Hey Guys!

This is dedicated to SonicHedgehog7!

This is a little idea I have but I have no plot yet so…

If you do have one! I hope you can help me!

But I got the beginning! =D

So yeah I am pretty clueless but I am sure I will have a clear plot soon! ;)

Hope you guys like it!


I will get this Beta Read!

Prologue-The Beast

Tails was wandering around the beach shore; he was lost and clueless what to do. He will not rest until he finds Sonic. The sand was soft and white and the water continued to lap against the shore.

"SONIC! Where are you?!" Tails exclaimed still searching for his lost brother.

Suddenly, as if horses were galloping there were continuous thumps among the forest nearby. Tails tensed and froze and glanced around with anxiety. Bushes and trees continue to rustle and the leaves collided back together as evidence they were moved. The poor fox saw the beast with liquid golden eyes staring him down and exposing its humongous wide wings. He was so frightened that he felt his heart was pierced through. He tensed until he couldn't feel his muscles and halted his breathing without noticing.

The silhouette came towards the scared fox as fast as light and it breathed heavily. Tails got a much better view of the beast. It was three times bigger than him and they were only an inch apart. It looked as though it was a dragon with cerulean blue skin. The fox gagged and coughed as ashes entered enter his mouth and nose. The dragon breathed out ashes causing the fox to cough. This made it bared its teeth and growl. The growl was like as if it was shrieking. Tails took steps back.

It also had two horns on its head covered with cerulean blue skin. And it was standing on all fours. Each leg had five fingers and a proud weapon at its tip, claws. A long tail behind its hind legs like a real dragon. Tails was already stepping in the water and could no longer take any more steps. He closed his eyes and merely braced himself.

He felt a rub at his neck and it felt a bit rough. He slowly opened his eyes to find the dragon rubbing its snout against Tails face. It lowered its wings. Tails was rather confused and observed the dragon eyes more closely.

Tails gasped and was shocked.

"Sonic?" Tails said.

A low growl was Sonic's reply.