly.

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