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Arthur and Molly Weasley sat in a stunned silence as they heard their youngest son depart from their house. Their minds twisting with emotions that had yet to put a name to.

They had never meant to make one of their children afraid of them. To know that their son had been afraid to be himself because of them was an earth shattering revelation. For as long as ether of them could remember they had sat preaching about the evilness of Slytherin and all who went there, but weren't they simply kids? How could an eleven year old be evil?

"How could we have done this to our son?" Molly gasped out as she placed her head into her hands, sobs shaking her form. Arthur knew he should comfort his wife, tell her that it was alright and they would make it better but how could he when he himself was just as devastated?

"Molly…" Arthur began, unsure of what he was going to say as his wife looked up at him.

"Don't Molly me Arthur Weasley!" She stated, her voice raising as she stood from her seat. "Did you see him Arthur? He was afraid to be himself. He was afraid to come to us! Do you know his favorite color? Well do you because I sure don't!" Molly stated as she turned to look at the family clock that hung on the wall.

"Every time we spoke out about Slytherin's, every time we put someone down because of their house we bad mouthed our son. We hurt our baby! Well no more I tell you! No sir! We will fix this! I will not have MY son afraid to come to me!

"What do you have in mind Molly dear?" Arthur asked as his wife turned to face him, her eyes set in fierce determination.

"No more prejudice in this house Arthur. Call the boys and I will contact Albus, I think were in need of a family discussion." She stated before walking to the fire place and throwing in the floo powder.

"Molly what can I do for you?" Albus asked when her head appeared in his fire.

"I apologies for the inconvenience Albus but I need Ginny sent home immediately." She stated, her voice steady as she stilled herself for the discussion they would be having soon enough.

"I was hoping you would say that." Albus stated, his blue eyes twinkling as he stood from his desk and gave the red headed woman a nod as she gave him a tight smile before pulling out and heading to make food while her husband floowed the rest of their sons.

Surprisingly it was Ginny who arrived last, all of the boys had come directly over, and sat in confusion at the table. "What is this about mum?" Ginny demanded as she swept her hair from her shoulders the moment she stepped into the kitchen.

"Sit down Ginny dear." Molly stated as she made tea and poured a cup for everyone before taking a seat beside her husband.

"Mother if you could hurry this up I have work to do." Percy stated pompously as he made to stand up and a fierce glare from his mom had him pausing.

"You will sit down this instant Percival Weasley!" Molly stated, her voice leaving no room for arguments.

"Do as your mother say's Percy." Arthur stated, but there was no smile on his normally friendly face.

"Where's Ronnikins?" The twins asked with matching grins.

"We had…"

"hoped to…"

"Pull a prank…"

"on him."

"No more." Molly stated, her voice fierce as she said the words. Why did she just start to notice that the twins had pranked Ron more than any of their other children? Why had she never noticed how they enjoyed tormenting her youngest son?

"What?" Charley asked sounding confused as he looked from the tins to his parents.

"Ron is currently at Lord Dolohov's manner." Arthur stated, his voice gentle and firm at the same time. "It is because of him that we needed to call a family meeting."

"What did he do this time?" Bill asked with an eye roll. "Seriously, even the twins have never caused us to have a family meeting before."

"Its not what he has done son. It's what we have done. It's what our prejudices have done. Tell me have any of you ever bothered to notice anything about him?" Arthurs asked causing confusion to roll off of his children.

"What is this about dad?" Bill asked unsure of what his parents were asking.

Slowly Arthur and Molly repeated the conversation that had taken place earlier and when they finished silence rang for the briefest of moments before Ginny jumped up, her chair clattering to the floor. "I knew it! I knew it!" She shouted, her face turning red. "It's no wonder he wants to keep My Harry from me! He's a slimy snake!" She shouted triumphantly as if she had just been handed the largest part of a puzzle.

"He's brain washed my Harry into thinking he doesn't want to be with me! You have to do something to stop him!" Ginny cried out as she gave her father a pleading look that he never could resist. "You have to disown him!"

"We will do no such thing!" Molly seethed as she looked at her daughter and wondered where the sweet girl she had raised had gone.

"Your mother is right Ginevra, now sit down." Arthur stated only to get a petulant glare from his only daughter.

"I hate that name! It's Ginny! Ginny! Ginny! Ginny!" She chanted her name.

"Sit down!" Arthur's voice boomed causing her to shut up and sit down, her eyes wide. "Now the question stands on how do we go about fixing our mistakes? Any suggestions?" He asked, his voice one again soft.
-Dolohov Manner-

"I can't believe you said that!" Hermione crowed, her face red as she tried to regain her composure. Harry was having no luck on that front and was rolling on the floor with laughter as Ron sat smugly in his chair.

"Which part?" Ron asked innocently. He had just finished retelling his best friends the speech he had given to his parents. Really he thought he had done quite well.

"Any of it! All of it!" Hermione giggled uncontrollably.

"Well they had it coming." Ron stated with a shrug. "I might love them and they might be my family but really I can only take so much of their yelling. Perhaps now they will actually think before they start yelling or thinking they know what's best for everyone." Ron stated as he picked at his finger nails.

"Really Ron, you're almost as evil as Harry!" Hermione stated making her boyfriend out.

"I resent that remark Granger. I'll have you know I can be every bit as evil as that git." He stated causing Harry to tackle him to the floor and Hermione to watch the impromptu wrestling match with a smile on her lips. Really it was well past the time for someone to put the Weasley matron in her place.

"If you boys are finished I think you had best head up to bed, we have a big day ahead of us tomorrow." Annalisa stated as she came into the family room and leaned against the door, a smile tugged at her lips.

She loved watching her son act like the child he was supposed to be and knowing that from tomorrow onward the world would know he was hers made her insides glow with pride.

"Right!" Harry stated as he jumped to his feet and raced to give her a hug before taking off out of the room to get ready for the night. He really couldn't wait until tomorrow!